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As a kid I loved playing football but as you get older and see the state of professional football you realise what a joke it is.

You can’t go in the pub on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon without hearing tattooed balding blokes in their 40’s wittering on about 20 somethings kicking a bag of air around a field and getting paid a fortune for it while 50,000 mugs pay 60 quid a game to go and watch it.

And even worse when the football is on at the pub, you can’t have a quiet chat with your mates because of all the 40 year old knobheads shouting “Ref that’s a fucking pen ya cunt” you’re the fucking cunt mate, you’re talking to a fucking telly he can’t hear you.

A sport played by braindead idiots for the entertainment of braindead idiots, football is the new religion.

Nominated by: MrG 1985

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  1. Could be worse, could be Tennis, Cricket, the homo erotic theatre that is Rugby or god forbid Golf, sport like soap operas and popular music has always been used as a sedative for the masses back to the days of the gladiators and Christians v Lions.

    Women’s beach volley ball, there’s a sport.

  2. What’s worse are those cunts who think they are socially and intellectually superior because they don’t like football….The worst kind being the working class person who tut-tuts and sneers at their own kind – Harold Steptoe style – for liking something so uncouth and not following more pretentious and boring interests….

    I thought celebrity and Reality TV were the new religions…

    • I don’t look down on footie fans myself, I just think it’s boring as fuck and would sooner shit in my hands and clap than watch the match.

      • Footie was OK 50 years back before it became a grotesque and obscene parody of itself. Nobody kicking a ball is worth millions of pounds a year.

        And frankly the same can be said of all the other professional sports as well to be honest, but footie golf and tennis are the worst offenders

      • I agree, Dio… The game has become a circus and Sky TV, foreign ownership and The Premier League have ruined the game…. I would go back to the days of standing terraces, proper players and fans and Doc’s Red Army like a shot if I could…

  3. I am surprised that football is still considered a sport, I thought it was all about millionaires and business deals trading in player flesh to promote the existence of the corrupt FIFA cunts. but then Bentley would not sell as many motors if it wasn’t for footy!

    • It was never about sport. It’s surrogate tribal warfare. Ask any psychiatrist and he’ll confirm that. I’m not making it up.

      Rollerball. Bring it on…

      • That’s exactly what I have always thought! Take away an Englishman’s right to smoke in the pub………… compliance, crickets and tumbleweed. Slowly take away an Englishman’s freedom and give it away to the EU and very few fucks are given in the grand scheme of things. Say you are going to ban football and you would have riots on your hands. Priorities like.

      • Imagine if sports was done away with what type of world problems could be solved in a heart beat.

        Yes I know you could say that about all forms of entertainment but sports was invented to keep mens mind off politics the corruption of politics to be precise.

        Also the fact that sports encourages drinking and gambling attests to that. I agree with dio football used to be ace but its been bastardized to hell. Its now a religion also half of the teams isn’t even british. Half of the players are foreign born or something dumb like that .

  4. Fucking wankers, especially when England are playing.
    Pissed out of their minds singing “IN – GER – LUND” etc.

    Football is the opiate of cretins, Who in their right mind would pay £30 to sit in the rain on a Saturday afternoon watching young men in shorts mince about and earning £100,000 for kicking a ball about for 90 minutes.

  5. I’m Welsh. So at the moment it’s a fucking beautiful thing. Football isn’t all about your Englands, it’s about your Icelands too.
    It’s only on for five more days! Cheer up you sexy cunts!

    • Good on you boys, you make England look like the useless cunt fucks that they are!
      Go on Wales, you have my full support!

      • I’m Welsh as well ……Mon the boys !!!!!!! Let’s teach those Portugese cunts a lesson, especially that fairy fucking cunt Ronaldo …

  6. I used to be one of those daft cunts paying money to stand in the rain watching ‘MY’ team when I was younger. Sometimes it was enjoyable, mostly it was exasperating. I eventually gave it up and became an armchair supporter. You can only take so much.
    But I’ll be watching Wales tonight and I’ll stay with it as long as they’re putting up a fight. Someone’s got to represent Britain if the England team can’t be bothered.

  7. Off topic I know but in light of the Chilcot inquiry the cunt Blair should be in chains by lunchtime.

    Out and out cunt.

    • But is there true and honest justice anymore? yesterday hildabeast got off and even the fbi admitted that if anybody else had done what hilary did they would be charged and jailed for life. But because she is a corporate shill for big business she’s a valuable crook so a slap on the wrist. FBI is corrupt also!

      Remember punters behind every evil cunt like blair and cunton there’s a few men behind the curtain pulling the strings and acting like the wizard of oz making damn sure their pawns and bishops don’t lead them to the queen.

  8. I love Football and although I agree the players are overpaid cunts (Wayne Cuntney is on £300,000 a week apparently) Football is a massive money machine and they’re pay reflects the money in the game. It wouldn’t be fair to pay them £20,000 a week and the club’s pocket the difference. I say fair play to them, however let’s also remember that the English players are mostly overrated cunts and if your English your worth an extra 10 million in the transfer market (apparently Leicester offered £30 million for Troy Deeney). I am sure Premier League wages are tiny compared to what American sport stars get.

    • There is a reason Wayne Rooney earns £300,000 a week, it is the 70,000 muppets who pay £30 each to watch the cunt coupled with the Sky Sports TV subscribing cunts who pay £30 a month to watch the cunt.
      If no-one attended the games and people stopped subscribing to Sky Sports Rooney would be on £10,000 a week maximum.

      As usual, people forget they have the power to change EVERYTHING, fuck voting at the ballot box, vote with your money, that’s the way to truly affect change!

  9. Lionel Messi is a greedy cunt.
    Just been landed with a 21 month jail term for tax evasion in Spain although unlikely to do any time.
    When you’re getting €40m a year do you really need to fiddle.
    Stupid thick greedy Argie cunt.

    • Do you really think Messi was deliberately fiddling. As well as being the great player II suppose he’s a fucking tax expert as well!!! He and other world sports stars, actors, rock stars, etc , etc are not fucking tax experts. They rely on the advice of their advisors. It’s the fucking advisors to Messi that need bringing to justice.

      • I’m afraid ignorance is no defence.
        Going on your reasoning the guy who sold Pistorius the gun should be in jail.

        Just sayin’.

      • I think there’s quite some difference in knowing the consequences of using a gun and having detailed knowledge of tax law.

  10. Anyone who doesn’t like football is a braindead boring small dicked cunt who probably sniffs dead dogs arses. Nothing wrong with earning loads of Wonga ,really shitty tuneless bands have been doing it for years.
    If you don’t like it ,don’t watch it and don’t talk to people who do like it. how fucking hard is that? If someone gave you £300,000 a week to kick a ball about you would probably refuse it, because you are a leadlined brassbound cunt.

      • The difference between football and motorcycle racing.
        Football only requires one ball…

      • Can’t think of anything duller than watching some fucking nancies kicking a fucking ball whilst having a fit when someone brushes against them whilst hoards of knuckle dragging baboons chat some moronic often racists bullshit. Fans then piss up huge amounts of money to watching this bizarre spectacle and spunk further wads of cash on the latest tshirt to prize thier flabby manboobs into.

        Game run by cunts, played by cunts for cunts.

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