OMG! I am so fucking sick and tired of hearing about bloody Hillsborough.

Don’t get me wrong. It was a needless tragedy that 96 fans went to a football match and lost their lives. I get it. We all get it. But for fuck’s sake change the bloody record. It’s now been ruled that the victims were killed unlawfully. OK, so how does that help exactly? Too many (unticketed) fans + some idiotic policing = 96 deaths. As others have said, there needed to be too many fans to begin with, so for the scouse cunts to claim everyone else is to blame except them strikes me as a bit thick. Oh wait, they’re from Scouserpool. Bottom line, it was a very unfortunate event that nobody wanted or set out to do.

On the other hand, the murdering scum scouse fans who deliberately killed 39 opposition supporters in a fucking riot in the Heysel stadium in 1985 is all but glossed over. That slaughter was deliberate, perpetrated by the same group of scum supporters we’re all supposed to feel sorry for over Hillsborough. Is it just me?

Scouserpool FC is scum. Their fans are scum. The fucking 5 year ban for English clubs resulting from the murderous scouse rioting kept my team out of the UEFA Cup 3 fucking times. Bastards! Scouserpool FC should have been banned from European competition forever for crimes against humanity. THAT would have been justice for the 39.

The endless media favouritism directed at that club makes me puke too. Everytime they’re on the box, we’re forced to witness several minutes of their pathetic anthem before kick off. No other club gets that. Everything about that crap city is shite. Wasn’t it 2008 when Scouserpool was voted European Capital of Culture or some such nonsense? What a laugh. The only way that rancid place is a capital of culture is if all the supermarkets ordered extra quantities of yogurt that year.

Nominated by: Imitation Yank

Right… Those Scouse cunts….
So they have finally got their verdict (the one they wanted), but will there be closure?
Will there fuck… Now the compo claims start… Didn’t see that coming… This will never, ever end… They will make sure of that… It’s like a family business…

But what I want to know is why the arselicking, Scouseloving papers and TV fail to point out certain facts about these not so loveable vermin…

There’s plenty of evidence that Liverpool have consistently sought to capitalise on what Hillsborough brought them (just enough sympathy to wash away their Heysel disgrace for instance, allowing them their stunning attempt to present its own twentieth anniversary in 2005 as a joint Liverpool-Juventus commemoration – grief hijacking extraordinaire!)…

There was that Scouse cunt, John Aldridge at the replayed semi-final at Old Trafford a mere three weeks after Hillsborough… His disgraceful taunting of Forest’s Brian Laws following the latter’s own goal was unbecoming in any circumstances and fully deserved Tony Adams’ retribution – “That’s for Brian Laws, you cunt” – three weeks later when Arsenal stole the championship at Anfield…

Of course that came after the all-Merseyside cup final (just five weeks after Hillsborough) which, as though nothing had happened, was once again marked by images of numerous scousers scaling the stadium walls to gain entry and, with the fences removed, pitch invasions that they’d been put up to prevent…. Meanwhile, stewards on duty that day were called to a disturbance at one entrance ten minutes into the game where they were met by the sight of hordes of scousers attempting to storm their way in… Forget the earlier ridiculous calls for the season to be abandoned and Liverpool awarded the FA Cup in memoriam – some of the club’s fans had in mind a far more fitting way to honour the disaster’s victims…. Which begs the question: if the police did open the gate at the Leppings Lane End, why did they? Could it be that there were hordes of baying, ticketless scousers causing so much mayhem that the coppers were forced to open it? It is no secret that scousers were jumping the turnstiles at that end during that game,….

And of course there were the ever-present ‘Liverpool FC celebrate Munich 1958’ banners and the ‘Who’s that dying on the runway?’ song that these cunts sang for decades… Not forgetting, of course, the massacre of 39 Juventus supporters at Heysel… Don’t see too much of an outcry from Scousers about ‘Justice For The 39’, do we?
What I want to know is why did it take the deaths of 96 of their own for these scum to actually grow a conscience? Cunts…

Nominated by: Norman

Andrew Kilduff


Andrew Kilduff, aka Tofty, is the cunt who is in charge of ‘Stretford End Flags’ Official flag and banner suppliers to the hated Glazer scum…

Flags and banners by real supporters are banned (in case there are any anti-Glazer protests… Fascist cunts!) so they make out Old Trafford has ‘atmosphere’ by getting this cunt, Tufty to put his tacky crap all over the ground… Tufty (real name Andrew Kilduff) is self appointed, unelected so-called ‘fans representative….’ But he is in actual fact a Glazer stooge who gets paid for putting his tasteless shite all over Old Trafford… The cunt isn’t even a Manc or a proper fan…

