Manchester United FC

Manchester United FC are cunts…

I know: been a supporter all my life, Newton Heath born and bred… But the soulless scum who are now in charge of this once great club have sinked to a new low, even by their standards…

True United great, Nobby Stiles – who now sadly has dementia – was actually charged for tickets when he recently went to Old Trafford… A Collyhurst lad and a player who lived and breathed United and was part of the rebuilding process after the Munich Air Crash… A man who helped the club win their first European Cup… A man who is near the end of his life and also afflicted by a terrible condition is told by the suits he has to pay to get in… While some toothy yuppie cunts from the US, or some clueless moneygrabbing chinks will get complimentary tickets as part of some Glazer soul selling sponsorship deal….

Saddest thing is it’s not even a surprise… Not these days… I can hear Sir Matt Busby’s grave spinning round… Bastard fucking cunts… And Fergie can fuck off and all…

Nominated by Norman

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  1. No one other than Man United fans give a shit, the rest of the country have to put up with these glory hunting cunts. 9 times out of 10 the man United fans when interviewed have accents from anywhere other than Manchester, Norman, support Newton Abbot FC – if there is one and leave this club, the BBC are Man utd daft which just adds to my dislike of Man utd

    • They won’t interview Mancunian fans because they don’t want any anti-Glazer/Fergie opinions on the BBC, Sky etc and most Mancs wouldn’t go on anyway (unless they’re cunts like Pete Boyle)… There are loads of post-premiership gloryhunting Bogtrotters, Mockneys, Yonners, Chinkies and other wankers who will perform like monkeys for the TV and radio though, and I despise them as much as you… Probably a lot more… Mention the 1974 relegation or Tommy Doc to these twats and they don’t have a clue…

      There is no Newton Heath FC (meaning the Newton Heath that’s in Manchester!)… That was MUFC’s original name.. Like my dad and granddad I’m a red (first game was in 1975), but I hate what the place has become… Which is a den of cunts…

      And I always thought the BBC favoured Liverpool… Chinny Hill, Motty, Hansen (cunt), Lawro etc … They were all members of the Scousers Fan Club and the arselicking Stevie G gets is sickening…

      • I would question the character of any man that thinks Liverpool football club and its fans is anything more than a festering bucket of shit topped off with pus

      • I’m no football fan but this treatment of Nobby Stiles is a fucking disgrace. Although I have to say that by the standards of football clubs in general this is unremarkable.

        By the way. Isnt Newton Heath on the City side of Manchester? Just saying.

      • It is East Manchester, but Newton Heath is above ‘Blue Country’ on the map… Newton Heath, New Moston, Strangeways and Collyhurst (where Nobby is from) is mainly red… While Gorton, Moss Side, Miles Platting, and Burnage are mostly blue,,,

  2. That is a fucking disgrace!

    Yet again an example of some cunt consortium twats who know the cost of everything and the value of nothing. Cunts!

  3. That’s what was good about Piccadilly 261 Radio in the 70s and 80s (before corporate raiders fucked it over): when it was time for the Saturday phone-in it was (mostly) Mancs only… Reds and Blues going at it (and each other!)… But since the Premier League, and the arrival of Radio 5, Sky, and Talk Sport, it’s been an infestation of gloryhunting armchair cunts from all over the shop… The Paddy cunts particularly annoy me… Some cunt from some south of Dublin swamp talking endless bollocks, but he’s never even been to Mcr…. Fucking cunts…

    • Most of the cunts who claim to be Man Ure supporters down my way couldn’t find Manchester on a map on which every town and city was called Manchester.
      Just like the cunts who ring up phone ins and when asked if they were at their particular teams game that day come out with “oh, couldn’t get a ticket”, “wife wouldn’t let me” or ” was having a shit this afternoon”.
      Yet they are quite happy to moan about the ref, manager etc without having been anywhere near the ground.

  4. Oldhams near you Norman! Just been on Google maps, try them! Take your cash elsewhere. I’m sorry to be a cunt but everyones sick of Man UTD, I was at the Sunderland match that day when Man City one the title and we watched the glory hunters faces drain when it sunk in they’d lost the title, it was one of my only shite highlights of been a Sunderland Fan (apart from beating Newcastle) on the plus side Norm, despite being a UTD fan your a fellow miserable cunt so your a man of common sense like the rest of us miserable buggers on this site!

