Chris Spivey [2]

A monkey wearing a Chris Spivey T-shirt

A monkey wearing a Chris Spivey T-shirt

Chris spivey deserves a massive re-cunting as the fat ignorant conspiracy theorist cunt is claiming, predictably, that the Tunisian massacre didn’t happen and was staged by “crisis actors”…

Nominated by: Fred West

A cunt out of his own mouth :

your own common sense should leave you laughing at events such as this latest crock of horseshit coming out of Tunisia

Lying British crisis actors more commonly known as Pondlife Traitor Arse-wipe Shitheads make up some hysteria inducing old bollocks after being trapped in their own tiny fucking minds and given a strict mandate to work non-existent Terrapins hurling FUCK ALL at anybody into their fantasy

The gunman who was later shot dead was named as Seifeddine Rezgui, 23 – in other words, an unpronounceable name commonly given over to nonexistent terrapins by the woefully inadequate, government sponsored false flag, scriptwriters

15 Britons were among the 38 who were mercilessly killed in the massacre yesterday and that number ‘may well rise’, Tunisia’s Foreign Minister Tobias Ellwood has said. Yeah, Tobias will be waiting on a phone call from the Cunt Cameron to tell him whether to increase the number of British dead or not.

7/7 was a false flag attack too although that was carried out on British soil. Are the Monkey-Boyz saying that this false flag in Tunisia was carried out on the orders of the British Government? Or did ISIS telephone the Cunt Cameron and tell him that this was an attack specifically targeting the British.

I apologize most sincerely for inflicting this piece of disrespectful, egotistical, sadly deluded piece of pond life on the public. I shall immediately commit suicide to asuage my guilt, realising that Chris will probably say that Cameron had me bumped orf in a false flag attack.

Nominated by: Chris Spivey’s Mum

Russell Brand [6]


I think its about time we started Beatify cunts on this website.

You know the type of people who just can’t help it, you only need to look at them drawing breath and think, ‘this is going to be utter shite…’ A person whom the words ‘utter’ and ‘cunt’ are conjured the instant you see their face or hear their name. A cunt of biblical proportions, so pure and devoted in cuntitude that the very fact they are a cunt is a modern dogma. A modern day apostle.

I am clearly talking about Russell Brand. That fuck mook is now telling cunts stupid enough to follow him to vote Labour, thankfully its after voter registration has closed but still, one has to have a special loathing for turncoat, media whore nonce cunts like this. His cuntitude is practically a religious study in itself. He clearly has a severe and unusual medical problem with his anus, as so much shit just appears to pour forth from his mouth every time it opens.

Arise, Pope Cunt the first!

Nominated by: The Captain

Comedian and activist (ha fucking ha) Russell Brand has said that he regrets getting swept up in party politics ahead of the general election, in a new video on his YouTube Channel the Trews.

Though he “thought he could make a difference” he admits he is “just a bloke with a laptop and a bit of mouth” and had “no influence” on the outcome of the election after backing Ed Miliband in the week leading up to Labour’s polling day collapse.

The outspoken TV personality, who famously told Newsnight presenter Jeremy Paxman he did not vote, reconsidered his position after an interview with the opposition leader last week.

Of course Brand is only saying that because Milliband got shafted… The smelly sack of shit would be full of it if Labour had won… Just a bloke with a laptop and a bit of mouth? Nah, Russell, you are a cunt who thinks it’s all a game… Becuase your ridiculous bank balance and celebrity status means you don’t really give a frig who governs Britain… Just die, Brand, you fucking cunt…

Nominated by: Norman

( I was going to use the Newzoids puppet of Brand as the picture for this post, but it’s hard to improve on the real thing )

Lutfur Rahman


This evil piece of illegal immigrant shit has been running Tower hamlets as his own personal fiefdom by threatening legitimate human voters with his gangs of illegal immigrant ISIS supporting fucktards.

The muslim über cunt played the race and islamophobia card any time a member of the public or an opposing political party dared to mention massive irregularities in the local elections.

Plod were of course worse than fucking useless when it came to investigating allegations of voter fraud so as not to upset what is basically an entire London borough of illegal muzrat filth.