Tofty is from Runcorn (hence his other nickname, The Runcorn Rat) and he was an Everton fan years ago… This was the shithouse who created the David Moyes ‘Chosen One’ banner… Sure, Moyes was out of his depth, and there’s no hiding place at United (unless you’re Wayne Rooney), but that’s no reason to put a fucking giant target on his (Moyes) back… One of Tofty’s many crimes against true supporters… His latest excercise in bad taste? His tribute to George Best, a decade after his demise…

Tofty is disgusting, a Glazer arselicker and a complete cunt…

Nominated by: Norman

Footie experts

Ian Wright robbery

I am impelled to cunt the anglo-centric, sycophantic, foreigner hating, British punditry displayed by football ‘experts’ in the media. There has never been a more openly xenophobic collection of people than the ex-footballers and managers who get away with calling any professional who isn’t from these shores every stereotypical insult you can imagine.

Some rank-average, overpaid cunt from Gillingham can be as lazy as he fucking likes, display no skill, not show any interest, get torn apart by his opposition and these wankers are completely petrified to throw DESERVED abuse at him just in case they bump into each other on the golf course the next day. “He’s clearly out of from Jeff”, “He’ll come good Steve, class always shines through in the end”, “When you join a new club you have to allow some time for settling in Alan”. I would say “He is fucking useless, get the lazy cunt off and sell him to some Conference team for a Dairy-lea triangle. The fucking prick.”
Some fella from the hills of the Andes whose supporting about 60 of his extended family, has perfectly learnt a completely foreign language, acts like a total professional and treats all the staff and fans with respect has a dip in form for a fortnight or struggles to come to terms with a massively different pressure of expectation, and all of a sudden these fucking has-beens, and more than likely, never-have-beens spout shit like ‘He’s not up to it at this level’, ‘He’s only picking up the pay-cheque’, ‘Lads not interested’, ‘They’ve not got the mental toughness for the Premier League’. Fuck off you racist cunts and make yourselves busy by trying to finger the female presenters on Sky Sports News whilst regaling them with tales of the japes you had in Corfu one year with Dave Beasant.

United got their arses handed to them the other week by Arsenal, and rightly so, they were shit. Two fullbacks were on show that day, Ashley fucking young and Matteo Darmian. They were both awful. Darmian got pulled to pieces by the likes of Redknob, Shitty Neville and that droning cunt Shearer. ‘He wasnt good enough’ and all that shit. ‘Needs to come to terms with the pace of the league.’ ‘Has a lot to learn if he wants to succeed at United.’ Young, on the other hand, whose plied his trade in the English game his entire life, and for 70% of that time been absolute fucking dog shit, with only one foot, was handed every possible excuse by his bum-buddies back in the studios. Eventually his dire display was put down to the fact that one of the best players in the world and a World Cup Winning captain (Schweinsteiger) wasnt helping him enough. No, he was shit because he’s shit, that day and practically every other day of his career, but I’m sure your expert opinions will ensure a Christmas card from Ashley this year and the chance of a tit pic from his wife on Facebook if you’re lucky.

Last night I had to listen to one of the stupidest cunts to ever grace a football field (Ian Wright) aimlessly and without any real point defend the ability of the most over-rated sack of shit to pull on a United shirt, ever (Wayne Rooney).Some scholar had rung up to point out that Rooney has been dreadful for about 5 years, not once pulling a performance out against a team of any note whilst holding the biggest club in England to ransom and handing in a number of transfer requests. Wright was aghast that a Englishman could question Waynes quality, ignoring the facts that he’s had more opportunities than Jimmy Saville and relies on spot kicks for most of his goals. It was blind, patriotic shit that held no water when put under scrutiny, but this nonsensical arse-licking is rife from TV to radio to the Press.

The only people who should be allowed to comment on football in this country are Gullit, Souness, Dietmar Hamann and myself. The rest can fuck off to after dinner speeches.

Nominated by: Cunt O’MaCunto

Talk Sport Radio


‘Talk Sport Radio’ – Gawd help us!

For a start, by sport they mean football because thats what its about for 95% of the time. You can tune in any time of the day or night and there are fuckin’ idiots phoning in talking about ‘flat back fours’ or ‘making a run from the back’ or’ diamond formations’.

They take it so fuckin’ seriously. I really think the presenters must think to themselves ‘who are these fuckin idiots?’ but on the other hand they are keeping us in a job.

Its absolutely dire!

Nominated by: Ozmandias