    • I rarely go these days, Harry… I do the odd aways, where the hardcore fans still are…. But I stopped going regular when those Yank carpetbaggers took over… I also refuse to buy any club merchandise or replica shirts… Any grown man in a replica shirt with a players number on the back is a huge cunt… Also, any cunt who wears a half/half scarf should be hung with it…

      Still love how it used to be (mid 70s to around Ruud Van Nisterooy’s time)… But when at one time it was Coppell, Hughes, Robson etc it’s hard to cheer cunts like Rooney, Rio and Ronaldo… It’s not just in the boardroom, there are cunts at every level…

      I have family in South Shields and they’re Mackems (where did that Black Cats shite come from? Was it Niall Quinn?)… Been to Roker Park many times with my Uncle Billy… And Newcastle and their Keegan Kult are cunts…

      • And while Zlatan can appear to be a cunt, he is worth the rest of our lot (De Gea apart) put together..

      • Black Cats is sumit we all wonder about, I was bought up thinking Black Cats was ‘luck’ My other half is a South Shields lass, lovely place, good chips and nice beach. I think my main gripe if I was a Man Utd fan is you have a lot of unknowns that of hijacked your club, I’m not sure (other than protest) what you could do about it. It made my piss boil when you mentioned that they’d made Nobby pay for tickets! I’d be sticking up ‘refund’ Nobby banners! Unfortunately sunderland are always gonna be the poor relation to Newcastle. Fortunately we can take it when we get beat and don’t have to smash our city up or punch horse’s! Fight for the genuine Man United fans….that is my quest I suggest to you Sir!

      • Good idea for a campaign… This sort of thing is not uncommon either.., When United played Real Madrid in the Champions League at OT, former captain (and arguably our greatest centre half), Martin Buchan, couldn’t get a ticket… Yet that cunt (and West Aiiim twat) Russell Brand got in… Disgusting…

        Chelsea have the same problem… In the 80s, Stamford Bridge was as moody as fuck… A terrifying place to the inexperienced and the soft as shit supporters… Now it’s full of post-Abramovich cunts and celebrity twats like Damon Albarn, Geri Spice and Boris Becker… And The once infamous Shed now sells papaya juice at the stand’s bar…

        Another thing I hate now is in the 70s it was banners and flags galore… Now banners are officially banned at OT in case there’s any ‘Glazer Out!’ stuff… All those crappy banners (like that ridiculous Moyes ‘Chosen One’ thing) are ‘official’ and Done by Tufty aka Andrew Kilduff, who is a prize cunt… Type his name in the site search box and my cunting of him should come up…

      • RIP old Roker Park now has houses on it, there’s still a canny pie shop near it. I was actually there today going past on my mountain bike, keeping out the house while the house works getting done. I only get in the way. Had happy times with my late Grumpy Dad at Roker, God knows what he’d think now.

      • There was nothing like the “Roker Roar”!


        On the subject of Niall Quinn. Several years ago I was on a day out with the family to Whitby. It was in winter so not busy but we went there mainly for some quality fish and chips.

        In Whitby near the beach there’s a mini fairground bit with just a couple of small kid’s rides. My Mrs was waffling on to some bloke and his Mrs watching the youngest on one ride, as I watched the eldest on t’other.

        When the ride finished. Walked over, and fuck me, it was Niall Quinn! He was a genuinely nice bloke as was his Mrs and kid. I said nowt other than hello but the Mrs can talk a glass eye to sleep and was chatting away as kids swapped rides and I resumed my vigil on ride #2.

        One thing I will say is that I’m not a stumpy cunt by any imagination (just under 6’1″) but he was fucking HUGE! The air must be thinner up there!

        When the Mrs finished waffling and we said our cheerios. After they’d walked off I asked if she knew who he was.

        “No we just me now. His wife’s lovely isn’t she. I think they must’ve come down from Scotland for the day because I think he had a Scottish accent.”

