ISIS Apologists


ISIS apologists are such a bunch of cunts…

The tossers moaning about the bombing of Syria would probably have moaned about bombing Dresden in the last World War…

Of course the BBC’s Question Time is full of the knobheads… I wonder where all these do-gooding cunts will go when there is a major Islamic State attack on Britain?

Nominated by: Norman

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  1. Only last week, that wretched sack of shit, Corbyn, announced that he thought it was time to negotiate with ISIS. Yeah right, because negotiating with islamic psychopaths always works well. Corbyn is an idiot. This is someone who thinks we should follow the example of Costa Rica and disband our armed forces.

    Obviously, that would work well, because all those Irish republicans and muslim mentalists would not in any way seek to take advantage of our sudden inability to defend ourselves. Countries like Russia would also not seek to take advantage of us not having so much as a catapult with which to fight enemies.

    Then of course there he was his dipshit announcement that he was unhappy with the thought of British police using lethal force against ISIS terrorists during an attack in the UK. He’s also announced his opposition to bombing the shit out of ISIS in Syria. This is, apparently, at odds with the general public. According to a survey by one of the major polling firms, a majority of the British public are now in favour not only of dropping large amounts very heavy ordnance on the medieval motherfuckers, but also of sending troops. Well, I’ve already been there and done that, so it’s some other fucker’s turn.

    Corbyn, putting it politely, is a knob. Moreover, he’s a dangerous knob. Most people think he doesn’t stand a cat in hell’s chance of becoming PM, but I beg to differ. It’s UNLIKELY that hell get into No 10, but it’s not impossible. And if he does, say goodbye to the United Kingdom.

    • I’ve no problem with bombing the fuck out of the barabaric medieval goat fuckers but will it work ?

    • I would suggest a Heavy dusting of nerve gas over the whole area. bit of a 3 in 1

      1, all the cunts die
      2, the cunts over here can fuck off back
      3, we dont have to put up with there shit anymore.

      Also its much cheaper than conventional weapons, should there be any disapation around the target country, well we arnt that keen on them either.

  2. I think Peter Hain is due for a cunting. Here’s why;

    The Rt Hon. the Lord Hain, ennobled yesterday, 24 November 2015:

    “I, Peter Gerald Hain, do solemnly, sincerely and truly declare and affirm that I will be faithful and bear true allegiance to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth, her heirs and successors, according to law.”

    Peter Hain MP, 3 November 2014.

    “The Lords are an archaic anomaly which fuels disillusionment with British politics. It exists purely on a democratic deficit which has been allowed to evolve unchecked for centuries… the fact is that people are fed up with an out-of-touch political class and the growing sense that Westminster is failing us all.”

    What is it with Labour politicians and hypocrisy when it comes to the House of Lords? I remember Prescott continually slagging off the Lords, and then accepting a peerage the first time it was offered. Not for himself mind you, but to make that fat, shaved gorilla he’s married to a Lady. A title does not make one a Lady or a Gentleman. Mind you, £300 per day plus expenses is quite an incentive. If you’re a greedy, money grabbing, socialist monkey clit.

  3. Easiest way to stop the middle east bickering is to crash the market.
    There’s 30-40 times the GDP of the planet wrapped up in derivatives and CDSs’ and the resulting panic amongst governments who are openly supplying the arms to the thugs will re-focus their attention on more significant matters.
    Industry will freeze, shops will be empty as the public panic buy everything they can lay their hands on, no work therefore no petrol demand and when the sand jockeys run out of ammo they are left with pointed sticks and a few pebbles to throw at each other.
    Power will stop so after a brief spell of staring at a darkened screen we will begin to notice there are other people in our street and begin using things like “words” to communicate instead of keystrokes. Some you may find a bond with and others may appear offensive, but that’s ok, the Police are too busy defending the possessions of the “Rightious and Noble” to bother with skirmishes in the Proles quarter and you will be left to administer whatever fate regarding the offence you have been given. Think of it as natural selection.
    Now the world economy has crumbled to nothing and both the authorities and the military have slung all their wagons in a circle, just taking the occasional pot-shot at a passing cat every now and again, the only thing flying will be a random lone military jet sucking the last drops of kerosene through its fan blades, just in case. Old Abdul al-Bradford on the other hand is stuck in the land of sand he so keenly went to fight the hand that fed him in with a knackered Toyota, no refineries and no chance of a fill-up anywhere between here and eternity. He may have access to a trillion gallons of crude but it is gonna gum up the injectors a bit I reckon. Apart from a dwindling stock of drinking water and the worry that if he isn’t back by tuesday the DWP will sanction his JSA it is the three and a half thousand miles he is gonna have to walk so his mum can do his washing for him.
    England would look like it was overrun by Zombies; millions of people wandering about staring open mouthed at their smartphones robotically tapping the dead screen with spit dribbling from their open mouths because they can’t play Candy Crush. Within the week it would look like “28 Days After” as they weren’t prompted to eat by constant adverts on screen.
    By the time Captain “Sandstorm” has moaned all the way across Europe to Calais about how everything is everyone elses’ fault, it’s all racist and the promise of 72 virgins is but a faded memory so he will have to make do with his little sister, chances are that all in Blighty will have sorted itself out; Candy crush addicts and the terminally stupid will have starved to death, local greivences will have come to their natural conclusion and the military will have seized their opportunity to turn on the gluttony within and burst out to carve their own empire, pretty much in the image of the feudal system of an age long gone.
    It’s very easy to stop a war if you can cope with the consequences.

