Daytime TV Presenters


Daytime TV Presenters. Not any old TV presenters, not evening or weekend TV presenters, but weekday daytime TV presenters.

The quantity of cuntage crammed into daytime lifestyle/magazine/quiz/panel shows is truly stupefying. For a start you’ve got all those bitter, menopausal witches on Loose Women, then you’ve got Philip Schofield and Holly Willoughby on This Morning (and their seasonal replacements Fatboy Eamonn Holmes and his wife), Martin Roberts (cunted previously) and Lucy “Suzi Quatro” Alexander on Homes Under The Hammer, plus the likes of Matthew Wright, Jeremy Kyle, Alan Titchmarsh, Nick “There isn’t a job I’ll turn down” Knowles, Aled Jones and Jules Hudson (previously cunted) from Escape To The Cuntry, and, on a particularly bad day, you may even get Paul O’Grady on daytime too.

The cunts should be cunted en masse and preferably gassed en masse too. The world would be a brighter place with all Daytime TV Presenters obliterated.

Nominated by: Fred West

Jeremy Kyle [2]

jeremy kyle

Jeremy Kyle is a right cunt. Telling us how to live and shit. Just a poor mans Jerry Springer.

Saw him at Aldis once. He was buying cheap beans, you know the ones that come from Estonia and are cheaper than the carrier bags.

At times like this I ask: What would Cato the younger have done? Probably open a vein and have a hot bath. Good man that Cato the younger.

Nominated by : Lard Porsenna of Clusium