        I don’t think she knows even to this day. I said nowt. He was a nice bloke (to us anyway) and – at the end of the day – it’s that what matters.

      • My memory of Roker park was when EFC played S’land in the FA cup in Jan 79. Went on the train, 4 fucking hours. Got there and it was snowing like fuck. Marched to the ground by the filth fucking soaked. Got beat 2-1 back on the train with no heating on at all. Absolute abject misery. Them were the fucking days!

      • Gordon Strachan beats him, I reckon. Fucking little shit should have been drowned at birth.

  5. I have to admit, I’ve kind of lost interest in football over the past few years. It doesn’t surprise me that this happened though.

    • When the tickets were applied for, I bet the cunt in the office said. ‘Who’s Nobby Stiles?…’

      • You mention that name in Portugal and every cunt there knows who he is!

        It is a disgrace! Snowflake cunt in the ticket office probably didn’t register the name because it’s not in FIFA 17 on the Xbox or summat! Cunts!

      • You’re probably right there. Nobody gives a fuck about the REAL legends anymore.

  6. Gave up my season ticket to EFC a few years ago. Football fucking annoys me now. Should move with technology like cricket, tennis, ruggers. Met John Motson a few yaers ago at a hotel in Media City. Sat alone at his breakfast table looking over his half rimmed glasses at every cunt in there. Then he fucked me right off at the reception desk when I tried to speak to him like a snappy little yorkie. Sheepskin wearing bum bandit.

  7. Democracy deniers need a cunting. People like Nicholas Boyle, the Cambridge Professor I nominated a few days ago. In case you’ve forgotten, here’s the comment he made in the New European;

    “The referendum result does not deserve to be respected because, it is itself disrespectful of others, our allies, partners, neighbours, friends, and, in many cases, even relatives. Like resentful ruffians uprooting the new trees in the park and trashing the new play area, 17million English, the lager louts of Europe, voted for Brexit in an act of geopolitical vandalism.”

    So, because 17.4 million of us DID NOT vote the way that Professor Boyle wanted us to, our votes should not be respected. WE were disrespectful, because we voted to leave. And because of that, Boyle thinks our votes should be invalid. Who’s being disrespectful? Moreover, DEMOCRACY DENIER. Boyle’s comment is a prime example of a phenomenon that is virtually unique to the left, the tendency to resort to insults and smears when there are no facts or logic with which to debate.

    Fat fuck, Emily Thornberry did it a few days ago when she said that Britain was too small to go it alone in the world. Then there was Corbyn’s fellow IRA fanboy, McDonnell, claiming we didn’t understand what we were being asked. Clegg, Farron, Ashdown, Kinnock. They’ve all done it in their own way. I’m still reeling from Farron’s ludicrous claim about the ‘theft of democracy’. Katie Hopkins recently had a caller who claimed that ALL 17.4 million Brexit voters were “uneducated Northerners”. She soon put that knob right.

    Ever since June 24th, there has been a hardcore of mostly left wing idiots who have flatly refused to accept that on the 23rd of June, a majority (but only a small one if you listen to the BBC and their lickspittles) of the voting British public chose to leave the EU. We weren’t coerced into doing it, nobody put a gun to our heads. We listened to the shite that both sides were talking, and then we voted to leave. It was free and it was fair. More importantly, it was democracy.

    Except it wasn’t. To their abject horror (and my surprise to be honest), Remain lost the referendum. And because of that, (nothing was said of it before the vote) the referendum was ‘only advisory’ and therefore ‘not legally binding’. How convenient. Perhaps if they’d told the truth, instead of launching into a constant stream of arrogant, doom laden bullshit, and if Cameron had made a better job of negotiating reforms in the EU, they may, MAY just have won. As it is, Remainers have the brass neck to claim that the leaders of the Brexit campaign lied to the British public. And because the media is run by pussies, not one of those disingenuous cunts has been challenged.

    Seven months on from the Referendum, we STILL have David Lammy demanding a second referendum. We have that foreign slag, Gina Miller, seeking to usurp the will of the British people, aided and abetted by Judges who all have vested interests in the UK remaining in the EU. Now we have another four motherfuckers trying to piss on democracy. I can’t name them though, because a snowflake judge has granted them anonymity. Fucking cowards.

