Question Time


Where the fuck is an ISIS homicide bomber when you need one?

This week’s Question Time panel is:

Jacob Rees-Mogg (Conservative, Cunt)
Emily Thornberry (Labour, Cunt, looks down on working class folk who hang flags with the St George Cross from their house and drive a white van, double cunt)
Hannah Bardell (Scottish Nazi Party, fucking ocean going cunt)
Mark Reckless (UKIP,……yeah, cunt)
Piers Morgan ( does it really need to be said? )


Nominated by: Quick Draw McGraw

36 thoughts on “Question Time

  1. Arguably could have improved the cunt factor if Diane Abbot had been on the panel instead of Emily Thornberry, but the world would definitely be a better place without these fucking cunts.

  2. perhaps the current trend could be used to our advantage? we could create a fake shaik who could inform ISSIL of important zionist meetings hiding under false flags (for security reasons) I I know it says “Question time” on the bill board, but actualy its a covert meeting of the head of Mossad, The head of the CIA, and maybe a few Royals?

    • Good plan.

      I still think a suicide bombing in Chipping Norton would be the way to get Cameron’s head out of his fucking arse (and his cock out of a dead pig’s mouth).

      • One small problem though, is that Cameron was actually born with his head up his arse. I don’t think removal is possible. I’m all for the rest of it though.

        Failing that, I’d love to see one thousand ‘refugees’ sent to live in his constituency. I was at the Christmas market in Manchester yesterday and there was, literally, two coach loads of ‘asylum seekers’. Everyone of the fuckers was muslim, yet whichever left wing prick who was in charge of them decided it would be a good idea to take them to a CHRISTMAS market.

        On the bright side, the missus put her hand in her pocket for once and bought me a stein of beer and a bratwurst in a roll. Christmas miracles do happen. The bratwurst was awesome. It was like being back in Germany.

  3. a Cunt: is officially a Cunt.

    Allow me to explain. My local bbc: Look North, or look leeds as it should be called, have sidelined our fappable weather top totty: Keely Donovan and replaced her with a welsh, anorexic stick insect, pooftah with extraordinarily large feet. So in a moment of keyboard rant without the safety nets I googled:

    ‘Look North welsh cunt.’

    The top two returns were to this site and in at number ten some Cunt called Dioclese banging on about the welsh:

    “Dioclese: Welsh is a dead language
    7 Jul 2010 – Our culture, heritage and language makes English look like a dribbling … Ti’n llawn cachu. ….. The Welsh are all cunts with no sense of humour.”

    Three out of ten on a world wide search; not too shabby. Gentlemen I suggest we charge our glasses and the toast is:

    …is a Cunt. World leader in Cuntitud.


    • The thing about the Welsh is that they will ALWAYS have to have the last word!
      That piece I wrote 5 YEARS AGO has seldom been out of my top ten monthly views. I’ve had more hits with that piece than any other I’ve ever written and more comments as well
      The Welsh are like a dog with a bone. They just will not stop banging on until they batter you into submitting to their point of view. Also if you read the comments, you’ll see that they don’t actually read what I said before pitching in!!!

      Pishu bant, you cunts!!

      Incidentally, I have to confess that my mother was Welsh. When I did my family history, it turned out her two sets of grandparents came from Devon and Staffordshire respectively. She wasn’t having any of it even when I produced the censuses, birth and marriage certificates to prove it – but that’s the Welsh for you…

      • Having been to Wales on a few bike runs I will say I found a BIG difference in attitudes towards the English between North and South Welsh people with the North Welsh generally being boulder on their shoulder cunts of the highest magnitute!

      • Just show them a few pictures of sheep in stockings, suspenders and crotchless panties. Or as the Welsh call it, porn.

  4. Holy fuck, I know there was a cunting of classic film remakes but this is cuntier than cuntier….

    Dads Army brought to the big screen!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    Catherine Zeta-Jones as Rose Winters
    Bill Nighy as Sergeant Wilson
    Michael Gambon as Private Godfrey
    Toby Jones as Captain Mainwaring
    Tom Courtenay as Lance Corporal Jones
    Sarah Lancashire as Mrs. Pike
    Mark Gatiss as Colonel Theakes
    Blake Harrison as Private Pike
    Emily Atack as Daphne
    Daniel Mays as Private Walker
    Alison Steadman as Mrs. Fox
    Bill Paterson as Private Frazer
    Holli Dempsey as Vera
    Annette Crosbie as Cissy Godfrey
    Ian Lavender cameo role as Brigadier Pritchard
    Frank Williams as The Reverend Timothy Farthing, reprising his role from the original series
    Felicity Montagu as Mrs. Mainwaring
    Martin Savage as Warden Hodges
    Oliver Tobias as Private Walker
    Julia Foster as Dolly Godfrey
    Jacqueline Tong as Mrs Todd

    The world weeps!!!!!!!!!!

