Nicholas Boyle

Democracy deniers need a cunting. People like Nicholas Boyle, the Cambridge Professor I nominated a few days ago. In case you’ve forgotten, here’s the comment he made in the New European;

“The referendum result does not deserve to be respected because, it is itself disrespectful of others, our allies, partners, neighbours, friends, and, in many cases, even relatives. Like resentful ruffians uprooting the new trees in the park and trashing the new play area, 17million English, the lager louts of Europe, voted for Brexit in an act of geopolitical vandalism.”

So, because 17.4 million of us DID NOT vote the way that Professor Boyle wanted us to, our votes should not be respected. WE were disrespectful, because we voted to leave. And because of that, Boyle thinks our votes should be invalid. Who’s being disrespectful? Moreover, DEMOCRACY DENIER. Boyle’s comment is a prime example of a phenomenon that is virtually unique to the left, the tendency to resort to insults and smears when there are no facts or logic with which to debate.

Fat fuck, Emily Thornberry did it a few days ago when she said that Britain was too small to go it alone in the world. Then there was Corbyn’s fellow IRA fanboy, McDonnell, claiming we didn’t understand what we were being asked. Clegg, Farron, Ashdown, Kinnock. They’ve all done it in their own way. I’m still reeling from Farron’s ludicrous claim about the ‘theft of democracy’. Katie Hopkins recently had a caller who claimed that ALL 17.4 million Brexit voters were “uneducated Northerners”. She soon put that knob right.

Ever since June 24th, there has been a hardcore of mostly left wing idiots who have flatly refused to accept that on the 23rd of June, a majority (but only a small one if you listen to the BBC and their lickspittles) of the voting British public chose to leave the EU. We weren’t coerced into doing it, nobody put a gun to our heads. We listened to the shite that both sides were talking, and then we voted to leave. It was free and it was fair. More importantly, it was democracy.

Except it wasn’t. To their abject horror (and my surprise to be honest), Remain lost the referendum. And because of that, (nothing was said of it before the vote) the referendum was ‘only advisory’ and therefore ‘not legally binding’. How convenient. Perhaps if they’d told the truth, instead of launching into a constant stream of arrogant, doom laden bullshit, and if Cameron had made a better job of negotiating reforms in the EU, they may, MAY just have won. As it is, Remainers have the brass neck to claim that the leaders of the Brexit campaign lied to the British public. And because the media is run by pussies, not one of those disingenuous cunts has been challenged.

Seven months on from the Referendum, we STILL have David Lammy demanding a second referendum. We have that foreign slag, Gina Miller, seeking to usurp the will of the British people, aided and abetted by Judges who all have vested interests in the UK remaining in the EU. Now we have another four motherfuckers trying to piss on democracy. I can’t name them though, because a snowflake judge has granted them anonymity. Fucking cowards.

And of course, we still have Ken Clarke, Mendacious Mandelslime, Alastair Campbell, Clegg, Farron, Pantsdown, in fact, MOST of Westminster, and now TONY FUCKING BLAIR all trying to defy the will of the people. And even after her speech, I don’t trust May to deliver. She had a golden opportunity to trigger Article 50 months ago, but she dithered. I actually think she’s in on it. And I’m in a place now where I don’t believe that Brexit will happen, until it’s happened.

If these traitors to the UK succeed in sinking Brexit, which is entirely possible, then there SHOULD be a civil war in the UK. With a few notable exceptions, our political class are on the verge of betraying the British people in the worst possible way, and they cannot be allowed to get away with it. If they can’t respect democracy and the British people, then we have every right to remove them from politics, by force.

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      • Fuck the Unions, the greedy corrupt wankstains sold out all their power in the 80s, so I’m pinching their insult and making my own acronym.



      • Was? He still is a total cunt. He was still living at the expense of what was left of the NUM until a couple of years ago.

      • Would that be the same Arthur Scargill who declared that Joe Stalin’s murderous purges of his own people were justified, by any chance?

  2. I’m sick to the back teeth of being told that I’m too stupid to understand what it is that I voted for by a bunch of condescending “intellectuals” and “celebrities”.

    These people claim to be so much more intelligent than the 17 million who voted out,yet seem unable to understand the simple concept of LOSING. I wasn’t particularly happy when my horse lost at the racing today,but even my limited education had provided me with the ability to understand that my bet had LOST. I have no plans to demand at the High Court that the race is rerun until my bet eventually prevails.

    All of these people who find the idea of the U.K. taking back control of it’s own borders,laws and economic future are free to exercise their human rights and fuck off to somewhere more acceptable to their taste.

    Amazing!!! A thick cunt like me has come up with a solution to all the “horror” that those democracy-denying bastards have had to endure!!