    And of course, we still have Ken Clarke, Mendacious Mandelslime, Alastair Campbell, Clegg, Farron, Pantsdown, in fact, MOST of Westminster, and now TONY FUCKING BLAIR all trying to defy the will of the people. And even after her speech, I don’t trust May to deliver. She had a golden opportunity to trigger Article 50 months ago, but she dithered. I actually think she’s in on it. And I’m in a place now where I don’t believe that Brexit will happen, until it’s happened.

    If these traitors to the UK succeed in sinking Brexit, which is entirely possible, then there SHOULD be a civil war in the UK. With a few notable exceptions, our political class are on the verge of betraying the British people in the worst possible way, and they cannot be allowed to get away with it. If they can’t respect democracy and the British people, then we have every right to remove them from politics, by force.

    • I’d arrest the lot… Miller, Farron, Blair, all of the cunts…
      And as her last act of any significance, The Queen could actually come out and back her people and our wish to leave the EU… Fat chance though…

      • All I’ll say is that when we get control of our own laws we should reinstate treachery as a crime punishable by death.

        And those cunts should be first up against the wall! Traitorous bastards!

      • It was Blair who got rid of the treason laws. Obviously, that cunt was planning to fuck this country for a very long time before he got into Downing Street.

    • Completely agree, but you forgot to mention the millions of expats who still claim to be residents (for e111 purposes) voted to remain, but fail the residency test.
      It would have been one hell of a majority without those expat scabs.
      Plus, anyone ever come across a Leaver who would now vote remain? No, neither have I.
      I do know plenty of soft cunts who voted remain who would feel a-cunted and would now vote to leave.
      I’d love a 2nd vote to silence these cunts by giving us a huge majority to leave.
      Or we wait until this years election results and watch the united states of e collapse before our eyes.

      • I still can’t figure out whether Teresa May was a Brexit Trojan horse , posing as a pre-referendum remainer for opportunistic reasons or if she’s an ethical democrat who is acting honourably . Maybe a bit of both , but to me she is conducting herself now with considerable aplomb in standing up to the childish back-turning EU autocrats.

      • Teresa May is a legendary British porn star.
        She was in the prodigy’s smack my bitch up video.
        I’m sure she used to spell her name Theresa but changed it when the politician came on the scene.
        Fuck was i shocked when i first heard Theresa May was in the Tories.

      • She should take the chance to have an election. Labour unelectable, libs a bunch of traitors would improve marginally fighting with ukip for 2nd place with all the die hard remoaners cluthing at straws to try and keep any kind of attachment to their shitty EU. Tories tho would take a massive majority then have free rein to get the job done. Not forgetting all the goings on in France, Holland and Deutsche. Think those fanatical cunts like Junker and peado looking Verhofstadt will be fooked right off by business leaders when they start trying to impose shit on UK. Them cunts are expendable, trade and business is not. A rebalancing is on the way hopefully. Horrible cunts!

      • You’re right, I did forget those treasonous ex-pat cunts. They shouldn’t have had a vote in the first place.

    • Well said QDM if the democracy deniers had their way it’ll be like that Twat in The Gambia refusing the result of his countries election.

  8. Average Rob is a cunt…
    So-called ‘Instagram Star’ Average Rob has become ‘famous’ by photoshopping himself into pictures of famous people… Of course those spakkers at the BBC think this lunatic saddo’s antics are ‘hilarious’ and even newsworthy… When in actual fact he is a fucking narcissistic mong with nothing else better to do, and is about as funny as gout…. Says it all really, some nutjob cunt who uses photoshop is a ‘star’… As Roger Mellie would say, ‘Fuck me ragged!’

  9. man Utd?
    Infested with over priced shit players.
    End of.

    On another note, the anti trump rioters in Washington who are burning cars and injuring cops with rocks who are being very restrained, we’re just described by the BBC as the “dispossessed underclass”.

    I’m sorry, what?

    The dispossessed underclass just elected trump.

