George Osborne

Gideon Osborne needs another cunting.

The alleged coke using, useless cunt is quitting as MP for Tatton, he is no doubt really busy ‘earning’ his pay as editor of the Evening Standard (No doubt he’ll get a bonus for all the promoting of the Cuntservatives we will now get). He also gets an ‘allowance’ from his family business.

What a fucking cunt.

Nominated by Black and White Cunt.

Don’t forget his other day job….literally a day job, one day per week working for Blackrock. £650 grand a year or £13,500 a day. Ka-ching, jackpot, bingo! I’m sure he will be toasting us all with a few bottles of Cristal.

His favourite mantra was  ‘We are all in this together’…oh yeh, don’t WE all wish we were rolling in ‘this’ together with him.

Politicians in general,  can’t get enough of ‘this’ and ‘that’  Be it filthy lucre; hoes and blow; brown envelopes; rent boys; pussy…….

Nominated by Mike Oxard.

Well before he stated he would stand down as an M.P, Little Gideon started claiming his payback for all the favours he dished out while he was Chancellor. A job in a bank…4 days a month for 650 grand…fuck you, pay me. In the last month a speech to HSBC suits for 65 grand….fuck you, pay me and a speech to some corporate pharmaceutical cunts for 82 grand….fuck you, pay me. Then, despite zero journalistic experience, editor of the Standard, fee undisclosed as yet……fuck you, pay me. Of course the Standard is owned by a Russian, so we can only imagine what favours Georgie boy did for the Kremlin.

Yes little Gideon is a very busy boy. His workload may explain why he had not held a constituency surgery for nearly 2 fucking years and why he had only participated in a third of the votes in Parliament since Treezer kicked his greedy arse out of Number 11. Fuck me it’s a hard life being a politician  (soon to be ex-politician!)

Nominated by Freddie The Frog.

19 thoughts on “George Osborne

  1. A cunt who well deserves to be super cunted for his fucking greed, let alone fucking stupidity. I never did like this guy, he has one of those faces you’re just itching to twat .Another self serving arrogant bred for purpose piece of shite

  2. Cameron’s creepy Oxbridge pet gimp is a monumental cunt. So arrogant he tried to scare the shit out of the public with his ‘project fear’ over referendum most of which has turned out to be a load of jackanory bollocks. One of his latest fuck ups is the Garden Bridge project is London which Citizen Khan has just cancelled despite fuck all being built and £40 million being pissed up the wall on consultation fees of which £30 million boy George sanctioned.

    • That’s a cracker liquidator. I didn’t know that! £40 million on consultation fees? Fuck me…all that dosh for a couple of meetings!

      • … and speaking about ‘fees’ … it’s reported that the Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) will soon have spent over £125 million on legal fees defending themselves against a legal action brought by their shareholders that they fucked over back in 2008.
        £6.5 million of that alone in defending Fred ‘The Shred’ Goodwin.
        These Cunts, the RBS, should never have been bailed out by the Government / Tax payer … That’ll be you and me then footing that legal bill. Is nobody in control of these Cunts, who watches their ‘spending activities’ ..?

      • Fred Goodwin is a fucking crook who should be in jail. He also had a witch who wasn’t his wife. Criminal cunts.

      • I know , all backhanders from shady ‘consultants’ and middlemen who probably knew this thing would never get the backing. Yet the taxpayer is footing the bill for some vanity project so who gives a fiddlers fuck!

    • I don’t think Gideon gets the credit he deserves.
      It was his threats that made my mind up re leaving the EU. There surely are a lot of others who were swung by his bullshit.
      Cameron tiptoed away leaving a monumental mess which of course the Brexiteers were blamed for, although plan B was clearly the job of that slimy cunt Cameron and Gideon as his wanker in chief.
      But to give Gideon his due, no tippy toeing away for him. He waited for Mother Theresa to fire his sorry ass (with a flea in his ear it is rumoured.)
      And he deserves credit for the shambles that his policies have left the NHS, Social Services, Police etc in.
      So, credit where it is due. Gideon is a supersized cunt. The only bigger cunts are those that employ him or pay to hear him speak.

  3. Georgie always reminds me of “The Hood”, the evil and greedy Thunderbirds puppet who was always trying to destroy International Rescue for no other reason than he was an absolute cunt. In real life, of course, Georgie was always dependent on his pal Big Society Dave the Pigfucker. Once the Pigfucker had gone it was only a matter of time before reality caught up with Little Georgie. Stripped of his power and influence the poor bastard will have to struggle by on a couple of million a year. Still, at least nobody will be poking their unwanted noses into his expenses claims and I’m sure he knows how to fix it so he pays as little tax as possible. A top class cunt of the highest order. Eton must be proud of him.

    • Like it!….Do you remember “Surface Agent X-20” from Stingray? He was an even slimier cunt with the voice to match.

  4. It’s these career, straight from Uni into Whitehall cunts who are ruining this country.

    With regards to MPs I would have ban on anyone being an MP who had not had a job in the real world (i.e. a job in industry or business not as some Whitehall toady getting paid to massage the egos of other Whitehall twats).

