Carol Vordeman [2]


I don’t know anyone who actually likes Carol Vorderman. She does seem like a greedy, money grabbing, attention seeking media whore and can always be relied upon to dress in totally inappropriate clothes that she obviously thinks makes her look younger but sadly have the opposite effect.

I could nominate ‘Loose Women’ for a cunting; I can’t even watch that program any more, it makes me cringe too much. A bunch of stupid women pretending to be intelligent, and don’t get me started on that unpleasant loud-mouthed creature Janet Street Porter.

Nominated by: Serena

12 thoughts on “Carol Vordeman [2]

  1. She may well be a cunt and deserving of a cunting but I’d still like a go on her. I’m pretty sure I could work up a nice load of jizz to shoot on her face. She’s got a face made for jizz.

  2. A mate of mine did a house refit for her a few years back, kitchen, bedrooms, carpets etc. He reckoned her old mattress which went in the skip looked like a butchers slab, make of that what you will.

  3. Rachel Riley all the way.

    I’ll have two from the top and a nice small one from the bottom, please.

  4. Sorry I would like to bone her too! Just ain’t going to happen, we don’t see eye to eye, or more my head is at her tit height.

  5. I would have done Vorderman 20 years ago, but not now… Nah… There’s more plastic and other bits on her these days than there is in a Fisher Price toy garage…

    Rachel Riley would get it though….

  6. Just got to cunt the cunt of all cunts Janet Street Porter a rancid disease bearing insect of a cunt buzzing around a cows arsehole. I despair how any TV producer could inflict such a cunt on the general public so to any that have you are a cunt.

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