    The little snowflake rioting cunts on the streets are entitled middle class white kids who have been educated with the ethos in the proudest traditions of cultural Marxism.

    Cunts need it beating out of them

  10. Phew! Glad we’re all back alive and well after the outage. Kudos to The Eye for figuring it out. On this day of days, this post will be in the form of a lyric sung to the tune of Nellie The Elephant:

    Donald the President Packed his Trump
    And said fuck off to Obama
    Off he went with a Trumpety Trump, he’s a cunt!

    Donald The President got sworn in
    Thank god ‘cos ‘bama was useless
    Off he went with his wolf man wife, Trump! Trump! Trump!

    You’re welcome.

  11. Rooney should go on the pitch just before the match and fuck a couple of sluts from the local care home to entertain fans before the off.

  12. They’re all saying Trump’s ethos of “America First” is “bad for globalism”.

    Er, just out of interest, who the fuck wants globalism, or thinks that it’s a great idea anyway? Not me, that’s for fucking sure!

    Economically all globalism does is strive for parity across the globe which is great if you’re in some backwoods shit-hole (as your lot improves) but not so good for developed nations who are now in a “race to the bottom” (as wages stagnate and decrease in a lot of cases).

    The only cunts who want globalism are those cunts like Killary and Bliar who are already minted and who couldn’t give a fuck if ordinary folk in the USA or UK end up on a worse deal.

    So good on you Donald, you put “America First” mate and with my blessing. I only wish the politicians in this county would put “Britain First” but alas they won’t because the SJW virtue signalling cunts have already decreed that anyone wanting to put “Britain First” is racist! Utter, utter cunts!

    • The truth of Globalism is it enables corporations to move their operation wherever profits can be maximised on the back of cheap labour and access to resources. The political elite do see this as a way of levelling standards of living although for us in the west this means a massive drop to 3rd world levels by which they believe the world will accept global governance. The corporations also want global governance on their terms hence TTIP, TIP etc.

    • In that case I’m proud to be racist. The cunts don’t understand the word and equate it with patriotism or xenophobia.
      No fucking command of the English language…

      • ……..and an easy “out” for ignorant cunts who have run out of cogent and coherent argument. Play the racist card and in their world, win the point.

      • Agreed… Just like any of these ‘wimmin’ on these ‘feminist’ marches will pull the ‘sexist’ card out at anyone who dares to question or criticise them, no matter how much of a cunt they are… Like that old slag, Madonna now says she is ‘victimised’ and hated because her detractors are ‘sexist’…
        I always thought it was because she’s an obnoxious cunt, a thoroughly unpleasant twat, and has acted like a whore with a record contract for nigh on four decades…

    • … I’m afraid I did have a bit of a scream at the telly last night on the BBC coverage of Trumps inauguration, mostly after the parade had finished and BBC ‘reporter’ Emily Maitlis was ‘interviewing’ a pro-Trump Asian American woman ( didn’t catch her name) and a black woman unbelieviably so utterly anti Trump, and she could have been straight out of the cast of ..’Roots’.
      Pro-Trump woman stating that Trump simply means …’Making America Great’.., means exactly that. It’s 2017 and there is no underlying agenda to what he is saying … he’s just patriotic.
      ‘Roots’ – woman, wouldn’t have any of it…. so obviously egged on by Maitlis, she just went off on one, saying how devisive he was saying this and how he was trying to cause global unrest in saying this etc etc …..
      These Cunts will try and twist any fucking thing he says to suit themselves, no matter how obvious it is they are off on a fucking unbelievable tangent. It’s like if they cause a big enough issue out of EVERYTHING he says he will eventually quieten down. We all know that’s not going to happen. CUNTS.

  13. BBC 1 is ticking boxes again this morning on Saturday kitchen, a woman…in a wheelchair…. Apparently a comedian…. Talking about women’s rights and going to protest against Trump in London today, well done The BBC, that’s a lot of boxes ticked.

    • Yeh seen the fucker one of them new breed of terrorist wheel chair nut plumbs,Theirs a lot now from the wheel chair community turning to terrorism ,Bad times.

    • I pay the Sky at Night the odd watch every now and then. The last one was on about a hi-res 3D map of the Milky Way.

