The Mercury Prize

Vice Mercury Prize Illustration

I would like an early cunting of this years Mercury Prize, which has seen someone win because they are connected to France. Fuck off with your attention seeking shite.

Also Laurn Laverne is a talentless posh cow who has obviously got ‘connections’.Check out her musical output on youtube to see how utterly shite she is.

Nominated by: Vermin Cunt Spotter

18 thoughts on “The Mercury Prize

  1. So what if Charlie Sheen has video of him smoking crack and sucking cocks? It sounds like most women I know, double standards!!

      • As much as a cunt as Putin is, I can imagine his notes on Turkey…
        ‘”You kebab eating bastards… No oil, no gas, no exports, no tourists, no technology… You want middle ages, I’ll give you fucking middle ages…”

      • Pfffft and turkey replies 60,000 angry natasha’s (russian prostitutes in turkey) find themselves unemployed and all your hotels/land/mineral deals are null n void you russian cunts……….

  2. I don’t know why they bother.

    Never a winner with any real talent.

    Just a PC tick-box exercise for cunts who happen to be the right colour or political standing du jour.

  3. ‘Screamadelica’ is the only album to have deservedly won the Mercury Prize… The rest were shit… That squawking cow Adele will probably win it (anyone else notice how airbrushed and photoshopped to fuck she is on her new album cover?)…

    Paul Scholes is cunt… Paul Scholes thinks Manchester United should be getting more from Bastian Schweinsteiger…. Scholes believes Schweinsteiger, who was instrumental in United’s winner at Watford on Saturday, has been too cautious in the way he’s played since signing for United…. What has it got to do with that bitter ginger gremlin? Is Scholes United manager? No he isn’t, so he can fuck right off… Scholes said fuck all when he was a player, now the little cunt can’t shut the fuck up…

    • Yup, totally overrated prick. Englishman who manages to control the ball decently and can pass more than 3 yards and everyone thinks he’s fucking Cruyff. Italy produce 20 of him every year and they dont kick up a fuss.
      I detest the cunt, United played much better football without him and he was a stick on yellow card every game.

      • Also Scholes had the mighty Roy Keane doing most of the work and protecting his arse for most of his career… Scholes was a good player, but he was no Bobby Charlton or Bryan Robson… Arnold Muhren was a much better creative midfielder for United than Scholes… Arnie was closer to Cruyff than Scholes will ever be…

  4. Yes, Norm. Screamadelica is indeed a great album. But who is Paul Scholes? Was he even in Primal Scream?

  5. This whole paris attack sounds like a bad hollywood script seriously though. None of the family members are even pissed off at their attackers just saying “we need to move on”. I’m not decided on this but I find it strange that they couldn’t find the kebab(who’s been on the radar for 5 years) and they had the fucking individual at the border but let him go. I also find it suspicious that the previous owners sold bataclan 2 weeks before the attacks and his wive died in the attack. I just find it hard to believe none of the victims families are even mad they all instantly give interviews with a bloody smile on their stupid cunt face.

      • Yes well it seems the easiest way to discredit someone on here is to call them a follower of spivey. The whole thing just doesn’t add up it took the frog police 40 minutes to enter bataclan what were they waiting for a fucking invitation? I wasn’t aware spivey wrote a article on bataclan but this witch hunt on spivey is getting a bit old I could care less one way or the other though. You know what fuck the people who put france colors on their avatars and what not.. griefjacking cunts and fuck the dead people in bataclan. This is what I get for having a opinion!

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