I’ve got nothing against Liz and her german brood personally but I’m sure they could be doing something more fulfilling and productive.

It’s not monarchies per se but other cunts copying the principle – Noth Korea (KIm Jong Il then Kim Jong Very Ill then Kim Jong Dead (thank you E. J. Thribbs – Private Eye) and the incumbent Kim Jong cunt, Syria, Unites States, various kelptocracies who really push the envelope.

I haven’t, yet, heard of Liz dispensing with the services of a footman or Lady in Waiting (who incur her displeasure) via a firing squad of anti-aircraft fire, but at pushing 90 she’s getting to alzheimer age territory so it may happen.

The hereditary accession to a position of responsibility without any checks for suitability or aptitude is frankly bollox. The UK has a shortage of doctors and maths teachers so why don’t we extend the principle of divine accession to the offspring of our current doctors and maths teachers and save on the 5 or 7 years or whatever it takes to qualify and just bung ’em straight in the hospitals and schools and see what results they achieve.

Nominated by: Mary Hinge-Frottom

28 thoughts on “Monarchy

    • Well cunt him yourself then you wank if you want to see it.
      As for the monarchy run by a bunch of paedo enablers, serial killing war mongers and look at me weird expensive small hat wearing cunts. Spitting Image great show wish they brought it back but I doubt it with david hameron probably axing the show from ever appearing again it was supposed to be in talks a few years ago but nothing happened. great video

      • Funnily enough Spitting Image disappeared from our TV screens around about the same time that Tony Blair slithered his way into 10 Downing Street…..

    • Never seen or heard him, just googled him and he does look like he could be a cunt but I’d rather be just unaware of his existence… and this beer is fucking evil…..

  1. It appears our American cousin are also big fans of the hereditary principle with the Royal Dynasties the Bush’s and the Clinton’s. They were just born to rule.CUNTS.

  2. Do what I do and live in the square mile. Good ol’ Liz has to wait for an Alderman before she can enter The City and doesn’t sit higher than the Aldermen.
    It’s a cosy little number we’ve had going since the twelfth century.

  3. She’s the longest-reigning lizard in British history, so bow down you cunts.
    Seriously it’s about time we did away with all this. The French and the Russians knew how to deal with royalty.

  4. The Cunting of last week, as far as the monarchy is concerned, goes to the do-gooding lick-spittle that organised the top table and made sure old phil wasn’t sat next to the fucking chinky grand poohba. Does no one have a sense of sheer devilment these days.

    • The main reason why I rather enjoy the Monarchy being perpetuated is the fact that they can piss certain people off by their very existence, offending Republican types and boiling Lefty piss, that sort of thing. Fuck me this beer is strong stuff……

  5. I nominate the fucking Poppy Nazis Cunts (oxymoron intended), who feel so morally outraged at a shite (but still fuckable) actress for not wearing a poppy on tv. Surely the selfless generation that fought and died for freedom that are remembered and celebrated by the poppy, did so so that their descendants would have the personal freedom of choice to do what the fuck they like, within reason. Have these zealots got fuck all better to do than shout ‘Disrespect’ at the top of their lungs. On a par with Griefjackers, cunts!

    • All to cover up child abuse on the show.( sorry as they are all over 16 there can be no ‘child’ abuse)

  6. Benedict Cumberbatch (Cumberposh?) is a cunt. Unfortunately after the first alcoholic intake in several months I’m a bit too wankered to go nito detail at the mo, so if any of our fellow cunters would like to elaborate go right ahead as more than likely I will be a bit worse for wear for a bit. The only good bit of that last Star Trek film was when Spock gave the posh cunt a proper hiding on top of a flying bin lorry (classy sci-fi or what?) And the original film/TV show Khan would have kicked his arse too…

  7. I demand you change your domain to
    I would cunt him myself but too busy cunting Mason Noise right now

    • Is that his new boyfriend or handler, one direction cunts who can’t even play instruments and I hope Simon “cum drinking” Cowell gets tortured to death for his cuntribution to elevator muzak.

  8. The Church, Catholic and Anglican, institutionally paedophilic.Public Schools. Institutionally paedophilic.Politics, the products of these institutions. One more before we retire for the evening….The Music business. riddled with the cunts.

    • Music industry used to produce good music but now its turned into a shit throwing show. We will never have decent artists anymore there won’t be another Zappa,Floyd,Rolling Stones,Genesis,Crimson,Fairport,byrds,Graham Bond or Cream and the way its going there will only be nigger rap music and taylor swift pop elevator muzak shite. The music industry killed rock n roll or anything decent and are now producing propganda muzak.

  9. Vermin well said about the french. But they have banned the burka, can you imagine that happening here.

  10. You are right it is a symptom. But it is a start in addressing the cause. Oh bugger it what I really mean is why do we put up with it.

  11. I would rather have Qeeny, Phil the Greek and Charley the tampon fancier than the wankstain yank equivalents, the cunting Kardashians.

  12. And another thing, fire extinguishers are right cunts, always spoiling my fun and putting out fires started for inexplicable reasons. I blame spontaneous cuntbustion. Happens all the time apparently, especially round-a-bout where I live. But where I live there are a lot of volcanoes so it could be down to a wayward cinder or an errant arsonist. Ever thought of filling a fire extinguisher with petrol- I haven’t.

    • Great idea you (haven’t) had there, FS. I must try it at Cunts are Us or some other crap store.

  13. Liz is doing her best to outlive her cuntish son, the moronic tree-hugger who would be king. So that deserves a little respect.

  14. Fucking guillotine the lot of them(and all the cunt’s who hold them in awe). Why anybody would want to follow this ancient, archaic and outdated bunch of cunts is beyond me. Curtsey to these scumbags. OFF WITH THEIR HEADS. CUUUUUNNNNTTTTTSSSSS.

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