39 thoughts on “Peter Coates

  1. How do you pronounce his surname ?

    I say Co-a-tez

    The missus says Coats

    Please solve a family argument.

  2. To borrow a fellow cunters phrase the old twat made my piss boil on question time the other night. All the cunt was interested in as he was warning us that we’ll all regret voting to leave the EfuckU was the financial side of things. That cunt couldn’t give a fuck about democracy or immigration or other peoples lives as long as he is still able to fucking coin it in. That’s a selfish, narrow minded and short sighted attitude. So I withdrew my 25 quid from his poxy betting company and opened an a/c with coral. I don’t know if any of you fellow cunters read the Daily Mail today but there was an excellent article about the leftie elitists totally in line with our sentiments on this site. Check it out.

  3. Who is this shit stick to lecture anyone, when he is making a fucking fortune from online gambling. A bit of fun for some, but a path to misery for others. Hardly a profession for someone with a social conscience. What a cunt.

  4. He sounded and looked like a right doddery old cunt as well. Stick to being chairman of a rugby club and taking money off desperates you old cunt.

    • Typical of the ridiculous bitch…delete,ignore or scream down anything that doesn’t fit with her pathetic views.

      • I agree all is forgiven all long as he takes care of Maddogga and Lily Mong and if he can sneak in a few others good. Give the lad a silenced pistol or something more low key

        Maybe he can finish the original job too and kill Yoko surely his handlers told him to shoot them both? that or I’m beginning to expect she hired Mark herself to Cash in on Lennon’s Apple empire and beatle royalties?!

      • Too late GB……seen it,enlarged it,printed it,examined it, graded it and pinned it up on my Wall of Wankworthyness,between Charlotte Church’s “mineshaft” and Brittany Spear’s “explosion in an abattoir”

    • Haha , fuck Allen, but what was the point of the poll ?

      Was she trying to make a point that pensioners are worse than Muslims ?

      And who were the cunts that said pensioners.
      Muslims might have lost that vote, but not by much.

      Fuckin alarming.

      • Also moslem bots could of been evening the odds and voting pensioner. It was a stupid poll anyway I don’t view pensioners in a negative light in fact quite the opposite and I view terrorists of any kind as bad.

        It just so happens islam is chock full of them So far a pensioner has never tried to cut my head off or crashed a semi into a large crowd of people I’m with but maybe I’m lucky it has’t yet

      • A car crashed into pedestrians in Germany, earlier.
        The polis shot the cunt.
        Who the cunt is , i don’t know.

  5. I bet that gave the ugly pox-ridden slut a shock. I would laugh my arse off if she got gang raped by a bunch of camel drivers. How great would that be insh’allah.

  6. I’m sick of these traitorous remain tit rash twats. Like ive said it’s the privileged, rich, I’m all right jack brigade who moan about leaving the eu, mainly people of London, where there’s plenty jobs, a lot of rich well off people under the big bubble of London, why the fuck did people in Newcastle want to remain??

  7. A lot of students in Newcastle. Have you ever been there? Full of tattoed knuckle dragging fuckwits with only half a brain. I felt like Captain Cook…surrounded by painted savages and a long way from civilisation.

    • Oh, the fuckin irony.

      The people of Sunderland voted to leave the EU and Sunderland AFC are thinking of leaving for London. 🙂

  8. I have some predictions for the next week:

    Rolf harris will pass away ( I’m still a fan but condone his crimes) no doubt I’ll get abuse for that.
    Jeremy Corbyn will resign
    I might get a job interview???
    Petrol prices will be slashed.
    The Queen will be admitted to hospital
    Sunderland wil beat Man City on the sabbath.
    Aliens will make contact by Thursday.
    I’ll not win the lottery.

      • Bit of a scramble to get that correction in there, Harry? Best of luck with the job-search,hopefully you’ll get something soon.

      • Thank fuck, i played that sentence over a few times, wondering if i had a grasp of the English language.

        Yer still a fan ?
        Whats yer free time like ?

        Painting kangaroos whilst listening to some Gary Glitter and then relax to a Roman Polanski filum in the evening ? 🙂

  9. Sorry Birdman, on the pop again tonight, unemployment has me going gaga, used to working for a living.

    I met Rolf once, he was a right miserable cunt. I thought he’d be out-going and a laugh, I’d had a few at the time. I did see a kangaroo gripping it’s arse and hopping awkwardly away from Rolfs pitched tent.

  10. Alcohol works in funny ways doesn’t it lads?, 30% of the time I drink it, I feel even worse then before sore stomach bad headache whatever, 30% of the time I feel indifferent but a small improvement over what I felt previously 28% of the time I drink it I feel wonderful the alcohol has balanced smoothly through the blood brain barrier and I’m completely at ease and 2% of the time I have no recollection of the night before because I blanked out drinking too much and I wake up to some tranny called mandy is in your bedroom sucking my cock
    Is alcohol truly the devils nectar punters? its just a form of gambling or something?!

    • Years ago I’d drink every day even if it was just one drink, ended up unemployed due to the the financial fuck up a few years back and had to stop drinking, now barring the odd occasion like Christmas, birthdays and holidays I don’t drink, Boxing Day was the last time I had alcohol. I feel so much better for it, especially knowing I can go out for a drink every now and then without stopping completely.

  11. Michael Hestletine is a cunt, another diddums who dosent want the UK to be free from the EU, why are these cunts hell bent on loving been dictated to be a far away land, we can stand on our own two feet!! Grow some Balls remain voter toss Pots!!

  12. We know what the Frogs and the Ivans did to all the rich and privileged cunts who ignored the people and treated them like idiots and crap…

    Mind you, if we were to do the same here, it would take at least every day for two years to get rid of all the career politicians, celebrity gobshites, showbiz luvvie cunts, media snowflakes, and BBC and Guardian staff by guillotine…

    Three to four years, if we also counted all the libtard snowflake student cunts and social media mongs too… The executioner and the drum-roll bloke would be getting good overtime though…

  13. Pre emptive cunting of the Oscars, going to be a predictable smorgasbord of bleeding heart handwringing right on celeb cunts. Orgy of virtue signalling and showing ‘solidarity’ with muslim’s ,refugee’s, LGBT freaks and every other moaning fucker. If The Donald is watching and is getting and itchy trigger finger on the nuclear button he could do worse than LA tonight and save us all from these boring cunts who love the sound of their own voices.

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