  3. I voted out because I did not want to be part of a German dominated customs union

    I have never uprooted a tree, I like trees, nor drunk “lager”, a Germanic drink that I have been told tastes of piss

    • I woke up the other morning to see my wife sitting at the end of the bed with two black eyes.
      “What the fuck happened to you?” I asked.

      “This is what happens when someone drinks ten pints of Stella” she replied.

      “That’s bullshit” I said “I drank ten pints last night and my eyes are alright”…

    • My dad always said lager was a poof’s drink, and anyone who didn’t drink bitter was a poofter…

      • No worries, JR.. My old man was alright but he had his ‘ways’… Wouldn’t eat foreign grub, only drank bitter (Boddies or Joey Holts), played his Johnny Cash album every Sunday morning, drove my mum mad… Don’t mind a lager myself, but I prefer Bitter.. Don’t like Stella though… It stinks and it’s known as ‘Balloon Fuel’ round our way… Meaning balloons (knobheads) get Stella’d up and act like cunts…

      • I can let the whole “lager-drinkers are poofters” comment fly but you say your dad was a Johnny Cash fan? Sorry Norm but there’s a distinct likelihood that your sperm donor was a cunt.

  4. I voted out because I don’t like cunts who make it plain they don’t like us. Also I’d like to mention Surrey councils plan to have a referendum on a 15% rise in council tax to fund social care. If they asked me I would say fine, as long as you present me with a run down of the remuneration and pensions package of all the managers and executives since the financial crash of 2008. I would imagine they would politely tell me to go get fucked to which I would say ‘ditto’. Cheeeeeky cunts!

    • 3.5% planned in Cheshire East.
      Still no point in complaining or even making comment on their so called ‘Consultation Paper’ as the gravy train drivers have already made their decision, sorry Kendo.

    • The council should also disclose how much they are forking out for the upkeep of any immigrant “children” they are looking after.

  5. Look on the bright side, the leader of the English Democrats reported this worthless cum rag to the police for making a hate speech against the English!

    Go on coppers, come down on this bastard like a ton of bricks!

  6. Like I say: change the law, find a fucking long wall and I’ll pay for bullets myself!

    Traitors every one! Cunts!

  7. The next time Gibraltar asks for British help, they should be told to fuck off.
    99% of the cunts voted remain and their politicians from all parties are fighting tooth nail to block it.
    The British public are led to believe that Gibraltar are pro British, but apart from military and money, to me they are very anti British.
    They are only in it for themselves and themselves only.
    Gibraltar gives nothing to Britain apart from a main Street of Brit shops , cheap fags and booze for holidaymakers .
    They have no industry apart from online gaming companies yet its the only place in Europe that’s flourishing.
    They are not full EU members, but get funding along side British money.
    With no industry, and all the EU money, you don’t have to try hard to work out why they want to remain. Greedy Gibbo cunts.
    Their population is about 35000 , basically a small town, yet their politicians , who are merely councillors due to the size of population, are able to try and throw spanners the works.
    And if brexit goes through, they are going to look into going it alone. Goodbye Britain.
    Weazley little cunts.

    Just remember, a Gibraltarian wants to be called British coz it better than being Spanish. Give them the choice (and money, and security and more money) and they’d be off.

    PS. Not one Gibraltarian had a hand in making that place.

    • Is Gibraltar even strategically important to us anymore? Seems to me like it’s served its purpose.

  8. Call me cynical but would Cambridge University get grants from the EU and could that be the reason why he hates us outers.
    Also isn’t it marvellous that this so called intellectual lumps all leavers as lager louts and basically ill educated yobs. Well I am not one but am fully prepared to morph into one if I ever meet this Boyle cunt.

    • Bit like all those dopey dykes that camped outside Greenham common airbase, long after the missiles had gone. I think some of them are still there. It’s a housing estate now. Without something to protest about, these cunts lives are meaningless.

    • The media’s coverage has been fucked up. The BBC bint reporting on it was practically wetting herself last night.

      “Yesterday, Washington belonged to Trump supporters”, she said almost melancholically, before cheering up with: “But today it’s been RETAKEN by the anti-Trump movement.”

      It was fucking pathetic. Charlize Theron was there, blubbing her eyes out alongside Chelsea Handler. Madonna sang Express Yourself, but changed some of the words to “Donald Trump Suck A Dick”, before claiming she’d thought about blowing up the White House. Remember what I said about Lefties being unable to debate without resorting insults and threats? I forgot to include vulgarity. Hanoi Jane Fonda was there too. Fucking traitor.

