Henriette Reker


Henriette Reker the Mayor of Cologne is an uber -cunt of the highest proportions!

In the wake of the gangs described as “African and Arab” attacking girls in the city on New Years Eve she has the fucking audacity to devise a “code of conduct” for women as to how to avoid a sexual assault by “keeping at arms length from strangers”. When there is a large gang of predators cornering you how the fuck will that advice help in the slightest. I don`t use the phrase victim blaming a lot as it is often mis used for a particular ultra feminist agenda but in this circumstance it is absolutely apt. She may as well have said please stay away from men in the street as you are so underdressed and westernised that they will not be able to control their urges.

Why does she not hand out a “code of conduct” to migrants and refugees explaining the customs of Western Civilistaion:why not because it would be viewed as racist. That is right in cultural marxist ideology the attitude of the so called progressives is to blame anyone who isn`t black even if it means turning your back on feminist values and common decency. I hate the far right with a passion but at least they are standing up to what the media failed to report for 5 days! It is like Rotherham all over again.

When Gary Glitter and Rolf Harris were caught sexually abusing children and when the Cosby ( I know he is black but he lived all his life in America so they have no problem demonizing him as he is Western ) allegations came up everyone jumped on the bandwagon. Are they doing so now? Are they fuck.

This Henrietta Reker should fuck of to the Middle East where women who get attacked are blamed and their perpetrators are let off scot free. Horribly rancid old cunt!

Nominated by: Shaun of the Dead 69

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  1. its very questionable that in some cultures women are treated in such a manner.
    as the culprits themselves have mothers I wonder if they would accept that kind of behaviour being metted out to their sisters and brothers.
    Listening to a radio interview of a man who emigrated to sweden, he stated that the attitude of his compatriots was that they were now free and could do as they pleased, should they be caught the punnishment they would receive would be nothing compared to their treatment at home and the accomidation they would receive in prison would be better than the hostel accomidation.
    Now having worked in a forgien justice system, the rules regarding forgieners were simple, you are guests (paying guests as well!) you will abide by our laws.
    should you choose not to, we will imprison you, you have no right to early release on a parole we can not enforce outside our borders, you will receive a lifetime deportation order you are not welcome here.
    At the end of the prisoners sentence they are passed to a secure camp run by UNHCR where the offender is welcome to apply to be allowed into other countries (and pay their own transport).
    I know of one paticular shit bag who has spent 8 years so far in one such establishment simpley because his own country want him to come back (wanted terrorist) and no other wants the cunt (he is locked up in sarejevo)
    Now this is an example to us all, and its fucking fair to all involved, victim, offendor and the tax payer of the Country in question.
    Passing people to a secure UNHCR center, under UN protection is not a violation of their rights, it is a chance for them to find more suitable assylum in a country willing to accept, tolerate and care for them.

  2. Cunt Nomination

    George Lucas

    He sells out LucasFilms to Disney PIXAR (even Bigger Cunts) for 7.4 BILLION dollars, did not retain any rights to the Star Wars films, past, present or future.

    Then has the guts to BITCH and MOAN about the new Star Wars film. Anyone could have told him that Disney-PIXAR are HUGE cunts who would take the cheap-and-dirty route to mega-bucks, by ripping off every bit of the first film that they could.

    Plus add cunting ‘diversity’……female hero, black dude who no doubt will be banging her in the next film.

    Piss and Moan George, you useless whining Cunt.

    • Plus the new film was rated higher than 4 out of his 6 films, The last 3 films were just merchandising vehicles. And he created ja ja Binks. Out and out cunt in my book

  3. Henriette Reker is member of the set ‘women’.

    Major premise: All women like black cocks up their arse.
    Minor premise: Henriette Reker is a women (well a horse-faced tranny).
    Conclusion: Henriette Reker likes black cocks up ‘her’ arse.

    We see it all over Europe – stupid ugly bitches demanding blacks be welcomed into their country so they can be raped and sodomised by black welfare immigrant terrorists.

    1 in 4 Swedish Women will be raped by blacks, and they are all looking forward to it eagerly.

    Europe is being destroyed buy dirty depraved bitches hankering after black cock.

  4. The fact that Bowie has died is a cunt and if you had him in the dead pool you are a cunt yourself.

    • What’s more of a cunt is the inevitable explosion of media fuelled grieving by people who have never even owned a Bowie album. Radio 1 will predictably interupt its anemic set menu of Little Mix and Ed Sheeran to suddenly pay tribute to Bowie’s brilliance despite having not playing a single track of his for over 10 years…
      Oh and naturally he’ll be top of the download charts for a week as the nation’s youth discovers who he is… and then grieves for him.

