Bono [8]

"I've got loadsamoney !!!"

“I’ve got loadsamoney !!! All tax free…”

That cuntpig fucktard Bono desperately needs cunting for a record eighth time.
( Happy to oblige… Ed.)

Over the weekend the cunt predictably waded into the so-called “refugee crisis” by lecturing his Italian audience on the subject: “We don’t know what the answer to the refugee crisis in Europe and Africa is, but we know that if we don’t figure it out, then Europe, which is a beautiful idea, will be no more. So we have to figure it out, whatever it is.”

How about you shut the fuck up until you have something more insightful to say, you speccy cunt? Or even better, how about you do something to draw attention to the atrocity of massive, systematic tax evasion and avoidance which robs the exchequer of much needed funds? Didn’t think so – you wouldn’t want to shit on your own doorstep, would you? Fucking hypocritical cunt.

I’d also like to cunt every single person who has ever bought a U2 record or a ticket to see U2 live. And furthermore I’d like to cunt the cunt who owns the glasses shop whose only two customers are Bono and Yoko Ono.

Nominated by: Fred West

79 thoughts on “Bono [8]

  1. I’m all for freedom of speech but this cunt should have his tongue surgically removed and stuck up his arse. The cunt can’t even keep his fucking trap shut when he has nothing to say, what a cunt.

    That Edge is a cunt too. Did you see that “it might get loud” film? Jimmy Page, Jack White and the Edge having a jam session and talking shite. Fuck me it was embarrassing, the cunt couldn’t even string together a few very simple chords. Without all his effects the cunt is crap.

      • The greatest cunting rant of Bonio comes from Henry Rollins-I hate U2
        on y-tube and 8 minutes of to the bone marrow cunting of him and his piss poor fans
        And as the man says the best thing out of Dublin was phil Lynott and i am sure he would of smashed the glasses clean off smarmy face and shoved the po-faced bobble hat wearing short of a donkey jacket and wellies turd down the shithouse pan …………..
        And i very sorry to have mentioned phils name alongside these vomit inducing pissers
        WHISKEY AND GIRO best guitar riff ever

      • Typo there, Dio – you said “the guitar” and I’m sure you meant “the cunt’s neck”.

      • That’s what he gets for acting high and mighty for him and Bonehead to preach to the common folk to empty there wallets to Sir Bob so he can steal 90% and give the rest to a african gang he was also a cunt to say “Geldof also believes that public attention was quickly diverted by the London bombings on 7 July, the day after Live 8 Edinburgh which was the final concert in the series” So sorry to inconvenience you Sir Cunt but people died that day deal with it. As for The edge guess he didn’t see the edge haha, “And I still haven’t found what I’m looking…FLOOR! “

  2. What the fuck was Pagey doing with those two cunts?…. It was U2 who started all this show over musicianship shite… After they were (rightly) derided for their Rattle & Hum ego wank, U2 resurfaced as a circus in the ZOO TV era… A lot of people said it was ‘postmodern’ or ‘satire’ or ‘U2 laughing at themselves’… When it was a load of expensive props, costumes and bullsiht, instead of them just playing live on stage (which they used to do…. I’ll give them that)…. The TV screens with flickering slogans on them was stolen from the punk band Crass anyway…. And Duran Duran used the video screen at a gig thing way back in 1984… By doing the ZOO TV thing U2 were making out that they were free of ego and bullshit…. But of course (and Bono being Bono) the praise they got for having a load of telliys on stage made their egos skyrocket and they got even more absurd…. Radiation suits, giant mechanical lemons, and all sorts of other crap… And it’s because of such shite that people now expect a prop filled extravaganza instead of just seeing a band or singer perform at a concert… I’m no Oasis fan, but Liam was right when he said, ‘What sort of cunt has a twenty foot fucking lemon on stage?’

    As for Bono’s migrant comments, well it was only a matter of time…. I wonder how many of them he’ll fit into his South of France Villa or his Paddywood mansion? Not many, I’ll wager… Ahh Jaysus, he’s a roight cunt, to be sure….

    • Ever listened to Jack White? The cunt can’t play. Full stop…

      Let’s remind our selves of the talentless twerp :

      I downloaded ne of this albums from Pirate Bay (wasn’t going to pay for it!). It was shite. I rarely delete anything from my iTunes library but I dumped this crap even though it was free. Who pays these fuckers????

      • Which album was it? Much of his output is a bit curate’s egg in nature and is definitely not for everyone but he CAN play a guitar.

      • Fuck me, 14 albums?! I guess that makes you 3 1/2 times the guitarist Jimi Hendrix was as he only managed 4.

