“We are family”

Bugger me, bombarded on all sides by “we will get through this together” bolloxs.
War time spirit mixed with ’60s social worker cobblers. Shite mobile videos posted on FlickFuck immediately reposted on BBC News. Geriatric old cunts shaking their booty and spraying old lady shite all over their zimmer frames. Delightfully out of synch old cunts doing a weird Monster Mash to the eponymous Sister Sledge gay hit now fronted by the spectacularly old and ugly Kim Sledge.

You know what (to borrow the brain slime cliché favoured by pop/media persons), you know what, the WHO (World Health Organisation) are the brains and money behind this embarrassment. Now that Big Don has cut off US funding from this corrupt organisation who has rushed in as principal funder of the WHO? HMG. Oh yes.

I eliminate meself from all this Covid crap because like a true cunt I hate people, never go near the fuckers except when I feel a sneeze coming on.

In short you stay away from me and I’ll stay away from you. Plague eliminated. You know it makes sense.

Nominated by: Sir Limply Stoke

Sister Sludge Cunts

28 thoughts on ““We are family”

  1. WHO, vast sums of money for ‘Test, test, test…. nothing to add.
    We are all in it together, no we are not as seen last night in Philadelphia, every cunt for themselves.
    It’s a virus not fucking doodlebugs

    Lights are on, food in the shops, get to fuck!

    The fucking next thing… pulling out the stops to save Christmas, save Christmas from what, overpriced shite in the shops!

    • Let’s all get together.
      Sitting 2 yards apart.
      It’s not for the COVID .
      It’s in case Granny farts.

  2. Some daft bitch from the world health organisation on at moment,
    Asked about family gatherings at Christmas she said
    “Christmas isnt the only important day theres the lunar eclipse, and many important religious festivals”

    She meant its too white,
    Christian, not ethnic enough.
    Fuck you WHO im totally ignoring all your bullshit,
    Trump was right to stop your funding, im more than happy to see cunts dying in the 3rd world.
    I say happy I meant ecstatic.

    • Well that trollop can fuck right off. I’m off this Christmas, first one in years, so, if she thinks I’m not having family and friends around, it’ll not only be the turkey that gets something shoved up it’s arse.

  3. At least we seem to be seeing an end to all that “we’re all in this together” shite…streets having “virtual” quizzes,community clap-ins and Cunts climbing on that old Fart,Capt. Tom’s creaking bandwagon.
    No… the arse-wipe hoarding,furlough-fiddling types are a truer representation of this Country.

    • Hoard for the hungry
      Free school meals for the NHS
      Clap if youve got leprosy related covid,
      that sort of thing Dick?
      * You well Dick?👍

      • I’m not well, Miserable. I did something to my leg last week when shifting some timber but just swallowed a load of painkillers and kept on going on it the next day too…not been the cleverest thing that I’ve ever done…strange thing is the pain keeps moving up and down the entire length of my leg..I’ve pulled muscles and ripped tendons/ligaments before but never known anything move around like this.

        You fit?

      • Sharp pain? Sciatic nerve? You taking ibuprofen and paracetamol, together, every four hours? Probably, as you’re not a malingering cunt! But, if you aren’t, try the above.

      • Evening<DCI

        I've been googling and did wonder about sciatic nerve…it seems to fit. It seems to be getting better so I'll just gan canny on it for a few days and see what happens, I reckon. I'm not too sure about taking many more painkillers..think that maybe doping the pain when it first started might have just contributed to my problems…I can still manage…it just takes me time and a lot of swearing to get around.

      • Ibuprofen will also reduce any swelling, too, so that’ll help and paracetamol for the pain. One gram of each every four hours. Rest, as difficult as it may be, too. Fingers crossed.

      • Im well thanks Dick.
        Sorry to hear that, might have to get it looked at ?
        Yeah, when you do physical work you get a few knocks,
        Strains sprains and pulled muscles eh?
        Hope your up and fighting fit soon.👍👍

      • An alternative thought is that DFF might have encountered one of the many weird and wonderful beasties imported from distant foreign parts and hiding in his wood pile. Such as the Amazon Cock Borer Beetle which would explain the mobile nature of the ailment.
        Perhaps a good dosing of the privates with DDT might better serve.

  4. When I’m baffled by a cunting, it’s usually because I don’t pay much attention to the meeja. But if it gets Sir Limply’s goat, it’s probably annoying enough to research a bit. The link is provided above, so no mystery here.

    And yes, it’s a pisser, this pretence that (a) humanity is likely to act in any kind of co-ordinated spirit, and (b) that the family is the model and exemplar for us all to adopt. Cunts pretending to be happy in crowds particularly piss me off, and my chief delight is in avoiding the same.

    If that sort of shite had any real traction, other than virtue-signalling and PR for the participants, it would have worked already, Covid would be a distant memory and there’d be bluebirds (a non-native species, so the perfect woke metaphor?) over the white cliffs and so on.

    Cunting endorsed.

    • Komodo – ISAC’s answer to an Enigma machine! How’s the weather in Bletchley Park?

      • Not sure how to take that 🙂

        Am I being cryptic? In which case –

        ltgrf joudu zfqgw ntsyc rexgh

      • Ah. I hope so, anyway! TY! Sir L and I appear to share something called ‘knight’s move’ thinking – a symptom, as you probably know, of schizophrenia – as well as a love of fucking about with the language. He will probably deny this, but elegantly.

      • Evening DCI, hope your well?
        I went to Alan Turings house.
        (Working! He didn’t lure me there)
        Felt bit sorry for him, at the time not getting the acknowledgment he rightly deserved.

      • Can’t smile wide enough, MNC, now I’m off for Christmas! Did you take a selfie with him! Yes, if he’d been black…

      • Naw, he was long gone,
        Was a posh family there,
        Its got a ‘blue plaque’
        But yes itd been better if hed swanned in fresh from codebreaking ‘hello boys!!’🙂

  5. Fucking patronising globalist cunts peddling their piss to the proles. No wonder the BBC is creaming itself, this sort of shit is right up their woke street. Well they can fuck right off. I am in no mood for their wank. Sir LS is speaking for more than just himself with this cunting. I would like to see the cunts behind this latest bollocks beaten to death with their own shinbones.

  6. I’ve got a much better song for them. In association with Dio our song this year will be a rehash of that monster (see what i did there) offering by Terry Tinsel and the Tinsel Band entitled “It’s a Covid 19 Christmas”

    It’s a very catchy tune with infectious lyrics which with the right exposure could go viral

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