      • They played that turgid track he released a couple of years ago, which sounded like he was a confused pensioner,

        I can’t believe how much media coverage his death is getting, It must either be a slow news day, or journalists are too lazy to find anything else to report, as usual.

        And I must be a cunt because I just thought he was an average singer/entertainer/actor. Nothing against the man, or what he did, and it is a shame he died, but in all honesty, it will make no difference to me.

      • Same here. I’ve nothing against him either, but they’re saying he ‘changed music’. No he didn’t, he changed his appearance. First he was famous for being bisexual, then for reinventing his image. He did a Shane Fenton, only he did it several times, and got away with it. Personally I’ve never liked any of his recordings (I was always baffled by the popularity of Space Oddity) but you can’t argue with success. His true fans will be devastated. It’ll all be over in a day or two as far as the media is concerned.

      • Bowie was good himself, but he inspired a lot of crap (tossers like Madonna and Ladyboy Ga Ga, U2, New Romantics, Britpop pooves etc)… I liked the bloke, but the media reaction is overkiill, and I am surprised that cunt Paul Morley hasn’t done a 30 minute eulogy/wank on BBC News… Bowie’s classic stuff (ie: before the 80s) is fine, but Scott Walker’s first four solo albums are better…

      • Madonna has already proved what a know-nothing, grief-jacking cunt she is by writing in her tribute, “the first time I saw him on stage, he was the Thin White Duke. He had mime artists on stage with him and very specific choreography…”

        Any Bowie fan will immediately know why she’s full of shit.

        Good call about Paul Morley, Norman. I can only imagine he’s on holiday somewhere with no Skype access.

      • Morley will be filming as we speak, a talking head wankfest tribute to Bowie to be shown at the weekend.

    • A great loss, but much that I liked his music is it really necessary to play it constantly on the radio ? If it continues much longer then i’ll get pissed off with hearing it.

      • Why cant a cunt like Bieber, Perry or Gaga fall off the Perch, take a cunt like Robbie Williams, Barlow, Simon Cowell Or Cheryl Whatever the new cunts name is (Black Cock Sucker) With them.. What a great start to a year that could be.

      • Great loss? hahaha david bowie was a no talent bellend with no redeeming value to music. His music is PISS! he couldn’t play a instrument to save his life ,his guitar playing was just for show. His constant references to occultism and the like proves he never had anything interesting to say just shock provoking nonsense with no redeeming value. His latest music video black star is a occultic wankfest of epic proportions thank god that untalented cunt is dead fuck david poofter bowie and his griefjacking cunts he should of got cancer sooner.

    • I am affraid to say the only good to come of this was we had decent music on the radio most of the day, I was supprised at the amount of post mortem interviews he was able to do.
      surley an exeptional man.

  5. She looks like she could eat an apple through a tennis racket so that’s a good enough reason for me to dislike her already!

  6. It just goes to show in order to get a top job you first of all have to be a monumental fucking cunt.

    • A bit like ‘Sir Dilley’ who has now resigned (which can hardly be seen as honourable since he pretty much had no choice). If these people prove to be so fucking incompetent and contemptuous of people in real difficulties that they fuck so monumentally that they have to then resign – they should be stripped of their knighthoods and not allowed to hold a senior position in public office again.

      Mind you, since they seem to dish out the honours like cheese samples in Asda these days, being a Sir is really not much to boast about any more…

  7. Rupert Murdoch is a cunt (as we all know), but Jerry Hall is also a cunt… Not that she is marrying old Uncle Rupert for any sort of gain, money or anything like that… First Bryan Ferry,then Jagger and now The Dirty Digger himself… No wonder The Stones did that song called ‘Starfucker…’


  8. Can I nominate Lin Homer as a cunt? She is slinking away from the top job in HMRC amid crtiicisms from MPs select commitee for her departments inability to respond to telephone calls from people wanting to pay tax. This is after She was in charge of border control, and failing to deal with asylum seekers expediently. And she got made a Dame? Would have got sacked if I was so shit at my job

  9. In that case, I want to nominate Jason Statham as a lucky cunt for marrying Rosie fit-bird (can’t remember her name, but neither can you) I wish Jason luck, and Rupert the aggresive alimony suit he deserves

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