      Meanwhile, in London, a number of ‘celebrities’ and MP’s were out. Sad Dick Khan, the Muslim of Londonistan, Harriet ‘pervlover’ Harman. Lilly Allen tortur…I mean…entertained the mob with protest songs. Well, there’s no show without punch. On Twatter, crayon eating fatso James Corden and JK Rowling both shared their pearls of wisdom. As did the insufferably smug and superior Stephen Fry, who chose to quote Shakespeare. Cunt. Charlotte Church, the archetypal loon, was spotted holding a sign that read; “I did not come from your rib. You came from my vagina”. That was very classy of you Charlotte, thanks for that. And no, I did not.

      It’s truly annoying to watch these dickheads. Though in some ways its amusing too. I mean they’re not pretending, they actually are incapable of understanding that democracy is a two way street. It still works even if your side loses. Which in their case, it did. Some of these fuckers are actually grieving like they’d lost a parent.

      • I really wonder who Mr Trump is replacing as president. The way these sad fucks are going on it must have been someone very special ie God. I thought the out going president was, achieved fuck all obama, maybe I am wrong. Hells bells they are a right bunch of cunts though I mean james cordon a political pundit, bundit better suits? Londonistan’s mayor marriage at 9 is fine. lilly “me old china” allen the paedos friend harman, brown eye fry quoting Shakespear charlotte fucking church sounds like a new circle of Hell!! Very glad I now live many miles away from what was once my home town. Bloody sad really.

    • …. I feel more sorry for the poor cunts sat at home waiting for their tea to be cooked while these protestors have sneaked out for the day…

  9. Here’s the reality. In 1979 when Maggie Thatcher was elected to office, in some circles that would have been about as popular as a fart in a lift.

    In 1983 and 1987 when she was re-elected, in some circles that would have been as popular as old dog shit on a white carpet.

    And yet…I can’t remember the streets filling up with Labour/SDP supporters? They were obviously unhappy with the result but they respected the decision.

    In the States when GW Bush won against Al Gore (who everyone thought would be a shoe-in after Bill Clinton and who was actually well liked, unlike Hillary Clinton) there was only 5 electoral college votes between them.

    Being that close, a re-count was in order, however the result was verified and the democrats accepted the result.

    Had the UK voted for the status quo and voted to remain in the EU, leavers would have been gutted, Farage would have carried on but the result would have been accepted, I have no doubt in my mind that there wouldn’t be all these legal cases blah, blah, blah trying to overturn democracy.

    The Trump V Clinton electoral college vote wasn’t even close. Unfortunately – ass hurt loser twats – that is how *YOUR* democracy works! If you want it to be different then lobby/campaign to change it to a “popular” vote but at the time of the election those were the rules and you lost. Live with it!

    I can’t help but feel that this lack of accepting defeat and differences of opinion all stems from the dependency on social media. These cunts broadcast every fucking thing about themselves and genuinely believe they are an important cog in the functioning of this world – because they say so themselves, all day every day and if anyone dares disagree then they can “unfriend” them and therefore only their opinion stands on their TwitBook page.

    Unfortunately elections don’t work like that. Everyone has a vote and everyone’s vote counts.

    So let’s just say you US TwitBook twats get a change made to the election process and that it’s now based on the popular vote. So in 4yrs time your Democrat luvvie gets more electoral college votes but Trump – going for a second term – now wins the popular vote. What will you do then? Take to the streets and demand the electoral college vote is respected? Because that’s what you do isn’t it, only accept democracy when it suits.

    People like Mark Zuckerberg should hold their heads in shame for inflicting cunts like this on the world!

    The simple fact is that you can’t “unfriend” reality my friends. That only works in your own personal bubble of interweb self-importance. You along with 4 billion other “important” people!

    If you’re struggling to picture this then imagine a 5ltr bottle of cheap cola. Unscrew the top, see the millions of tiny bubbles float to the top? Pick one (if you can make one out amongst the other millions of bubbles) and watch it rise to the surface in 2 seconds and then disappear for eternity. That’s how important you are, you cunts!

    • Beautiful analogy!! I am sick to the back teeth of all the lefty fucking cunts at the moment. Posts like yours and QDM’S make me feel confident that other sane people are out there and it isn’t just me going mad – thank you!!

  10. This hand wringing, bleeding heart cocksucking motherfucker need good slap & told to get in the real world.
    I bet him and his like have little or no contact with immigrants or understand the concern of communities up & down the land.
    Do his kids go to school with class sizes of 30 or 40, kids that speak English as a 2nd or even 3rd language? Does he have to wait to get treatment on the NHS while some Jigaboo or raghead fucker flies in from the other side of the world and then fucks off without paying?
    This cunt & the rest of the remoaners have no idea, they are to far up their own backside in the liberal twilight zones of hampstead & Islington. They think its some kind of multi-cultural utopia out there, where everyone holds hands and sings ‘we are the world’.
    Well fuck you cunt. bring on article 50!

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