      • Couldn’t agree more, Dio… I think Jack White was my very first cunting here… The White Stripes were a load of crap… That squawking cunt Jack White and some retarded munter who doesn’t speak, hitting a drum like a kid plays with a Fisher Price hammer…. Also all that ‘She’s my wife/sister’ shite was well fucking weird’… She was actually his wife (White was/is her name, not his!) but maybe she looked like his sister? Who knows with these shitkicker hicks and how they swing?…. The fact that he actually married Meg White undoubtedly shows that he has very questionable taste…

    • Jack White is a wank stain it’s true, but some of his music is good and crucially he can play his guitar.

      I’m afraid U2 didn’t invent fuck all, least of all the “theatrical” presentation of popular music. We have the prog rock cunts to thank for that.

      • True… Prog did kick all that off, but most people still went to see the band and the music when the likes of Floyd or ELP did a show… Now cunts are more concerned about what ‘outrageous’ stunt Lady Gaga is going to pull rather than what she’s going to sing… U2’s ZOO bollocks brought that to a new generation (of cunts)….

        U2 shamelessly ripped off Joy Division in their early years… Ian Curtis didn’t last long, but he had something Bono doesn’t have… And a million fly costumes and grand gestures is never going to change that…

      • May have said this before but Jack White and Alicia Keys produced the worst Bond movie theme ever (admittedly it rather suited the worst movie ever…)

  3. Many times I have expressed my dislike of U2 in general and Bono in particular only to have cunts look at me as if I had shot their mothers. The attraction of this band has always been lost on me. I find that Edge is especially foul. Well cunted.

  4. I have it on good authority U2 actually is a reference to Bono & Edge, (untalented two).
    Words cannot describe the utter disdain and contempt I have for Bono, the tax avoiding, pseudo philanthropist, ‘eye’rish’ CUNT.
    I would not wish harm on my worst enemy but if I was to wake-up one morning to hear on the News that Bono & U2 had died in a private plane crash, then I have to admit I would probably laugh my arse off until I cried.

    Too many talented people have been taken so young, yet Bono the cunt still shuffles along this mortal coil like the self-important, righteous, pretentious CUNT that he is!
    I would glean great pleasure stuffing those rose tinted spectacles up his fucking arse, it should be easy to achieve seeing as the edge has had his tongue permanently lodged up there since 1982.

    • Chas & Dave have got more talent than these cunts – except they’re not hell-bent on saving the planet. If The Edge has got his tongue stuck up Bono’s arse, I now understand why Bono has always got a fucking smug grin on his cunting face. Lucky cunt – even if he still hasn’t found what he’s looking for! Also, if their plane goes down, I hope it’s over cunting Anfield.

  5. There does seem to be a global Satanic gang of the Bono ilk.

    My dick shrivels up so I can get as much blood to my brain as possible to generate loathing, when I behold these truly evil monster cunts:

    Tony Blair
    Bob Geldof
    Peter Mandelson
    Hillary Clinton
    Dick Cheney
    Jenny Abramsky
    Baroness Uddin
    Kate Adie

    These shit logs from Satan’s arse spread misery and suffering throughout the world.

    • Some orf those are available for the Pool dear heart. You get five goes for a tenner so why not take a punt. More satisfying than sticking rusty nails in to a wax effigy. Actually you could do that as well….

  6. All this cunt wants is a knighthood for services to humanity. Silly cunt – he doesn’t pay his income tax, so I imagine that the Queen is a bit pissed orf. So fuck his visit to Buckingham Palace. No doubt the cunt will get that other cunt Bob Geldoff to do a Save The World concert with the rest of the vile do-gooders. Bono wants to help the immigrants, but I bet he wouldn’t invite any of the cunts round to his place for a barbecue.

    • Bono and Geldof are gong seeking cunts and traitors to their own kind… They both accepted KBE’s (Knight of the British Empire) from the UK government… A KBE is basically a knighthood for any non-English cunt…. First of all, why the fuck did Bob and Bono get them? What have either of these bogtrotters ever done for Britain (at least The Beatles brought in loads of dosh!)? Secondly, surely any Paddy worth his salt would tell the British government to shove their knighthood up their arse?

      • Sir Bono FFS!!! Missed that one…

        Nearly as bad as Sir Vince Cable as far as I can see who got a K for sitting with his fingers up his arse for 5 years and doing fuck all.

      • If you want to make a mint then open a humbug factory. Otherwise, don’t bring out a cunting song at Christmas which starts with the lyrics ” there will be no snow in Ethiopia this year…” Of course there won’t, cos it’s too cunting hot in this slag-fucked, shit-housed cunting country where all the natives are lazy cunts!

      • I’m sure this has the qualities of an Xmas hit…
        To the tune of ‘You Are My Sunshine’

        You are a scouser,
        A thieving scouser,
        You’re only happy, on giro day….
        When your dad’s out stealing,
        Your mum’s drug-dealing…
        But please don’t take.. my hubcaps… away.

