TFI Friday


Just when you thought TV was taking a turn for the better with axing ‘The Voice’ some gormless cunt decides to bring back ‘Oh Fuck It’s Friday’…

Chris Evans – a cunt who has been sacked more times by the BBC than Clarkson and that’s saying something – is clearly running short of dosh and not content with bolloxing up Top Gear, he’s going to subject us to more of this mindless fucking drivel. Christ help us!

Yes, all the old shit is there – including Freak or Unique and Baby Left, Baby Right and It’s Your Letters. The only good thing about this tripe is that Evans insists it’s the last time he’ll do it – he’s so busy with Top Gear and the BBC Breakfast Show (from which he was sacked twice for not showing up). And if you believe that, you’ll believe anything!

Is there anybody out there who doesn’t think Chris Evans is a solid gold, weapons grade, self centred, carrot topped, egotistical, good for nothing piece of ubershit? If so, you’re a cunt too!

Nominated by: Dioclese

37 thoughts on “TFI Friday

  1. Seriously? Channel 4 had decided to revamp this load of old arsewank?
    Evans is a monumental cunt, he is up there with Bono, Geldolf & Andre.
    I bet £50 Danny ‘fat fuck’ Baker will be on the show, the greasy fat fuck..Hope Yewtree have checked his Internet history…..

    TFI friday, it was shit in the 90’s and will no doubt be 100 times as shit in this ‘oh so predictable’ revamping of a TV from 25 years ago, mind you, Hollywood have been rehashing the same script for 90 years, so TV has to do the same, nostalgia my arse. Fucking bunch of 30 something cokehead TV execs with fuck all ideas bring back old TV show because someone created a #bringbackTFI on Twitter

    They’ll be bringing back Crossroads next – cunts

  2. It will be just as tacky and shite as it was nearly 20 years ago… Full of Britpop has-beens, celebrity slappers, and lots of shouting from Ginger Bollocks…. Basically Loaded Magazine in television form… Evans has always had a ludicrous sense of self importance: thinking he was cool because he used the theme to Man In A Suitcase? Nah, he looked like exactly what he was: a coked up gobshite… Like the noisy annoying kid at parties, only bigger…

    • He was bleating in the press this week about how he doesn’t think marriage works. No it doesn’t if you are a self obsessed,selfish, narcissic drunken cunt it doesn’t.

      • Come to think of it I am a self obsessed, narcissic , drunken cunt and I’m still married. Have to rethink this one.

  3. Can’t decide who makes me want to vomit the most. Chris ginger pubes Evans or Johnathon aren’t I clever Woss. Both overpaid talentless tossers.

    • Or the BBC for giving these useless cunts a very well paid public money rewarded career.

      I hope Top Gear fucking tanks!

      I was talking to a friend in the business, he claims the whole Clarkson thing was orchestrated to devalue BBC Worldwide (the separate arm of the BBC which sells the rights to other countries).
      Top Gear & Dr Who are the biggest cash cows to the BBC, making literally hundreds of millions, but all funneled through BBC Worldwide, a separate company from the BBC, and we all know that companies only start subsidiaries for tax evasion purposes!
      The plan is to devalue the BBC to the point they are forced to go subscription-only, the whole DSO was a con, the plan is to get everyone watching TV through the Internet, a cable subscription service, then the TV transmitters will put to the use they were switched to digital for (the smart grid and a huge wi-fi network that will ironically deliver the TV over Internet)
      That’s the whole broadband roll-out scam right there, we have paid for the DSO, we paid to have the transmitters changed to packed digital bitstreams, which the government sold off to the mobile providers for 4G even though we paid for it and saw NO return.

      • “Or the BBC for giving these useless cunts a very well paid public money rewarded career.”

        They both started their TV careers on Channel 4 = those are the cunts to blame!

      • Channel 4 are indeed cunts of the first order. Bastards even stopped showing South Park the minute it started debunking Liberal ideology instead of just doing fart jokes.

