Jeremy Kyle [2]

jeremy kyle

Jeremy Kyle is a right cunt. Telling us how to live and shit. Just a poor mans Jerry Springer.

Saw him at Aldis once. He was buying cheap beans, you know the ones that come from Estonia and are cheaper than the carrier bags.

At times like this I ask: What would Cato the younger have done? Probably open a vein and have a hot bath. Good man that Cato the younger.

Nominated by : Lard Porsenna of Clusium

3 thoughts on “Jeremy Kyle [2]

  1. Yeah, he’s a fuckin arrogant, self-righteous nob. He thinks he’s a saint. Huh.

  2. Yeah but Hey, I’m Jeremy Kyle (Turns his head sideways to look at camera 2 with a smug look)

    But you know what? I was overlooked as a serious journalist because I am too thick but I bet I make more money than them now.

    It’s great, I pay some of the lowest forms of humanity a few hundred quid to come on my “show” and air their dirty laundry to an equally scummy studio audience.

    It makes great TV for the unwashed masses and it makes me look really good 🙂

    But let us not get away from the fact that I am doing everyone a favour with my wise and “sage like” words. And if they don’t like it, they can get off my F*****ng show.

    Oh … the polygraph? It is actually illegal to use that on anyone if you are not a law enforcement agency, sorry but it makes good TV for imbeciles. We just pretend ha ha.

    But hey??? I’m Jeremy Kyle

  3. Ever wondered what Jeremy Kyle”s breath smells like?………………….Just tell him you ain”t got a job………..Baaaaaaaaaaaaah

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