Russell Brand [10]

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Russell Brand is an even bigger cunt than I thought he was (and I always thought he was a massive cunt!)…

The smackhead scruffbag media parasite has now admitted that he stole items of mail and money while he ‘worked’ as a postman… I bet he stole some struggling person’s giro or some pensioner’s heating allowance cheque, not to mention hard earned and saved for Christmas money and gifts for relatives and friends of honest and hard working people… The dirty cunt probably even nicked birthday money that was for kids or babies…. I have always loathed this arrogant, smug, self satisfied cunt, but this proves beyond any doubt that the man is filth….

Nominated by: Norman

Russell Brand [7]


Russell Brand. An totally unfunny fuckwit and general pissant of the first water. After his stunt with Andrew Sachs and the total bullshit he was spouting during the election, I really didn’t that my loathing for this piece of human excrement could get any worse. But I was wrong.

Yesterday, as the bodies of tourists butchered on the beach in Tunisia were being flown into Brize Norton, Brand said the minute’s silence was an ’empty, hollow gesture’. He went on to say that it was “part of a general policy of bullshit, so that our government can continue selling arms around the world and perpetuating a cycle where its own needs are met.” So basically, Brand is saying that it’s the UK government’s fault these poor buggers were mown down.

I have two important questions about this arsehole that need addressing :

(1) Why does anybody listen to a single word this pathetic, immature, ex-junkie, shite-spouting, degenerate waste of good air has to say about anything?

(2) Why wasn’t he on holiday in Tunisia last week?

The fucker needs chinning and his lips sewing up. He’ll do and say anything to get his sad arse in the news. What a disrespectful piece of shit he is!

Nominated by: Dioclese

Russell Brand [6]


I think its about time we started Beatify cunts on this website.

You know the type of people who just can’t help it, you only need to look at them drawing breath and think, ‘this is going to be utter shite…’ A person whom the words ‘utter’ and ‘cunt’ are conjured the instant you see their face or hear their name. A cunt of biblical proportions, so pure and devoted in cuntitude that the very fact they are a cunt is a modern dogma. A modern day apostle.

I am clearly talking about Russell Brand. That fuck mook is now telling cunts stupid enough to follow him to vote Labour, thankfully its after voter registration has closed but still, one has to have a special loathing for turncoat, media whore nonce cunts like this. His cuntitude is practically a religious study in itself. He clearly has a severe and unusual medical problem with his anus, as so much shit just appears to pour forth from his mouth every time it opens.

Arise, Pope Cunt the first!

Nominated by: The Captain

Comedian and activist (ha fucking ha) Russell Brand has said that he regrets getting swept up in party politics ahead of the general election, in a new video on his YouTube Channel the Trews.

Though he “thought he could make a difference” he admits he is “just a bloke with a laptop and a bit of mouth” and had “no influence” on the outcome of the election after backing Ed Miliband in the week leading up to Labour’s polling day collapse.

The outspoken TV personality, who famously told Newsnight presenter Jeremy Paxman he did not vote, reconsidered his position after an interview with the opposition leader last week.

Of course Brand is only saying that because Milliband got shafted… The smelly sack of shit would be full of it if Labour had won… Just a bloke with a laptop and a bit of mouth? Nah, Russell, you are a cunt who thinks it’s all a game… Becuase your ridiculous bank balance and celebrity status means you don’t really give a frig who governs Britain… Just die, Brand, you fucking cunt…

Nominated by: Norman

( I was going to use the Newzoids puppet of Brand as the picture for this post, but it’s hard to improve on the real thing )

Russell Brand [5]


Russell Brand – the scrawny, lank haired, ex-junkie gobshite, who thinks the entire planet should listen to his ridiculous rants, because he’s, like, so fucking profound. His outburst is an attack on Britain and her people. The indigenous people that is, not the foreign fuckers who happen to have a British passport. Apparently, we’re all evil because we keep portraying those nice, peaceful, uninvited muslims in our country, as violent, racist, homophobic, sexist, intolerant, head severing, homicide bombing terrorists.

He reckons it’s OUR fault that “British” Muslims, like the Kuwaiti Mohammed “Jihadi John” Emwazi become terrorists. No Russell, they become terrorists because they are members of a schizophrenic cult, that encourages extreme violence against everyone who does not adhere to their particular branch of said schizophrenic cult. But hey, don’t the fucking truth get in the way of your swivel eyed rants Russ, you self important prick.

You may get the impression that I don’t like Russell Brand. You’d be wrong. I fucking despise the bearded twat. Like all lefty’s Brand is all for freedom of speech, as long as what you say agrees completely with what he says. If you disagree with so much as one word, he starts shouting and screaming at you, in the hope that you will shut up an go away. You are a fascist. A Nazi. Although, like all lefty’s he completely ignores the fact the Nazis were a left wing party. Socialists as it happens. Point that fact out to a lefty. It’s like lighting the blue touch paper.

The fact of the matter is, it’s the likes of Brand who are to blame for the state this country is in. He and his ilk are to blame for the hate preachers, who stand in our roads, encouraging their fuckwit followers to murder us in our own country. He and his ilk are the reason we have so many foreigners in our country, a large number of whom are criminals. Often very violent criminal. Brand and his fellow lefties are the reason that thousands of young white girls were not only subjected to sustained multiple gang rapes over a number of years, but were actually accused of being responsible for it.

And why are Brand and his butt buddies responsible for the state our country is in? Because they’re soft cunts. For over thirty years, they have insisted that we tread on egg shells around criminals, foreigners, etcetera. They have insisted that WE adapt to suit the needs of certain immigrant groups, rather than vice versa. They have destroyed traditional British values such as respect, decency, manners, selflessness, honour, and honesty, and turned our country into a shit hole.

Nominated by: Quick Draw McGraw

Russell Brand, the man who made a career out of using a Thesaurus, I love it when people claim he is intelligent, just because someone knows 400 synonyms for an adjective does not make them intelligent, just an annoying cunt.

And as for his revolution bullshit, the only revolution I want to see from Russell is his body revolving off a fucking cliff, the cunt

Nominated by: Sam Matterface