Carol Vordeman


I cannot not believe that nobody has cunted Carol ‘Cuntflaps’ Vordeman!

I saw her on Loose Wimmen the other day. More facelifts than the Albert Hall. Good job PIP used the stuff they did because tits that size would need industrial strength silicone.

I wouldn’t fuck it with yours.

Nominated by : Cuntflaps

4 thoughts on “Carol Vordeman

  1. Shit, all tits and tits. Should have spent the money on her teeth. I used to fancy her 20 years ago. Er, pick at a tit from the top.

  2. I am afraid to say that you are wrong!, track 11 from the album “I have a little wank and I have a little cry” (Kunt and the gang) is dedicated to this wonderful woman, very childish mind, but I am sure she is familiar with it and would love to have it played at full volume as she enters any venue she attends.

  3. Can I be anti-cunt here? Apart from her tits and arse she is an intelligent woman who has presented some half decent shows is at least down to earth with few airs and graces, not to mention a filthy laff. Right off for a wank now.

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