Dido Harding


Dido Harding, the incompetent CEO of the worst ISP in the country TalkTalk, is an absolute cunt!

Last week TalkTalk was hacked for the third time this year. THIRD TIME FFS! What the fuck was the woman doing? Clearly not her job of running the fucking company that’s for sure.

So how the fuck did Baroness Harding of Whinscunt get this fucking job? Well, she started off at Woolworths (who went bust) then moved to Tesco (where she ‘resigned’ aka was sacked) then after a spell at Sainsbury (much declining profits) ended up as CEO of TalkTalk. Now you might think she sucked somebody cock to get the job? You may very well think that, but I couldn’t possibly comment.

Ditto how did she qualify to become Conservative peer? Well, that’s a lot easier to answer – in October 1995, she married John Penrose, MP for Weston-super-Mare, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State, Culture, Olympics, Media and Sport since 14 May 2010. 2010 you might recall is about the time she landed the TalkTalk job. I’m sure it’s a total coincidence, along with the peerage.

Highlight of last week? Watching the bitch squirm on TV. Highlight of the TV moments? Watching her admit she didn’t know whether the data that was hacked was encrypted or not. Didn’t know FFS! It’s her job to know!!! It’s bloody basic – especially after two previous hacks within the past year.

If this cunt keeps her job after this, there’s no hope for any of us any more. Worryingly, In February 2013 she was assessed as one of the 100 most powerful women in the UK. The honour was repeated the following year, when she was named in the 10 most influential women in the BBC Woman’s Hour power list 2014.

Even more worrying is that the incompetent cunt is a non-executive director on The Court of The Bank of England. Christ help us!!!

What a total cunt.

Nominated by: Dioclese

20 thoughts on “Dido Harding

    • Agreed, this woman is totally useless. And a total fucking bullshitter. Service from talk talk is worse than shit. Ring to complain. End up being routed out of the country by cheap cheap, you speak to Raj in down town delphi who lies like a car salesman to get you off the phone. Then guess what Dido you dozy cunt-the spam phone calls and emails start. Any idea why Dido? Could you possibly link this together??? ‘would you like to buy a ring ding, special offer price’.
      Awful company, awful service, bullshitting staff, with a gormless lump of blue blood as ceo. Do us a favour Harding quit and never show your mug again.

  1. If, as she claims, she “doesn’t know” whether or not customer data was encrypted, then by rights this should be the end of TalkTalk (especially if that data is used to drain customer accounts or commit other types of fraud).

    However, since she’s a Tory peer married to a Tory MP, I think we can safely assume that there will be no serious repercussions for her.

    • Very true and at the same time very sickening.

      One is a bollocking, twice is a formal warning, third time is a sacking in my book…

      If you read my blog you’d realise that I had seven kinds of shit from TalkTalk. If fact I’ve a diatribe on the subject scheduled for Monday morning

  2. Her husband, Jon Penrose, is a cunt as well. He’s now minister for constitutional reform and was the one rejected the PR petition (1/2 million signatures) following the GE this year, saying that the AV referendum in 2012 proved the public didn’t want PR despite the fact that AV is majoritarian, a bastard spin-off FPTP.
    Apparently he and Baroness Cunting both worked for Management consultants (who did very well out of Blair, Brown and Cameron – now there’s a trinity of cunts if ever.

    • David ‘Pigfucker’ Cameron and the Chinese President visiting Manchester City FC and their ‘Etihad’ Stadium…. Two king sized cunts at the ultimate cunt venue…

  3. Very little happens on merit in Britain.

    The worthless useless cunt, Dido Harding, turns out to be the ugly deformed daughter of the dirty stinking cunt, John Charles Harding, 2nd Baron Harding of Petherton (another worthless useless cunt).

    The keptocrats will always promote and honour filth from their own loins, no matter how ugly, deformed, useless, undeserving and depraved, they are.

    I wonder if ‘she’ has strapped one on and buggered David Cameron (they are contemporaries of the Satanic filth hole, Oxford).

  4. Fucking wankers.
    If you want further proof, notice how the media is now calling this a ‘jihadist cyber attack’ LMFAO
    Those jihadists are great, they can be used to cloud any story!

    The media are quick to blame these so called terrorists but cleverly omit the true story, Talk Talk were storing customers data unencrypted.
    This after 2 previous attacks, it is 2015 and yet TT are not using any encryption, never mind high end 256 bit or 512 bit, they were not even using 8 bit, fucking shocking.
    But the media will promote the lie that it’s jihadists terrorists hacking these details, when a 5yrs old script kiddie could have gotten access to that data via a simple SQL injection on the TT website!

    I have to go now, because of the TT hack my illegal feed of Sky Sports for the pub has gone down and the locals are fuming!
    Luckily I have the puggies to keep them quiet.

    TT are going to loose a lot of customers and good luck to them charging people to terminate their contracts early after this fucking fiasco – LMFO

  5. Oh dear god, I’ve just seen this fucking thing when I turned on Sky. The photo on here was bad enough, but fucking hell, she’s put me off my dinner the ugly cunt.

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