3 thoughts on “Jeremy Kyle

  1. Why don’t you grow a pair and put something on the end of it Jeremy? One day some tattooed druggy nose ring type in shiny tracki bottoms is going to gut him live on his show. Or some huge slug of a whore who’s took it up the shita from 2 big buck black guys while her alcoholic boyfriend watches and wanks.

  2. This guy really is a cunt. Someone of absolutely no value at all, who preys on the weak. Giving people money in exchange for their dignity, parading their problems on TV for entertainment with the pretense of helping them, which is he no way qualified to do being a complete fucking cunt. .

  3. Anyone noticed that at the moment (Feb 2016) Kyle’s show (freakshow), is followed by Take Me Out. Let’s hope someine gets the message. Creepy cunt.

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