      • South park use to be funny but it has gone downhill I think. I also don’t like the fact its written to appeal to children pretty sick shite.
        The fact they can take the piss outta all religions but when it came to islam they backed away like a bunch of butthurt poofters, is evident they are a bunch of shock comedy pussies.

      • Channel 4, a ‘not for profit’ public service broadcaster, as bad as the BBC but at least they are funded by adverts and not the gestapo (capita).
        Shower of cunts though, you only have to look at the schedule to see they are PSB and pushing the agenda..
        Benefits, benefits, benefits, benefits, benefits, nhs, nhs, nhs, nhs, immigrants

      • Not watched South Park for years, as I refuse to suck at the tit of satellite TV. I can imagine them running out of ideas though….

      • What the fuck is wrong with ‘satellite TV’. How the fuck do you think we should do it , through drinking straws ?

      • Won’t work round here. No fibre optic.

        Mind you, the cunts at Virgin who threw me off after 22 years still try to sell me fibre even though they through me out because I’m not wired! Wankers!

        But not as big a bunch of wankers as TalkTalk who – even though my account is closed – sent me a bill for zero. I’m sending them a cheque for fuck all in full payment…

      • Before you pay (not) ask them for a detailed breakdown of the invoice. You could keep this going for years.

      • Not heard of the NEW Virgin superhub then? acts as a wi-fi hotspot, BT’s home hubs do it too, as does Talk Talk routers, every cunt running one of those hubs is basically creating the local wi-fi network so they can be used by mobile customers.

        July 16th, 2015
        Cable operator Virgin Media (Liberty Global) will shortly start turning their SuperHub broadband routers into public WiFi hotspots so that other customers can access the Internet when nearby (e.g. those passing outside your property), which will mirror the approach that BT similarly takes with their FON enabled HomeHub(s).

        It’s already started mate!

  4. Federica Mogherini.

    A name you may not know, but a name you should know.

    She is the EU’s Head of Foreign Affairs and Security Policy. And this is what she said:

    “Islam belongs in Europe. It holds a place in Europe’s history, in our culture, in our food and – what matters most – in Europe’s present and future”.

    I wonder if this view will be publicised during the EU referendum campaigns? Somehow I doubt it

    This is not just as nonsensical as saying that non-European Australia belongs in the Eurovision Song Contest, it’s FAR more dangerous. And for this reason alone she deserves a big fat urgent cunting.

    • Quite right Fred, what is wrong with some of these fucking women? They’re like turkeys voting for Christmas. Islam is a regressive ideology and is totally at odds with our way of thinking, we should stop Islamic immigration now, although since they have more children than Europeans it may be too late. It seems that anywhere in the world where the majority of people are Muslim then other religious groups and non-believers are persecuted. If people try to leave Islam then they are in fear of their lives. As Sam Harris said ‘Islam is the mother load of bad ideas’.

      • All thats needed is a greaseball to now trying to dictate what is going to be right for the west. Dont these cunts realise the last time a kraut, dago along with the russians tried to iron out europe it didnt end too well?

        Alot of money and lives should be spared right now by sending all these Islam Lovers back to the sandpits where islam belongs and leave the rest of us to it. The western world has progressed very well without it and can well do with a guinea now saying whats right.

      • Correction – that should end with can do well WITHOUT a guinea now saying what is right.

    • Federica Mogherini, I’ll agree, is a massive cunt. Islam doesn’t belong anywhere on Planet Earth But Alex Jones is also a cunt. I’ve actually met this prick twice while visiting relatives in Texas. A lot of his theories are absolute bollocks, and he seriously needs a baseball bat to the head. He’s a nasty piece of work who should have been aborted.

  5. I was watching Chris Evans on the telly this morning talking about the reappearance of TFI Friday, I have never been able to stand this loud-mouthed idiot and cannot understand why anybody would not find him as annoying as I do how did he manage to make such a successful comeback?

    I don’t know, I guess the TV schedules are not aimed at me, I can’t stand baking shows, dancing shows, talent shows, soaps, or any shows with irritating celebrities which covers just about everything really.