Visit Tower hamlets if you want to see what a corrupt third world shithole looks like and also what it felt like to be George Custer at the battle of little bighorn.

Is he going to jail? Of course not, that would racist.

Nominated by: Odin’s Balls

Chris Spivey


Chris Spivey is a cunt. A gargantuan cunt. A pig-ignorant, barely literate, inarticulate conspiracy theorist cunt with a website on which he posits his ridiculous theories that pretty much every major national disaster and/or world tragedy is a hoax staged by “crisis actors” sponsored and arranged by the government of whichever country the event takes place in.Spivey is a typical under-achiever with nothing to show for his life but his tattoos and therefore has only his hilarious insights and idiosyncratic notion of “the truth” left to bequeath to posterity. His website is littered with self-dramatising crap about his arrests and lack of support at court appearances, how he won’t go to hospital in case he’s murdered by the establishment, and photos of his pets and infant grandson presumably designed to elicit sympathy (or “illicit sympathy” as Spivey would surely write).

9/11? Inside job.
Australian coffee shop? Faked.
Lee Rigby? Didn’t happen (in fact Spivey alleges that one of the “killers” was in fact the boyfriend of a Bristol-based “crisis actor” who took the role of the female Australian lawyer “killed” in the Sydney coffee shop).
ISIS hostage beheading videos? Hoaxes.
Glasgow bin lorry crash? Staged (and the motive for that would be what, Chris? You’re slightly sketchy on this…).

Tell all the above to the families of the allegedly fictitious victims – or are they crisis actors too? And presumably that means their friends and neighbours, extended families and everyone they work with and went to school with must be crisis actors also? Fuck me, being a crisis actor sounds like a job for life – where can I apply?

And now the cunt is even suggesting that the mugging of disabled pensioner and Tony Robinson-lookalike Alan Barnes (the crime that prompted that recent massive whipround) was a huge con. According to medical expert Dr Spivey, Barnes is not a pensioner at all, just a young guy with a progressive ageing disease and the so-called mugger was, presumably, a crisis actor (once again, no credible motive offered).

Egged on by a tiny band of fucktard believers, each one a cunt in his or her own right of course, Spivey frequently points to “anomalies” in tabloid news reports as “evidence” of his laughable theories.

Just like thecolemanexperience (cunted previously) who often links to the Daily Mail (of all places!) for his “evidence”, the Cunt Spivey either fails to realise or conveniently ignores the fact that tabloid journalists deliberately fabricate, embellish and distort their stories to make them more sensational – so of course the truth and the facts won’t ever bear much relationship to what you find in the tabloids, but there’s no conspiracy – it’s just that tabloid journalists are lazy, unethical, unprofessional cunts, as has been demonstrated time and time again over the last few years.

Likewise, as any fule kno, reporters on 24-hour rolling news channels routinely present ill-informed conjecture and speculation instead of verified facts – but they are not trying to mislead, they simply don’t have the full story and are just desperate to fill airtime so they waffle on regardless.

Anyone who sees anomalies or inaccuracies in tabloid news stories or 24-hour rolling news reports as “proof” of so-called “false flag operations” is a monumental cunt who urgently needs their fucking head examined. And that’s all Spivey’s “revelations” essentially consist of – Spivey insisting “it couldn’t have happened the way The Sun/Mirror say it did because…” – and that’s true, Chris, very often what appears in the tabloids beggars belief – but only because tabloid hacks unashamedly make the stuff up, you silly cunt! Once you realise that tabloid owners are in it to sell papers by entertaining readers, not by reporting the truth, maybe your hilarious paranoia will subside a little?

Undoubtedly there have been a lot of historical establishment cover-ups (paedophilia and murder at Dolphin Square, Elm Guest House, Cyril Smith, etc), but the problem with cunts like Spivey and thecolemanexperience is that by presenting serious, credible issues like these within the same context (ie on the same websites) as all their ludicrous “false flag” bullshit, they only serve to damage the plausibility of those cases which truly do merit investigation.

The only “inside job” I want to see is the one where the fucking delusional cunt Spivey tops himself.

Nominated by: Fred West