Henriette Reker


Henriette Reker the Mayor of Cologne is an uber -cunt of the highest proportions!

In the wake of the gangs described as “African and Arab” attacking girls in the city on New Years Eve she has the fucking audacity to devise a “code of conduct” for women as to how to avoid a sexual assault by “keeping at arms length from strangers”. When there is a large gang of predators cornering you how the fuck will that advice help in the slightest. I don`t use the phrase victim blaming a lot as it is often mis used for a particular ultra feminist agenda but in this circumstance it is absolutely apt. She may as well have said please stay away from men in the street as you are so underdressed and westernised that they will not be able to control their urges.

Why does she not hand out a “code of conduct” to migrants and refugees explaining the customs of Western Civilistaion:why not because it would be viewed as racist. That is right in cultural marxist ideology the attitude of the so called progressives is to blame anyone who isn`t black even if it means turning your back on feminist values and common decency. I hate the far right with a passion but at least they are standing up to what the media failed to report for 5 days! It is like Rotherham all over again.

When Gary Glitter and Rolf Harris were caught sexually abusing children and when the Cosby ( I know he is black but he lived all his life in America so they have no problem demonizing him as he is Western ) allegations came up everyone jumped on the bandwagon. Are they doing so now? Are they fuck.

This Henrietta Reker should fuck of to the Middle East where women who get attacked are blamed and their perpetrators are let off scot free. Horribly rancid old cunt!

Nominated by: Shaun of the Dead 69

Dido Harding


Dido Harding, the incompetent CEO of the worst ISP in the country TalkTalk, is an absolute cunt!

Last week TalkTalk was hacked for the third time this year. THIRD TIME FFS! What the fuck was the woman doing? Clearly not her job of running the fucking company that’s for sure.

So how the fuck did Baroness Harding of Whinscunt get this fucking job? Well, she started off at Woolworths (who went bust) then moved to Tesco (where she ‘resigned’ aka was sacked) then after a spell at Sainsbury (much declining profits) ended up as CEO of TalkTalk. Now you might think she sucked somebody cock to get the job? You may very well think that, but I couldn’t possibly comment.

Ditto how did she qualify to become Conservative peer? Well, that’s a lot easier to answer – in October 1995, she married John Penrose, MP for Weston-super-Mare, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State, Culture, Olympics, Media and Sport since 14 May 2010. 2010 you might recall is about the time she landed the TalkTalk job. I’m sure it’s a total coincidence, along with the peerage.

Highlight of last week? Watching the bitch squirm on TV. Highlight of the TV moments? Watching her admit she didn’t know whether the data that was hacked was encrypted or not. Didn’t know FFS! It’s her job to know!!! It’s bloody basic – especially after two previous hacks within the past year.

If this cunt keeps her job after this, there’s no hope for any of us any more. Worryingly, In February 2013 she was assessed as one of the 100 most powerful women in the UK. The honour was repeated the following year, when she was named in the 10 most influential women in the BBC Woman’s Hour power list 2014.

Even more worrying is that the incompetent cunt is a non-executive director on The Court of The Bank of England. Christ help us!!!

What a total cunt.

Nominated by: Dioclese

TFI Friday


Just when you thought TV was taking a turn for the better with axing ‘The Voice’ some gormless cunt decides to bring back ‘Oh Fuck It’s Friday’…

Chris Evans – a cunt who has been sacked more times by the BBC than Clarkson and that’s saying something – is clearly running short of dosh and not content with bolloxing up Top Gear, he’s going to subject us to more of this mindless fucking drivel. Christ help us!

Yes, all the old shit is there – including Freak or Unique and Baby Left, Baby Right and It’s Your Letters. The only good thing about this tripe is that Evans insists it’s the last time he’ll do it – he’s so busy with Top Gear and the BBC Breakfast Show (from which he was sacked twice for not showing up). And if you believe that, you’ll believe anything!

Is there anybody out there who doesn’t think Chris Evans is a solid gold, weapons grade, self centred, carrot topped, egotistical, good for nothing piece of ubershit? If so, you’re a cunt too!

Nominated by: Dioclese

Bono [8]

"I've got loadsamoney !!!"

“I’ve got loadsamoney !!! All tax free…”

That cuntpig fucktard Bono desperately needs cunting for a record eighth time.
( Happy to oblige… Ed.)

Over the weekend the cunt predictably waded into the so-called “refugee crisis” by lecturing his Italian audience on the subject: “We don’t know what the answer to the refugee crisis in Europe and Africa is, but we know that if we don’t figure it out, then Europe, which is a beautiful idea, will be no more. So we have to figure it out, whatever it is.”

How about you shut the fuck up until you have something more insightful to say, you speccy cunt? Or even better, how about you do something to draw attention to the atrocity of massive, systematic tax evasion and avoidance which robs the exchequer of much needed funds? Didn’t think so – you wouldn’t want to shit on your own doorstep, would you? Fucking hypocritical cunt.

I’d also like to cunt every single person who has ever bought a U2 record or a ticket to see U2 live. And furthermore I’d like to cunt the cunt who owns the glasses shop whose only two customers are Bono and Yoko Ono.

Nominated by: Fred West