  6. This guy simply oozes cuntitude. It is a prerequsite these days to be on British Television. He needs to be progressed to Life Time Cunt Status so he and his ego can fuck off to the US with achievers the same catagory who include Piers Morgan, James Corden, Ricky Gervais and more lately, the rest of Top Gear.

    • Corden shouldn’t even be cunted – we can skip that formality and just head straight to the hanging.

  7. The single fact that he has painted a Ferrari white is enough for him to be cunted. Enzo must be fucking livid.

    Bet it stinks off piss after Evan’s has been in it as well.

  8. The best thing about TFI Friday is that I missed all but a couple of partial viewings.

    I was living abroad and returned to England to find speed cameras everywhere, illegal immigrants dictating how the English should live and some ginger unfunny cunt the darling of Friday evening TV.

    I didn’t understand the appeal of the irritating cunt then and I still don’t understand it now.

    Same goes for Davina mccall, Holly Willoughby, Amanda Holden and that other silly blond slapper who’s name escapes me.

    Why the fuck are these people famous, apart from the fact that thick chavs want to fuck them?

    (ginger bollocks excluded)

  9. Davina McCall – Jewish, always good on any CV at the BBC. Just ask Matt Lucas, Jack Whitehall etc.
    Amanda Holden, famous for sucking Les Dennis’s cock and made a career out of sucking other TV wankers cocks.
    Holly Willoughby – on TV because her Husband is a TV producer (the show she presents lol) , she would have disappeared after kids TV if she had not married him.
    That other blonde slapper? could be anyone, TV is awash with asinine, talentless, blonde slappers

    • The other blonde slapper? Tess Daly? Fearne Cotton? Jacqui Oatley? Any of the bottle blonde hags they have on Loose Women or Strictly Cunt Dancing? Plenty to choose from…

  10. All they ave te do nah is bring back Birds of a Fevver! Fuck me that was an irritating arfanahr. Mind you if we could sell progs like that along with original series of Love Thy Neighbour and Till Death Us Do Part et al to yer coon and wog lands it could put them off wanting to come here. Send Ginger Cunt over there as a sort of European Sir Les Patterson could put them off as well. Cunts will soon be caterwauling off every tall building in sight!

  11. Just heard the latest piece of shite to hit the screen after the finish of ‘The Great British Bake Off’ is going to be ‘The Great British Pottery Throw Down’

    You couldn’t fucking make it up!

    • I couldn’t write the script, you couldn’t write the script, but somewhere there’s an amœba writing and selling these poxy reality ideas to a brain dead twenty year old degree in media studies toting tosser who wouldn’t know entertainment if it were a seventeen ton Scania and ran over him on his fold away fucking bike. (keeping it topical) Cheap telly employing non equity members delivering pap for the masses. We all deserve to die. I wonder if there’s a way to nudge the earth out of it’s orbit and into that of a comet? This’ll be another day in a fucking black mood then.

      The common factors in the majority of Cuntings are: TV & politics. it’s enough to make you take up smoking.


  12. Coming soon to the BBC:

    “The Great British Post Office Queue”

    Each week 12 contestants will form an orderly queue at the post office to either, post a letter, post a parcel for Ebay or cash their giro.

    After 12 grueling weeks who will be left standing and claim the prize of “a free TV license, 12 x 2nd class stamps and the crown of Britain’s Best Queuer”

  13. Oh Gawd – Chris bleedin Evans… Stick him in this latest crap pottery programme; wrap him in half a ton of clay, shove him in a kiln and leave him there until the “festivities” (more “Dross with Woss” / heap of old toss) on New Year’s Eve / Day. Then drop him down the nearest nuclear waste mineshaft

  14. Having offended my partner and not on speaking terms, she has elected to watch TFI, I personally would rather she made belittling coments about my bedroom techniques or personal hygiene, this is without doubt total shite, I am tempted to go out for a long walk on the MOD ranges where I believe they are having a live fire exercise, anything is better than this.

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