      • Never mind Band Aid 31 for a Christmas song, I’ve long thought that Suzi Quatro’s glam hit ‘Can The Can’ should be re-written as ‘Cunt The Cunt’…so if any cunters out there are musos, fill your boots.

  7. Mastermind. I thought the rule is that you’re only allowed one go at it. I remember Magnus Magnusson having to tell the viewers why one cheat had been disqualified in the 1980’s. But on Friday’s edition there was a woman who had been on it a few years ago. Rachel Neiman. How did I recognise her? 1) She’s blind. 2) she’s very fat. 3) maybe more memorably, she has bright pink hair. She won, as well, although her specialist subject was some Radio 4 sitcom (a euphemism for SHITE) of few episodes. Mind you, her general knowledge was pretty good. Still, seems against the spirit of the show. Unless the BBC intend to let her enter as many times as she wants until she wins the fucking thing. I emailed them earlier regarding this, but considering their history of openness and transparency regarding such things, my breath is not held.

    • Is not Anus Anusson dead? Fucking shit show won by taxi drivers and bin men. As far as I remember they didn’t even win a cash prize but instead a cunting dish made out of crystal. Fucking BBC cunts!

  8. Bob Geldof gobbing off: saying he can house four refugee families immediately…. I bet the doesn’t though…. The full of shit scruffy cunt…

    • The immigrants may be desperate to get away from ISIS but I doubt many would want to live with the boomtown twat.
      His wife committed suicide, his daughter overdosed on smack.
      An absolute dead ringer for Father/Husband of the year.

      Suddenly dysentery, the threat of being raped and killed by ISIS is somehow more appealing.

      • His wife never commited suicide, Paula and Peaches both died of a accidental overdose of heroin. Although it’s pretty rich for geldof to say he’ll house them considering he got paid A$100,000 for his speech on 3rd world poverty, which included a luxury hotel room and first-class airfares fucking evil cunt. The only good thing that came from the Live 8(Aids) was the temporary reunion of Pink Floyd everything else was a slagfest and Africa is poorer then ever.

    • The man’s a cunt. Live Aid was a cunting shit-house full of queer and washed-up singers, singing a shit song to save Ethiopian cunts dying of hunger – and all these years later McDonalds still haven’t opened a restaurant in this shite heap of a country. Fuck them all up their arses!

  9. Actually his wife may have committed suicide too, presumably to get away from the smelly cunt, and I am too lazy to Google it for clarification.

    Either way his wife and daughter could not put up with the self-important cunt.

    Bob – “give us your fucking money”

    Me – “go have a wash you fucking tramp”

  10. Bono, Geldaft and Wee Burney Sturgeon (Porridge Wog Dwarf Cunt!) can give it all their ‘I’ll take the refugees in’ shite all they want… Because they know it isn’t going to happen… The British Taxpayer will foot the enormous bill, as fucking usual….

    The NHS has massive problems and is also cutting certain cancer drugs (therefore sentencing some sufferers -including children – to death), the dustbins get emptied once a month, coppers have to take on part time jobs, old people drop like flies in the winter and Britain has enough homeless (British) people already…. And they think they can actually manage and afford more?!! As Anthony Newley said, ‘Stop the world I want to fucking get off!’

  11. It seems Osbourne is going to divert funds from the foreign aid budget to fund the expected influx

    which makes sort of sense, but the socialists will be frothing at the gash over it

    • Osbourne’s a cunt if he pays for these cunts. Look after your OAP’s Georgey boy and fuck this Immigrant scum up their scraggy arses. The UK is better off without these thieving, idle bastards, because we’ve already got enough of them in Liverpool!

    • The socialists can froth all they want, Andy – but I put a tenner on Corbyn when he was 150/1, so I think I know who’ll be having the last laugh…

    • It seems Osbourne is going to divert funds from the foreign aid budget to fund the expected influx.

      Translated in to English that means:
      I am going to raid the foreign aid budget so all my Eton fags can get their grubby little mitts on it under the guise of providing humanitarian services in the private sector using public money, minus my 10% commission of course!

      Like a fucking heavily pregnant sow, Osbourne cannot wait to get his fucking snout in the trough of public money.

    • I posted that idea in loads of the dalily rags comments last week, didn’t get any likes on the Guardian or Indie – cunts.

      MInd you, part of the aid budget was/is being spent on teaching hula-hoop dancing in parts of the dark continent – apparently HMG failed to give away all the £12bn they were supposed to in a timely manner so were chucking money at anything to meet their targets.

      • Merkel’s a cunt who should have been stabbed at birth. She was on the TV earlier today gobbing off about Germany welcoming the immigrants, but the look on her face said something else: right, you cunts, give us yer jewellery and then join the queue for the shower…

      • Perhaps those German cunts want to get into the Guinness Book of Records for accepting the biggest number of foreign scum in one day. Apparently Merkel’s already organising a mass piss-up on her Facebook page to welcome the cunts to the Fatherland.

