Daytime TV Presenters


Daytime TV Presenters. Not any old TV presenters, not evening or weekend TV presenters, but weekday daytime TV presenters.

The quantity of cuntage crammed into daytime lifestyle/magazine/quiz/panel shows is truly stupefying. For a start you’ve got all those bitter, menopausal witches on Loose Women, then you’ve got Philip Schofield and Holly Willoughby on This Morning (and their seasonal replacements Fatboy Eamonn Holmes and his wife), Martin Roberts (cunted previously) and Lucy “Suzi Quatro” Alexander on Homes Under The Hammer, plus the likes of Matthew Wright, Jeremy Kyle, Alan Titchmarsh, Nick “There isn’t a job I’ll turn down” Knowles, Aled Jones and Jules Hudson (previously cunted) from Escape To The Cuntry, and, on a particularly bad day, you may even get Paul O’Grady on daytime too.

The cunts should be cunted en masse and preferably gassed en masse too. The world would be a brighter place with all Daytime TV Presenters obliterated.

Nominated by: Fred West

13 thoughts on “Daytime TV Presenters

  1. They are all a waste TV scheduling space. Confine them all to the studio dustbin of shredded film footage out-take tapes (preferable shred them as well)…

    I don’t though…I used to fancy that Andrea McLean (gorgeous tit knockers)…on second thoughts – she was on that Loose Women wimmins issues show; along with that Janet Street Porter (fucking yuk!)… Nah shred the cunt as well.

  2. Firstly, choosing Fred West as a name is truly awful.

    Then the cunt starts talking about gassing people. Absolutely despicable.
    The mods on this swamp should be ashamed.

  3. Just pondering in the small hours, being of the Insomnia persuasion. Just what is it that these overpaid plastic personalities actually do? Every daytime TV show that i have had the misfortune to be exposed to reveals a fresh horde of “Stepford Presenters”, each armed with a maniacal smile, the obligatory suit and in the women, just enough cleavage to prevent instant channel switching.
    Nothing of any interest, just mindless blabber that makes the Jeremy Kyle show look good.
    By far the biggest offence committed in the name of light entertainment was however, the decision to allow Adrian Chiles on daytime TV to frighten little children with his rat-arsed face.

  4. Can I nominate whiny cunts in general? Re Bane, if Fred’s nom de plume offends, then fuck off and die. Much in the spirit of cunts that write in to points of view, you have the power to just stop. Stop browsing, change channel or otherwise divert your attention from the perceived offensive material. Don’t post a whiny complaint, don’t write a letter, don’t start a campaign. Just fuck off, and stop spoiling everyone else’s fun.

    The main nomination for whiny cunts, is the up their own arse, self styled minority representatives that had the merchants quarter in Bristol renamed as Cabot circus due to its perceived harking back to the slave trade. I’d like to see if the convictions that they cited, also hold up to them not using the products of Tate and Lyle (probably every confection in UK via wholesale) , Siemens (probably all heavy engineering, telecoms and transport systems in UK), Thyssen Krupp (lifts, escalators, electrical goods), BMW (cars for cunts ;-)) to name just a few former slavers.

    Talk about holding a grudge ffs, there’s been a merchants city in Glasgow since year dot and no one batted an eyelid. But in Bristol, just because some whiny minority representative cunt brings up their opinion, the plan gets changed.

    It’s only offensive if you’re easily offended. So, bollox and fuck off if you don’t like it. Cunts.

  5. Well said Fred.
    There are too many leftist cunts and trendy town planners eager to name streets, buildings and parks after famous figures, most of whom never set foot in the country and none of whom have any connection with the town or city that uses their names.
    The way these tossers are quick to jump on the lefty bandwaggon, it would not surprise me in the slightest to see a street renamed “Hezbollah gardens” or “John Prescott road”.

  6. Bane was/is a crap Batman villain anyway… A steroid fueled thug who only beat the Caped Crusader because he was knackered… Now The Joker, Scarecrow, Ra’s al Ghul, Deacon Blackfire… They are proper Batman baddies. And I’m talking about the comic books, not the crappy Christian Bale (cunt!) shite…

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