    • Well said Barnaby. That will be the day I ring some well deserving Cunts to say: “Told you so!” I hope the power holds out just long enough. I personally will be atop my 1200′ hill with five bottles of finest single malt to keep me company while I piss myself laughing.

    • Buzzzzzzzzz….the other version is, muzzie terrorists will still have their weapons and ammo and will still have the intention to kill Westerners, by the time they run out of the ammo they have tucked away which will be fucking decades away we’ll be dead and buried for the most part. They won’t need petroleum to get to the UK or any other Western country as the cunts are already here. Whilst the Western military wagons are circled around the wealthy as you put it the ordinary joe will have no one to defend him so the terrorists will run riot. The candy crush sun readers will have no god but the muzzies will still have ally and the pedo prophet so their resolve will never be stronger in their determination to wipe us out, they will see the events as a sign no doubt, in fact even the moderate muzzies will slide over to the extremists given this blessing from ally.

      The mad max scenario you mention is a nice thought, but realistically very unlikely to work out that way sadly.

  4. Corbyn is a fucking cunt… Negotiate with another country and their government, but not with a bunch of greasy arsed barbaric psychopaths… These bastards want to (and do) murder anyone who isn’t part of their crappy ‘Caliphate’… I wouldn’t even let these demented savages eat English shit, never mind negotiate with the fucking cunts…

    • I agree they need bombing to fuck, but equally I don’t believe bombs kill ideologies. Bombing the cunts will make us all feel better for a bit, but it won’t solve the problem, they’ll just spring up somewhere else under a different name. I’m not proposing negotiation which any cunt can see is a non-starter, I just don’t believe bombs will rid us of these psycopathic terrorist cunts.

      • Depends on the size of the bombs Fred.

        Something in the fifty megaton range, dropped directly on tablecloth-head central will definately get them questioning the existance of God.

  5. Has one of the world’s biggest cunts chris (I laugh hysterically at my own jokes) tarrant ever been cunted here, if not he fucking well should be! Other similar laugh hysterically at their own jokes cunts are michael mcintyre and james corden, all of whom are about as funny as fucking a milk carton full of spiders!

  6. But they’re opressed and hard done to, let’s hug a muslim, put members of isis(or whatever the gentle folk of peace are calling themselves this week) into therapy, massage them with healing oils. On the other hand we could just blow them to bits , obviously I could never advocate this action against such a peace loving people.

  7. Good to see you back, mummy bear….

    Tonight the Manchester United team are cunts… That was fucking abysmal… Having trouble defending LVG as he sticks with the wigheaded fat Scouse cunt… Simply atrocious… Tenth anniversary of George Best’s death? Old Bestie will be spinning in his grave…. Try playing like he did, you overpaid overrated cunts…

    • It was that bad I had to start drinking again to even sit through the full 90 minutes, I actually prayed to a god I don’t believe for no injury time!

  8. On a similar theme, I am fucking fed up with the following – there’s a terrorist attack. Hordes of cunts take to the media, facebook etc tripping over themselves to be the first to say how this is no excuse for Islamophobia, how the West are the real terrorists actually. I was going to write a slightly more eloquent post but I’m now too wound up just thinking about these mewling cunts.

  9. Couldn’t agree more…. The apologist is helping to spread the disease of terrorism and aiding evil people… These ISIS arselickers are the same sort of people that gave that murdering cunt, Myra Hindley a university degree and a pet poodle… These are also the type of cunts that treat those two sadistic Scouse bastards, Venables and Thompson, like kings… Touchy feely do-gooding cunts like these are a blight on decent society and they should go up in smoke… This cartoon sums these cunts up perfectly…

    • Too true norman these cunts are race traitors and cuckolds they will do anything to sellout their own race just to stop being called racist. These cuckolding race traitors say they are colourblind but they are really colourblind to their own race.

      • Too right, TitSlapper… Those two evil cunts who murdered Lee Rigby (fuck off, Spivey, you fat cunt!) will get all the food, perks and warmth they need this winter… While elderly people – including those who fought for this country – will go without,suffer, and even die because they don’t have enough food, heat or care… This country has turned to shit…

        The IRA were cunts, but when I think back now I think they were only so despised, and there were so few apologists (except those Yank twats), because they were white and western… Had the provos been muslims they’d have had people falling over themselves to make excuses for them…

  10. German takes in half a million Syrians, now the Krauts are sending Tornado jets to Syria…
    Guess what happens next?

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