    • Quality of Films died a long long time ago, Its all Joo infested shite with shitty actors playing themselves. Oliver reed more or less said children with deep pockets run the film industry and people are still dumb enough to pay well earned money to see SHIT Movies and crappy remakes with big budgets which means Fuck ALL! Films,and TV mostly are dead at least video games are still entertaining.

      • Yup it’s a fucking travesty before it hits the screens in Feb 16, or straight to dvd in 3 days of dismal reviews and takings more like, CUNTS!

      • The trailers make it look pretty shit. Some of the cast are good and will doubtless give decent performances, but 1) it was all done far, far better by the TV series and 2) as Mr Bastard says, having Elizabeth appear is fucking stupid. There will probably be some fart or cow-shit jokes as well.

    • This is offensive… Dad’s Army? What next? It wouldn’t surprise me that after Warren Mitchell’s demise that some cunt will do a re-make of a more politically correct Alf Garnett… Some yuppie cunt who works in an office in the London docklands, supports West Ham from an executive box, and complains about everything without actually being offensive, racist or sexist…

      I bet this new Dad’s Army abomination won’t even feature any classic camped up Germans as villains… They don’t even repeat the Fawlty Towers ‘Germans’ episode these days… Musn’t upset the cunts, must we? What would Frau Merkel think? Bollocks to the lot of them…

      • I can’t wait to see the remake of “Love Thy Neighbour”, or heaven forbid “Rising Damp, the Ethical Version”….

      • Rising damp remake – a house full of asians and africans with a sole aristocratic indigenous Englishman.
        Rigsby would, of course, be one of the Romanian mafia and Miss Jones would be a islamic lesbian transexual with gender issues.

        There wouldn’t be a student because they can’t afford the rent!

      • Those Loose Women harridans were moaning on about Rising Damp the other day, saying that it was “racist” etc, “Thank God we don’t see that sort of thing on TV nowadays Blah blah!” If it was “racist” then how come Don Warrington’s character was written as being more intelligent than all the rest of the cast put together? And as for not being on the telly anymore, it regularly turns up in the afternoon Freeview graveyard channels. Bunch of ill informed old bags…..

      • Rising Damp racist? Is that why Philip (Don Warrington) was always the clever one, pulled the most birds and Miss Jones was obsessed with him?
        While Rigsby always ended up looking like a total knobhead? Typical knee-jerk PC bullshit from the botox filled, gin soaked, dildo loving Loose Women hags…

      • I think “The Germans” also includes the words “wog” and “nigger” which would have the average BBC executive sobbing and vomiting into their organic muesli.

    • I knew it was going to be shite when the voice over in the first trailer declared that in 1944 (could’ve been ’43) “Britain was on the brink of defeat”. Err…no it fucking wasn’t, cunt chops. By then the course of the war was moving away from Germany’s favour. Don’t let a little thing like historical fact get in the way of you producing a shitty remake of a fantastic comedy show though.

      It won’t just be bad, it will be embarrassingly bad.

      • 1944… Britain was on the brink of defeat? Weren’t the Krauts getting twatted at Normandy? Those Nazi cunts were also smarting from getting a good hiding in Russia too…You’r right, QDM, this is going to be diabolically bad….

        If they remake another Perry & Croft classic, It Ain’t Half Hot Mum, it would be even worse…. No jokes about poofs, no little bloke as Lofty, no Rangi Ram (again, like Rising Damp, the wisest and most cunning character, and far from racist) and so on… I think they really would remake a show set in wartime India and have no traces of colonialism, imperialism, or char and punkah wallahs… Cut out everything that made it what it was, just for a PC ego wank…

    • Wondered why the Beeb were putting on a programme about Dad’s Army creators Perry and whatshisname over Christmas.
      Clearly yet more surreptitious BBC advertising for their own programmes – or in this case film.


  5. That Nazi pig cunt Emily Thornberry is a right filthy fucking cunt.

    The hideously ugly beast has recruited gang of sodomites and deformed lezo bitches (by misdirecting public funds to them and promising the perverts children), and uses this vicious depraved mob to attack people she has a grudge against.

    Emily Thornberry is dirty evil sick depraved cunt.

    • She’s almost as smug, stuck up, self important, arrogant and obnoxious as Diane Fatbot.

  6. I am shocked to find that David Dimbleby has only been cunted once on here, back in 2009, a shocking ommission

  7. Question Time from Edinburgh Thursday 11th May……..packed
    out with lefties & Scot fucking Nats, plus that no all cunt Emily
    Thornberry who hates English flags & white van man….stuck up
    cunt who has as much grasp of the political scene as that twat
    John Major the hero of Maastricht all round useless cunts!

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