Evening Standard

Me again – I’d like to Cunt George Osborne and the twats who write for the ghastly Evening Standard. It is a loathsome rag which can’t afford to charge anybody because no-one would bother buying it. It is infested with cuntish journos who ooze with sanctimonious self-righteousness, outwardly taunting readers who don’t happen to share their right-on, luv-a-freak, let-it-all hangout, Euro/Hackney/Camden Corbyn-loving bollox. In the dock on multiple trial stand Sam Leith, Richard Godwin, Rosamund Urwin, Nick Clegg and Matthew of Ancona. Twats the lot of them.

Nominated by Ben Philips.

George Osborne (9)

I feel sorry for George Osborne. No really I do! It must be terribly hard holding down all those highly paid jobs and finding the time to slag off Theresa May!

Now May might have fucked up big time by screwing up a election she should never have called in the first place, but George seems to have forgotten all about his 7 years as Chancellor. He seems to have forgotten all about Project Fear. He seems to have conveniently forgotten about the post referendum emergency budget he promised us and never carried out.

No, George just wants to behave like a spoilt petulant brat unable to accept that losing his job was pretty much all down to himself fucking up big time and that the austerity everyone voted against was the austerity he introduced as Chancellor.

Easier to turn on the very party you helped to lead and bitch on about the woman who sacked you than to admit that you’re a 100% 24 carat solid gold fuck up, eh George?..

Nominated by Dioclese.

George Osborne

Gideon Osborne needs another cunting.

The alleged coke using, useless cunt is quitting as MP for Tatton, he is no doubt really busy ‘earning’ his pay as editor of the Evening Standard (No doubt he’ll get a bonus for all the promoting of the Cuntservatives we will now get). He also gets an ‘allowance’ from his family business.

What a fucking cunt.

Nominated by Black and White Cunt.

Don’t forget his other day job….literally a day job, one day per week working for Blackrock. £650 grand a year or £13,500 a day. Ka-ching, jackpot, bingo! I’m sure he will be toasting us all with a few bottles of Cristal.

His favourite mantra was  ‘We are all in this together’…oh yeh, don’t WE all wish we were rolling in ‘this’ together with him.

Politicians in general,  can’t get enough of ‘this’ and ‘that’  Be it filthy lucre; hoes and blow; brown envelopes; rent boys; pussy…….

Nominated by Mike Oxard.

Well before he stated he would stand down as an M.P, Little Gideon started claiming his payback for all the favours he dished out while he was Chancellor. A job in a bank…4 days a month for 650 grand…fuck you, pay me. In the last month a speech to HSBC suits for 65 grand….fuck you, pay me and a speech to some corporate pharmaceutical cunts for 82 grand….fuck you, pay me. Then, despite zero journalistic experience, editor of the Standard, fee undisclosed as yet……fuck you, pay me. Of course the Standard is owned by a Russian, so we can only imagine what favours Georgie boy did for the Kremlin.

Yes little Gideon is a very busy boy. His workload may explain why he had not held a constituency surgery for nearly 2 fucking years and why he had only participated in a third of the votes in Parliament since Treezer kicked his greedy arse out of Number 11. Fuck me it’s a hard life being a politician  (soon to be ex-politician!)

Nominated by Freddie The Frog.

George Osborne [7]


Gideon Osborne is a patronising cunt.

Saying now that he wants the closest possible relationship with the EU post Brexit. He claims that Theresa May should remember that Britain did not vote for a “hard Brexit”. How the fuck does he know the motivation of the electorate when he misjudged us as idiots who would blindly believe his propaganda of financial armageddon which has proved to be complete bollocks.

I really wish TM would release a statement saying that if she gave a toss what Gideon thought she wouldn’t have sacked him. This cunt talked down the economy so much during the referendum that when the vote came in the economy took a temporary nosedive.

Osborne should apply to be a PA to the snarling arrogant cunt Schultz. He would enjoy being his bitch. Say what you like about Cameron at least he had the decency to quit!

Nominated by: Shaun of the Dead 69

I wish Gideon Osborne would take his Northern Powerhouse and shove it up his arrogant little arse. Kicked out of number 11 he’s got himself a nice little slot oop north as chairman of the Northern Powerhouse Trust whatever the fuck that is.

I now hear he’s biding his time until Brexit gets all fucked up and he can challenge May for the leadership. The little shit actually believes he can still be PM and that people will actually vote for him.

Deluded little cunt!

Nominated by: Dioclese

The Northern Powerhouse


About 8-10yrs ago the “Blown” Labour govt gave us Northeners a vote on if we wanted a “Northern Assembly”. They were so cock sure that us “thick as pig shit folk” would go for it they had fatty two-jags swanning around up here, not so much drumming up support for it, as doing a victory lap like it was a done deal.

It was resoundingly rejected, it wasn’t even close, something like 70% of the folk who voted, voted “no, fuck off you cunts!”

Now we have the current incumbents banging on about a “Northern Powerhouse”, except this time we don’t get the right to say “no, fuck off you cunts!”

And to add insult to injury it is being championed by slimey Gideon Osborne who cares about as much about the North as I do about “peaceful” cunts drowning in the Med!

You think us Northern folk would be “mad forrit” but no, and here’s why:

1. Well it have any bearing on any law making? No.
2. Will it have any bearing on decisions made in Westminster? No.
3. Will it make it easier to collect and appropriate taxes as we see fit? No.

In that case what is it then? I’ll tell you what it is. It’s yet another layer of meaningless and pointless bureaucracy which will need new infrastructure (i.e. buildings cos the existing council ones won’t be good enough), and new personnel (cos the existing councillors won’t be good enough).

And who will pay for this pointless exercise, why us Northern twats, and hence why we didn’t want it in the first place you cunts!

Nominated by: Rebel without a Cunt!

News this week that the Northern Powerhouse Trust has been set up – and guess who’ll be running it? George fucking Osborne.

A shit idea thought up by a shit politician and now to be run by said shit politician.

George Osborne and the Northern Powerhouse : two cunts for the price of one!

Nominated by: Dioclese