      • It’s all doine to kraut guilt for the millions orf auslander (kraut for foreigners) they murdered during WWII except being krauts, once all the emotional bollocks has died down, they expect the rest orf Europe and particularly Blighty to pay for it. Usual kraut gangster tactics to force Cameron to accept loads more wogs to get a minor reform orf the EU in return.

    • Frau Cunt is trying to restore her battered image after the way she fucked the Greeks.

  12. re my earlier cunting.’mens fragrances’ for fucks sake! i don’t believe it, just seen jonny depp on tv flogging a new Dior smell.. the blokes a millionaire isnt he? maybe he’s donating his easy money fee to charity ? any one who buys these poncy fucking stinks is a fucking mug imho.

    • That “Staunch Socialist” Tony Baldrick Robinson is doing voice over for a Weetabix advert at the mo. American company I think……

      • Robinson looks like that disabled cunt who got beaten up and then subsequently trousered a quarter of a million thanks to that beautician’s online campaign (Spivey, needless to say, claimed this event never happened and that the victim was a child actor – I kid you not, search his archive for the full cuntitude).

      • possible spivey ‘exlusives’ to come:

        ‘ baby on turkish beach was a doll’
        ‘shoreham air crash was a ‘false flag’
        ‘ queen celebrates longest reign by satanically sacrificing babies’
        ‘ cecil the lion is still alive’
        not forgetting the helicopter hovering over his flat 24/7.

      • I am sure Spivey used to work at the Daily Sport which folded in 2001, I have no proof but here are some of their more famous headlines, which bear a remarkable resemblance to Spivey’s delusional crap…

        “World War II Bomber Found On Moon”

        and this gem to follow on a few days later…

        “World War II Bomber Found On Moon Vanishes”

        “Statue of Elvis found on Mars”

        “Bootle man gets willy stuck in Natwest pig”

        “Bus found buried at South Pole”

        “Man fights shark with wifes false teeth”

    • Fucking spot on weren’t they?

      It’s a sad state of affairs where we’re not allowed to do this sort of stuff on the TV any more. Thank God for the internet. Perhaps it explains why sites like this are popular. There’s no other outlet where you can take a pop at these pretentious idiots and let off a bit of steam…

      • Was it just coincidence that Spitting Image disappeared from TV just as Blair walked into 10 Downing St?

  13. OMG ! was spivey told to pack it in or not? get on over to spiveyland he has just released his latest bombshell on Glasgow in which he accuses the bin lorry drivers mates of this libel? chances are they dont read his site, so someone needs to inform them. i can see his suspended sentence rapidly becoming unsuspended.

    • ” suspended sentence rapidly becoming unsuspended”.

      Is that the bit where they show him his entrails before the old quartering bit?


  14. Pro bono publico.

    Ironic adverb adjective. I wonder when he stopped being ‘of the public’; before or after his first million?

    • The most cunted Cameron along with his side kick George the boy blunder are planning a nice little war on the back of that dead toddler, should be a nice little earner for their chums in the arms trade. You really couldn’t make this shit up.

      • Exactly,
        Bin Laden is dead (can’t use him as an excuse anymore to invade a country).
        then it was the taliban who then became Muslim fundamentalists, who then became jihadists, who then became IS, who then became ISIL, who then became ISIS. all ‘bogeymen threats to justify war/invasions.

        People can see this shit for what it is, a perceived external threat being used to justify war.

        So now we have pics of dead kiddies and an influx of migrants to Europe, all to get Assad deposed, instill a corrupt democracy and rape Syria of it’s resources.
        Exactly what they did to Gadaffi in Libya.
        He was such a dictator that in Libya electricity/gas and water was FREE to everyone, when couples got married they would get £20,000 from the government towards the cost of a home.

        If that was not bad enough Gadaffi the dictator wanted to sell oil but not in the reserve currency of dollars, hence he had to go!
        So he was killed, a corrupt democracy was instilled and the profits from Libya’s oil/gas and mineral wealth was swallowed up by US corporations.

      • “….. reserve currency of dollars….” But for how much longer. China dumps $194 billion of US T bonds and gets gold, Russia no longer take dollars for oil and King Fuckwaddi al Cunt of Saudi shows up at the Shite House, why? bye bye OPEC? Sanctions released Iran look to trade oil, but not in dollars. JP Morgan stock up with 240,000 oz of silver and leave the LME trading floor. Then there’s the $1,4000,000,000,000,000 (est.) off the books derivatives market. What could possibly go wrong. Are there dots to be joined up here? or have I gone Spivycunty?

  15. I forgot Al-Qaeda, the media change the names and threats so often it is hard to keep up. oh and of course boko haram
    Next week it will be ISOS or ISOSCELES TRIANGLE

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