      Sir Patrick Moore shuffled off his mortal coil and so a new co-presenter was required. Lots of boxes ticked by the virtue signalling ABBC on that one…

      • I watched it since the seventies. When Moore died, I thought the presenting duties would be taken over by his little gang of contributors, but instead it was turned into some sort of sub Blue Peter shit, with that annoying, over excitable nobody. So, no more sky at night for me. Cunt.

  14. These ‘Women Against Trump’ shower make me fucking laugh… These daft cows will be singing ‘I Will Survive’ and ‘Who’s Afraid Of The Big Bad Wolf’ about Old Don, but it’s funny: I don’t recall any mass protest or indignation over the New Year’s Eve sex attacks in Germany… There was also no collective feminist outcry about Rotherham… Not forgetting the wall of silence regarding how muzzies and the Gulf States treat their women…

    And while they hate Trump, I bet most of them have a Kit-Kat Shuffle over that sadistic panto, Fifty Shades Of Rape… Hypocritical double standards snowflake slags…

      • Maybe they rely only on The BBC and the Grauniad for news so weren’t aware of it or wrote the New Year gropefest off as exaggerated “right wing propaganda”
        Bet Clare Moseley has changed her PIN number by the way…

      • Oh yes, I forgot Mohemmed has dumped her after fleecing her for thousands.

        I did chuckle to myself a bit about that

    • Pro Trump or pro brexit, if there were protests in favour of these, they would be described as alt right, or far right. Celebs, and the twitter/Facebook pointless retarded twats who hold these cunts in awe can whine all they want, but at the end of the day, your vote is worth the same as mine. I think that’s what annoys them the most.

  15. It’s football, watched by cunts, run by cunts and loved by cunts.

    I couldn’t give a fuck if the whole MUFC football ground vanished into a huge shit filled sinkhole taking players, fans and cunts with it.

    There’s an awful lot of old Audis round there too, some even have the crappy diy LED running lights on them…..cunts 🙂

  16. Was thinking last night we on this site could start a new political party and call it ‘The Cunt Party’. Then I realised faggoty Farron’s beat us to it. Bum boy.

  17. BBC is doing well today with the diversity tick box. A woman on final score. I don’t know about my fellow cunts but I find women pretending to be interested in football cringeworthy.

    • Fortunately my Good Lady appears to despise Footy even more than I do. Marvellous woman…

  18. Emergency cunting of Caroline Lucas (green party) who said on the radio this week she will vote against article 50. She goes on to say that one of the great ‘gifts’ of the EUseless is the free movement of people enabling us to ‘live,LOVE, work and study together’ and integrate with the great diversity of different cultures. And that most of the migrants contribute much more to the system than take out. What a crock of shit by one of the most insignificent politicians ever to soil our system. She’s just as bad as any serial waster creaming off the state. She puts Jack Fuck into the system. Deluded santimonious Dog.

    • Having to rip up the countryside to to feed and house the scrounging fuckers, strikes me as not being very “green”

    • Obviously another Ostrich who refuses to believe that we (the UK) are fed up of being the rest of the world’s soft touch!

      Got the professional skills we want? Have a job to come to (that can’t be fulfilled by one of our own) then by all means in you come! Truly benefit our society and pay those skilled personnel wages into the UK’s coffers!

      Got no skills? Just coming here on the off-chance? Fuck off and bide where you are!

      Oh, but what about all those jobs that UK Citizens “don’t want to do”?

      Hmmm, that’s an interesting question and one the UK should tackle alongside Brexit. All those lazy idle 2nd and 3rd generation scrounging cunts, yes, you are on the shit list next!

      Let’s see how quick you are to wash Granny’s ass in some shithole state run home, or sweep the roads when all of a sudden – if you don’t – you get no fucking money!

      The benefits system was always meant to be “social security” for folk who hit on hard times as a stop gap between jobs, it was never meant to be a career choice or lifestyle!

      So you will work for your supper or you go fucking hungry! Cunts!

      Oh and I hope you say they they infringe your human rights? That’s good cos once we’ve got hold of the law books you can kiss that standpoint goodbye as well!

