Len Goodman [2]


Len Goodman – the cunt responsible for bringing each and every cunt that participates in Strictly Cunts Dancing.

From the judges, comperes to the contestants who feels they have transpired into some mysterious god just to be on that show makes it very hard to pick who to take out first.

A much better, classier group of people are found on Porn Hub, than are the cunts on this excuse for entertainment.

Nominated by: King Cunt

19 thoughts on “Len Goodman [2]

  1. Goodman is a fucking schlong…. The patronising old cunt does his holidays of the past show: going on about nostalgia and how great things were back them in the past… Yet he has no problem fucking up the present and future, by being involved in soulless shite like Strictly Come Mincing that blights Britain’s television schedules…. If he loved British life (as was) and ballroom dancing as much as he says he does the old turd would help bring back the original Come Dancing format for TV (my mother danced on it in 1971 for a New Moston dance team), with proper dancers and proper people, instead of narcissistic D-List celebrity cunts and those human oil slick judges…. Goodman and the BBC’s attitude was summed up with Comic Relief… They did a show called ‘The People’s Striclty’ Which was basically getting ‘ordinary’ people to do Striclty just for comedic effect… First of all, why do the British public have to be funny or a joke? Second, a show that originally was for and about real dancers, now infested by celebrity knobheads, is basically saying ‘Here you are, riff-raff… You can dance on our show, but only if you look like a prick and make us laugh… Celebrities rule now, but go on then, have this crumb, you peasants…’
    Set of cunts…

    • My idea would be to launch a new tv show called ‘Celebrity cock sucking’ to be hosted by Charlie Sheen.

    • Ant & Dec’s heads exploding…
      Caroline Flack shagged to death (that’ll happen anyway)…
      Danny Dyer covered in meat paste and thrown into a tiger pit…
      Keith Lemon choked to death, Darth Vader style….

      I think it could be a winner…

  2. Yet another show where the initial novelty has long since worn off, yet it still clogs up the telly. I tend to catch the end of this crap, where that cunt with excessive makeup and her cunt friend say “keep dancing” and all the couples in the studio rock backwards and forwards on the spot like mongs. It looks awful.

  3. That cunt needs kicking to death. I hope he’s exposed as a pedo and some vigilantes burn his house down.

  4. Natalie McGarry MP (aka, minging pig) is a cunt. The rancid munter has nicked ¬£30,000 from ‘Women for Independence’.

    ‘Women for Independence’ is a bunch of sour-faced scotch bitches with fannies smelling of potted meat and dog dicks. The tards put Natalie McGarry in charge of their money (that they were hoping to use for an all-inclusive 2-week holiday to a donkey sanctuary – after losing the scotch Independence vote because they spent no money on the ‘YES’ campaign).

    One glace at Natalie McGarry is enough to know her. Even Rain Man would see she is a dead-eyed unscrupulous kleptopath with no conscience.

    Everyone who has been to school, college, or university, will know there was a dark smelly corner where fat ugly girls and strange iniquitous creepy deformed boys, destined by nepotism (not merit or vocation) for the public sector or politics, congregated to hone their malicious intentions to do harm, and plan grand theft from the poor.

    The cunt Natalie McGarry will probably get away with it and have another 50 years in politics and/or the public sector to satiate her sick need to destroy people’s lives, and will probably get away with thieving ¬£millions more from the poor.

    I hate soulless cunts like Natalie McGarry.

  5. andddddddd another Spivey ‘in depth investigation’ bites the dust. the ‘Alton Towers false flag’. i’m not quite sure what it was supposed to have acheived in the opinion of mr Spivey but in actual fact it comes down to this: some bloke pressed the wrong button, simple as that. unless of course………

    • And if you are in the mood for another Spivey ‘investigation’ toddle over to his s(h)ite and learn that the events in Paris were also ‘bollocks’ Expect lots of red circles and lines and lots of talk of photoshopping , swearing and nowt of any substance. Amusingly the daft cunt has titled this journalistic masterpiece qui qui poo poo. I assume the utter spastic meant oui oui. The mentally ill,dead defiling CUNT

    • Spivy is right about paris as a false flag affair. I saw with my own eyes some cunt had sneaked a red and a blue stripe on their flag.


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