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  1. We nominate Andrew Withers who was named as a CUNT on this site about 4 years ago. Andrew is still up to his old tricks and the internet has a string of posts about him in which he is variously described as:
    Manipulator : Liar : Untrustworthy : Thief : Sociopath : Authoritarian : Abusive : Bully : First Class Arse : Toxic : Parasite : Conman : Crook : Racist Bigot.
    All the comments date from the present back 5 years and Andrew Withers who sues at the drop of a hat has not demanded they be removed…because he knows them to be true? His LinkedIn profile lists his “glittering” career from first job all the way to the present. But there are two gaps that are not explained. 16 years between 1991 and 2007, and then 5 years from 2008 to 2013. After that a string of very short-term jobs…long enough to be found out? During those periods he was probably locked up to protect the public.
    Currently pretending to be an international businessman and holed up in a room on a B & B farm in BS40 5HT (North Somerset)….hatching his next con?

  2. A couple of years ago I contracted food poisoning, it was hell, I was firing out both ends whilst sitting on the toilet (puking and shitting)
    I will never forgot the smell and look of that shit for as long as I live, and every time I see Simon Cowell I am reminded of it!

  3. My grandad once said of today’s Twitter/mobile phone/celebrity culture, ‘Were the Sixties all for this?!’

    Same applies to popular music… Looking at the chart now, you would never know that he 60s (or 70s) ever happened… Or that bands like The Beatles, The Stones, The Who, The Kinks etc ever existed… Their influence is nonexistent… The rot set into the charts with the horrendous Spice Girls, but the Top 40 was still full of real bands when they were around… The UK Chart completely turned to shit with all this Pop Idol and X-Factor shite and when Cowell rose to prominence…. And that is no coincidence… The musical antichrist and a complete cunt…

    • The cowelification of the music business is a symptom not a cause of what is wrong with the business. Basically no one buys music any more anywhere near the extent they used to due to YouTube and free downloading. To survive the industry is operating in safe mode and Cowells juvenile talent show bollocks and kids music fits the bill perfectly. Bands aren’t getting signed anymore. He is still a cunt though.

  4. Agreed, the music industry is a fucking scam, it always has been.
    I am old enough to remember 78rpm vinyl 🙂
    First were 78’s, then came 45rpm and of course 33 1/3rpm.
    (same shit, different format = upgrade your collections)
    Then came cassette tapes..
    (same shit, different format = upgrade your collections)
    Then came CD’s..
    (same shit, different format = upgrade your collections)
    Then came mp3’s..
    (same shit, different format = upgrade your collections)
    Incidentally mp3’s are infinitely replicable at almost zero cost, not like pressing 10,000 vinyl or CD’s with covers and artwork.

    MP3’s will eventually move to FLAC under the guise it is better and uncompressed, but now we are at the digital stage there is NO incentive for them to change this format, it is the golden goose for the coke-fueled music industry,
    Find some cunt on X-Factor, give them a £50,000 record deal for one album, get someone to write the song and pay them a pittance (retaining the rights).
    Sit back and watch the cash roll in via licensing on TV/DVD/Radio and of course iTunes downloads.
    The artist gets fuck, the record label coins it in.

  5. He’s partly responsible for the proliferation of shit karaoke “talent shows” where the only skill required to win is to be able to sing in a vague approximation of whatever style of shit is currently popular with cunts. For that he must be cunted for evermore.

  6. This shit kicker always brings Shakespeare to mind:

    To sleep perchance to dream……………..

    The despair is that strong.

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