    I would also ban any fucker who was a lawyer from becoming an MP because that always makes me uncomfortable at the thought that those cunts know exactly how far to play the system before they’ll get sacked/banged up for it.

    How can anyone who’s never existed in the real world (i.e. had a job or even the notion of making ends meet, or struggling to get their kids into a decent school when most of them are like United Nations buildings these days) even remotely qualified to make decisions for the rest of us when their lives are so distant from ours.

    Most of the cunts (and not only the Tories) are silver-spoon fuckers where the definition of hardship is having to eat one’s melon without any Palma ham!

    And most of them – irrespective of education – are as thick as one of Diane Abbott’s sandwiches and without the tiniest notion of common sense between them!

    PMQ’s are a disgrace! I’ve seen better behaviour in an infants playground. And these are the cunts the world looks to as a democratic model.

    There should be no career politicians like B.Liar, Cameron and Gideon, there should be folk who had careers and then went into politics. I would also put a cap on a maximum of 3 terms in office.

    One of the cunt MPs round here had been MP for 30-odd years. When he announced he was not standing for a further term he did so with his daughter on stage as she announced she *would* be standing for that seat and now that cunt has been there for over 15 years!

    When you have a situation like that it makes the MP lazy (we’re Labour, always have been always will be, so I’ll stick my feet up and do fuck all for this “working man” we’re supposed to represent), the electorate apathetic (oh they always get in so why even bother) and nothing changes.

    If you forced them to mix it up every few terms or so at least it would make the cunts think about who should represent them and put the cat amongst the pigeons a bit.

  5. I have it on good authority that little Gideon was anally and orally abused by Boris and the Pig-Porker while at Eton,and yet they still would’t let him join the Bullingdon Club. Poor Gideon.

  6. Osborne is a nasty piece of work.

    The fountain of excrement that spouted from this cunt-bubble during the referendum was incredible. Between him and David “Tax-fiddler, Piggy-diddler” Cameron they created some of Project Fears Greatest Hits:-

    ~ Every household would be £4300 worse off. What a berk.

    ~ There would be an immediate recession if we voted Leave > starting the very next day. Turd.

    ~ There would be a “Punishment Budget” to pay if we voted Leave. Apparently, it would take between two and five years. Why raise taxes in an emergency budget at that point? Unless you’re trying to scare voters…

    ~ Over 65s would be hit if we voted Leave. Taxes could be raised from a myriad of places so why directly target the aged? Hmm…

    He should have ‘Liar’ tattooed onto his forehead. If there’s any justice, this privileged prick will end his days in one of his charlie-induced, collar-wearing whore femdom routines.

  7. It was because of this piece of scum, Gideon (and his partners in crime, Duncan Smith, McVey and Cameron) that the genuinely unemployed were treated like criminals on probation at jobcentres and shitholes like Seetec and Groundwork… I’m not talking about professional benefits scroungers (they are usuallly pakis, bogo-bogos, or iron curtain gyppos now anyway), but folk who have been put out of work through no fault of their own… These work programme cunts treat decent and honest men and women like scum and basically put them under surveillance like naughty schoolkids… Even more demeaning is when someone who has worked all his life (and recently lost his girlfriend in an accident) was not given any help, and ordered by these cunts to do six months of full time unpaid hours in some shithole and basically have an unemployed person doing more ‘community service’ than those who break the law… Same lad also got a bollocking off some Little Hitler Seetec slag when he was half an hour late for…. sitting in front of a computer for four hours and nothing else…. Told him he should have twatted the bitch…

    Gideon’s demise (no matter how horrific) cannot come soon enough….

  8. This fucking election is just a bastard re-run of Project Fear. Hope every cunt who voted to leave fuckin knows it.

  9. Absolutely. I do however get pissed off with folk having a go at people just because they’re posh. After all, no one can help where they’ve come from ( I’m not posh by the way) but Osbourne is a total and utter Grade A Cunt rubbing everyone’s nose in it while he’s sucking in money from everywhere. He gives posh people a bad name…. Cunt.
    As an aside, I haven’t cunted here before but I’ve been reading the website for a while and haven’t laughed so much in ages. This is my first cunting and I’d just like to say what a fine and splendid bunch of cunts you are….marvellous stuff.

  10. Gidders is just one more example of a “breed”. The political class ( and thats what they are, a separate class )
    These cunts, born to their parenting class, are destined, nurtured and driven to fulfill their purpose in life. And that purpose? Fucking over people like you and me. Cunts, all cunts every single one of them. Cunts.

  11. Osborne looks like a absolute psychopath, He just looks so evil like he spends his time harming small indefensible animals for kicks or something. Just looks like a sick fucker who’s spoiled rich probably moraless too, you know he doesn’t stand by anything…. well maybe coke sure he stands by that

    Same with Blair looks like a escaped nutter show me a photo where he doesn’t look like he is possessed or grinning like a mad bastard

  12. How about ‘Letterbox Gob’ Cherie, daughter of the ‘Scouse Git’?

    …….and not forgetting Shami, Shami, Shami……the baroness is it?

    What the fuck she got that for, god only knows. Baroness Chuck a butty of


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