      It infringes my hunan rights getting stuck with disproportionate taxes to foot the bill for you slacker cunts! Happy to help out but don’t take the fucking piss! Earn your own way you cunts!

      Don’t like your lot? Then do what I did and improve yourself! No one gifted me my job, nor successive jobs, and I was fucking far from being a cunt born with a silver spoon in my mouth but I had two great role models: me Mam and Dad. They both grafted their nuts off and both in labour intensive jobs.

      They gave me a real sense of work ethic and that means I appreciate the stuff I earn rather than these benefits twats waltzing around with iPhone 6’s and Galaxy 7’s that everyone else pays for!

      First we fuck the EU off – next we’re coming for you slacker cunts next! 😠

      • Well said Rebel. The lazy career benefits cunts should be made to earn their money. For example take the spud pickers in Lincoln. I would say to any able bodied scroat who’s unemployed that they are going to pick the said spuds. You can keep your benefits money and farmer giles is gonna pay you x amount as well. So your 70 quid a week now becomes 150 quid a week. This could carry on for a set period whilst the scum bag gets back into work ethic. If the cunt spews the job or fucks about the benefits cease. I know it’s a long shot but there are thousands of things need sorting in the community these cunts could do. Where I live there are weeds growing out of the pavement 8-10 inches high all over the fucking place. Now you’re not telling me some idle cunt could go along with a fucking scraper and get shut of all the weeds. I realise all the fucking health an safety cunts will be crying ‘oh they need a 6 month course in this and another one in that’. Fuck off! The answers are there if the will is there too. If I was a cunt I’d do it.

    • Ironically, putting your ‘X’ on a ballot paper for the Green party, is a waste of paper…..

  19. People who add modern features to old banger cars are cunts. For fucks sake let older cars rust in peace or just pay for a modern one.

    Examples include (but are not limited to)

    1..LED running lights stuck wonky on old bangers, it looks fucking horendous and doesn’t convince anyone.

    2..Radios replaced with Fleabay all in one sat nav units, again, it just looks horrible. Buy a Tom Tom cunts.

    3..Black wheels on old bangers, no no no. It makes you look like a cunt.

    4..Fleabay Land Rovers and Audis, what the fuck? you car wasn’t designed and it certainly didn’t roll out of the factory with all those tacky LED light add ons. Give it up.

    Makes me sick to the core of my mother fucking stomach. Let old cars RIP.

    • I agree, I know someone who restored an old MGB

      Modern steering wheel, uprated suspension, modern fan, Cd player, modern brakes etc etc

      I just pointed out it’s not really a MGB , it just looks like one

  20. This is a problem that has infected top flight football as a whole. What used to be a working man’s game and refuge from the nagging missus and kids, where a bloke knackered by hard fucking work all week could afford to go and watch his local team of local lads play every Saturday afternoon, has now become an elitist hipster-den of nouveau-riche dodgy chinks and ruskies; bearded fasionista PR twats licking their foreign paymaster’s arses all the way down the tunnel and back. The passionate beating heart of the game is long dead, replaced by a well-oiled money making goliath, where ordinary working people are not fucking welcome, unless they sell a fucking kidney or two to afford season tickets. The cunts have ruined top flight football!

  21. Fucking hell.glad to see is a cunt back,i couldn’t view the website for a couple of days and though that was the end,so where could I abuse harlot church or lilly the musical mong……thank god its back…..well done isa cunt it helps me get through the day

  22. To paraphrase John Lennon…

    “Is Rooney the best footballer in England?”
    “He’s not even the best footballer in Manchester…”

  23. Paris Jackson has, I believe, been cunted before and probably quite recently. She does, however, need the mother, father, uncle and auntie of re-cuntings for the bollocks she has been sprouting about her (ahem) father’s ‘murder’ and the fact that she thinks she is black. Don’t you have a mirror in your home, you deluded bitch? Your ‘father’ was – originally, anyway! – a negro. Therefore, if you emanated from his sack, you would be half negro…which you’re not.

    MJ was not murdered and he was clearly not your father. Now kindly fuck off and let’s not be hearing anymore from you. Ever…

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