Stephen Colbert

Stephen Colbert

Stephen Colbert is a cunt.

Viewed (by ‘hipster’ Yanks and student knobends) as the great satirist and subversive (but actually just a watered down version of what Rowan & Martin and The Smothers Brothers used to do) has decided to take a big pay hike and take over (another cunt) Letterman’s chair and arselick a load of Hollywood celebrities.

Really sticking it to the man, that is…

And Amy Sedaris is also a cunt.

Nominated by: Norman & Mr Twister

20 thoughts on “Stephen Colbert

  1. A unfunny cunt by any other name, still better then jon stewarts daily show bit still a load of shite and proud americunt wankery. David Letterman is a cunt I never cared for him I felt he was laughing at his audience and celebrity arsefaces he had on his show colbert has that same kinda presence but in a unfunny goat fucking way.

      • Oliver Reed scared the shite out of everybody. He would’ve sorted out ISIS, Al Qaeda and the Taliban in a week.

      • True, QDM… When Letterman made a ‘joke’ about Ollie’s ‘condition’ Olllie took his glasses off and glared at Letterman as if he was going to kick fuck out of him… Letterman nearly shat himself… Priceless..

      • Thanks for the video, TS… I recall Terry Christian telling me he was terrified when he had Ollie on The Word… Tez got up to shake Ollie’s hand and Reed growled, ‘Don’t you shake my hand, boy!’

  2. I wonder if there’s any mileage in crowd funding a hit man? Mere clickity cunting seems so inadequate for this inanely grinning yank, or any yank if it comes to that.

    • What about a reality tv show called ‘Celebrity hit man’ in which the public vote on who gets to kill a celebrity guest ?

  3. I knew this bird who was a total cunt and she was also a Colbert fangirl (told you she was a cunt)…. The daft tart thought she was superior, a step ahead of everyone else and part of an elite of some kind because she ‘got’ Colbert… Not unlike those cunts, Ken Kesey and Timothy Leary, thinking they were in on something great, when they were just drug addled old hippies… Anyway, she used to go on and on about this Colbert cunt and even used ‘Colbertisms’ (she used to say things like ‘Truthiness’ for fuck’s sake!)…. So I hated Colbert before I even saw him… And when I did see him I hated the smug, unfunny cunt even more…

    • In fairness to Kesey he did write “one flew over the cuckoo’s nest” – that nurse ratched was a marvellous cunt.

      • He was good writer, I agree… But it was all that LSD shite… All that ‘Are you a Head?’ and ‘I’ve been tripping… You wouldn’t know, man!’
        elitism and their exclusive acid head club bollocks… Leary was worse than Kesey though… A proper hippy cunt….

      • LSD casualty bullshite he was instrumental in ruining youth with drugs CIA-financed study under the aegis of Project MKULTRA’s Acid Tests same with Fairy garcia. I didn’t care for the greatful dead I like maybe 8 songs they were a shite jam band who encouraged youth to ruin their lives with drugs.

        Ken Kesey and the Merry Cuntsters his novel was boring but the film was alright I don’t care for jack cuntilson but he was good in that and the shining. Lsd and magic mushrooms aren’t really pleasure drugs I mean who wants to be high for 6-12 hours sounds like a nightmare .

        It is a nightmare when I was younger I took magic mushrooms 1st,2nd experience was alright but the 3rd ,4th experience was lunacy you get the giggles for a hour then you have to entertain yourself for 5 hours until the strange fucky feeling leaves. Leary was a poofter new age religion cunt can’t stand him.
        Taking the piss outta Acid guru’s

      • John Lennon thought those holywood acid heads were cunts particularly Peter Fonda. He wrote the song ‘She said she said’ about them.

      • Christ, getting called a cunt by John Lennon is like being called a poof by Louis Spence.

  4. With tomorrow’s game against the blue cunts in mind, YaYa Toure said he rates Wayne Rooney as the 5th best player in the world… He didn’t even laugh when he said it…. The man should go into comedy… Rooney is an overhyped, overpaid, wig wearing, whoremongering, granny fucking, useless scouse cunt… If the potato headed twat doesn’t play his arse off and score against City, they should sel the cunt alight on Guy Fawkes Night…

    • Too true… The aforementioned cunt I knew who was a Colbert fanatic was also a fan of Amy Sedaris… The silly bitch also thought women were superior to men (at anything!) and listened to the tuneless lesbian music that is Sleater Kinney (due for a cunting, that lot!)… To be honest, I don’t think I’ve ever known a more irritating cunt…

      • Never trust a feminist all cunts , here’s oliver reed against fat pig shelly winter . He tells off the feminists and what happens is quite hilarious we will never have a actor like reed again most actors nowadays are femboy poofs and cunts like that. Movies suck nowadays it’s all shite gonna watch Quadrophenia right away. heres Quadrophenia(if u like)
        and oliver reed vs feminazis

  5. Seagulls.

    Not actually people, but if they were, would be worse than ISIS. Line the roofs in a military formation, dive bombing ordinary decent english folk for their fish and chips. Fuck working for a living and actually going out to hunt fish like they are meant to. These vermin that have probably displaced every other fucking bird that would be singing and doing nice birdy things, are instead perching by mcdonalds with every other job swerving dole monkey in the land, and literally eating from the tax payers hand. Not content with this heinous unjustifiable half life, they have started actually attacking the good folk, as they walk past with their hard earned good food. fucking cunts of the whole animal kingdom, and somehow protected by a 1) law that makes them unkillable, even if they peck the eyes out of your new born in front of you and 2) the kind of disgusting unedible flesh, that makes ray mears “rather die than eat list”.

    fuck seagulls.

    fuck their young.

    i dont want to hear about suffering their unending aggression on humans because its egg season. we should kill them all and burn the eggs.

    the only reason i dont go to jail for this shit, is i know damn well if i killed 100 of the fuckers, another 1000 would swoop down and eat them.

    oh yeah and they shit on people too.

    utter cunts.

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