John Humphrys


John Humphrys is a cunt.

The slimy smugness of this poster-codger of the metropolitan elite is revolting. The dirty old cunt, with his omnipresent faux ‘bon ami’ (that eclipses a bus load of lower middle class pedophiles on their way to a camp in the woods to bugger cub-scouts) always force-feeds the sheep the diabolical propaganda of the ‘beast’.

This very morning, for example – one example among thousands, the cunt was back to attacking and humiliating victims of atrocities to please his paymasters (not just the BBC).

It was reported (by NATO) an Afghan hospital (run by Medecins Sans Frontieres volunteers) had been bombed (obviously deliberately – a £25 phone has GPS accurate to less than 10 feet) during a US air strike (helicopters at low altitude) and at least 50 people had been killed.

The dirty little cunt John Humphrys interviewed some of the survivors of the bombing and a random talking head purporting to be a specialist. His entire thrust of questioning was to try to blame ‘terrorists’ instead of the Americans (even though the crime was admitted).

The filthy fucking cunt John Humphrys even called the Americans forces (who have killed 100,000 civilians and maimed 300,000 in Afghanistan) peacekeepers.

John Humphrys is a the lowest of cunts. The filthy rat cunt presents the evil propaganda of his paymasters to cover up the most serious crimes against humanity, to stop decent people, taxpayers who are paying for the crimes, protesting against the atrocities, for personal monetary gain.

John Humphrys will die soon and burn in the deepest sewer in hell. He is a truly evil cunt.

Nominated by: Sandra Jones

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