Carol Vordeman [2]


I don’t know anyone who actually likes Carol Vorderman. She does seem like a greedy, money grabbing, attention seeking media whore and can always be relied upon to dress in totally inappropriate clothes that she obviously thinks makes her look younger but sadly have the opposite effect.

I could nominate ‘Loose Women’ for a cunting; I can’t even watch that program any more, it makes me cringe too much. A bunch of stupid women pretending to be intelligent, and don’t get me started on that unpleasant loud-mouthed creature Janet Street Porter.

Nominated by: Serena

Carol Vordeman [1]


Carol Vordeman is a cunt….

I thought she was alright in those early Countdown episodes and throughout the 90s… Not at all flash, far from stupid and even attractive… She was rather sexy back then…

Fast forward to 2015…. Plastic surgery to the fizzog, a huge pair of plastic tits, a very bad peroxide dye job… Does all kinds of tacky books and TV shows, and also now does the bottom end of the celebrity magazines circuit: with other cunts like Colleen Nolan, Denise Welch and those Birds Of A Feather cunts…. Vorderman was one of the more intelligent and real women on TV… Now she’s a professional celebrity and looks like one of those old slags from those horrible ‘Real Housewives’ shows…. Goes to show how a bit of money and fame can change a person, and not for the better….

Nominated by: Norman

Carol Vordeman [2]


What can I say? There can be more more edifying sight than a cunt cunting herself on national television.

I thought this old slapper had gracefully retired from the scene, only to be confronted with the old tub of silicon on commercial tellie earlier this week. I forget what she was advertising – it was so memorable – but it should be plastic surgery or hair dye…

Fuck off, Carol, and give us all a break!

Nominated by: Dioclese

Carol Vordeman


I cannot not believe that nobody has cunted Carol ‘Cuntflaps’ Vordeman!

I saw her on Loose Wimmen the other day. More facelifts than the Albert Hall. Good job PIP used the stuff they did because tits that size would need industrial strength silicone.

I wouldn’t fuck it with yours.

Nominated by : Cuntflaps