British Democracy R.I.P

Democracy after tonight in the commons has been confirmed dead.Yes it was deceased before but tonight was the official death certificate being signed off and the funeral parlour manhandling the corpse off site.The idea of democracy has now physically left the building.Question as in when anyone dies is how to console oneself.I sat down long and hard earlier over a stiff drink and relived ever regret sadness and disappointment I have experienced in my 24 years and there have been many some extremely traumatic. Yet the depressing distressing memories I relived in full paled into insignificance when I considered what we had just lost.Gloss it over whatever you have witnessed or experienced in your life you would as I have previously fallen back on the fact we are in a democratic nation and not a dictatorship third world shithole.That consolation has been stripped away from me.Two weeks ago when on my work shift someone died in front of me and I had as the person responsible had to sort everything out legally and emotionally with the authorities and family. I thought to myself this was the night you became a man.Forget shagging that slut at lunchtime at her house whilst her father was at work opposite the school gates when I was 16.This was it.Oh but it was not it.The notion that whatever happened I still lived in a free society was irrevocably crushed when on 13th March 2019 our always dubious representatives once and for all confirmed our worst fears:That us voting without a shadow of a doubt meant jack shit.This is certainly the moment my adulthood has arrived.Will I be marching on the streets.You are damned fucking right.My eyes are now well and truly open.

This rant is being cunted tomorrow under the headline democracy R.I.P.I am using administration privileges to use my judgement without repercussions from you plebeians.Feels almost poetic.If you disagree just know I am your might unelected overload demanding your compliance of opinion.Peasants.

Nominated by Shaun of the Dead 69

Yvette Cooper (3)


Sugartits is such an interfering, do-gooding preachy old cunt, is she not?

Last night she “took over” Caroline Spellman’s bill to prevent a no-deal Brexit, and the conniving little bitch won by just 4 votes – a very small margin, you might think, but I doubt she will demand it is re-run to see if anyone has changed their mind. So she is a hypocritical old cunt to go with it.

Silly Mrs Balls – she and hubby Ed could have been the Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers of the North – he’s at home, no doubt brushing up his Argentinian Tango or Foxtrot, while Sugartits joins forces with first Nick Boles, then Oliver Letwin, now Dame Caroline to scupper a democratic decision

Make her fuck off home to hubby – let them dance the night away, then when they go home she can give him a soapy tit wank, then id she’s a good girl he will let her ride him before they do “Yvette does doggy”.

She is a gold plated twat.

Nominated by W. C. Boggs

John Bercow (6)

John Bercow.

This smug, biased, inflated windbag has just (14/3, 1350) declined to include an amendment, ruling out a second referendum, to tonight’s motion on extending Article 50 (if the EU will kindly allow us to do that at all)

Mark Francois, vice-chair of the European Research Group of Tory Brexiteers, said: “It had far more signatures than any other amendment on the order paper, and had three different parties supporting it.”

Senior Tory backbencher Sir Bernard Jenkin questioned if Mr Bercow’s personal views on Brexit had coloured his decision.

You bet it bloody did. He allowed a motion calling for a second referendum at the same time, the shameless partisan cunt. Who has never disguised his Remain partisanship, and is undoubtedly counting the days until a lucrative EU sinecure drops into his obese lap.

Another one for Traitor’s Gate, and I am sharpening a pike for his fat unethical head. Such a parcel of rogues in a nation, as our northern neighbours remarked when their own kingdom was sold by similar cunts.

I will detain you no longer. Bercow is a platinum, VIP-lounge cunt.

Nominated by Komodo

Steve Bray

Steve Bray, the guy who keeps shouting “STOP BREXIT” outside the Houses of Parliament is a triple cunt. First he’s a cunt cos he wants to stop Brexit, second he’s a really fucking annoying cunt because he fucks up any interviews you’re trying to listen to on TV, even when there are other remaining cunts that agree with him being interviewed. And finally he’s Welsh and they voted to LEAVE so that makes him a triple cunt.

Nominated by adam

The Body Politic

The Body Politic or Blighty’s Rotting Corpse

Never in a very long life has Yours Truly seen such an exhibition as has just taken place in full view orf the World in the Hoise Orf Commons. Headless chickens orn heat don’t come near to describe it. ”Never wash your dirty linen in public and certainly not in front orf the natives”. Sage words that kept the Empire secure during many a time orf National Peril. Small wonder that arch arse-jockies Verhofstadt and Veradhka are puffed up with bile and venom and snapping their fangs at poor old Blighty’s privates. We are a laughing stock having lorst all honour. Poor Sir Winston that your shade must endure such a spectacle in your beloved Hoise Orf Commons. Within the hour YT was driven to me whiskey.

Now I find within me such rage, such contempt for our elected representatives and their conniving deceits that I must go to the grave with hate in me heart.
Forgive but never Forget?
How often those words were spoken during the late Commemorations and Remembrances for the Fallen of two World Wars. Leaves before the wind now,beyond pain and blood, their lives lost in defence of distant foreign lands, their sacrifice now repaid with cold contempt for their homeland.
So what now. More declamatory rhetoric? Just a simple statement of fact. Like many others on here I am proud to be an Englishman. We may not be aroinde for long, there may not be many orf us left. Yes the memory will go on and let it be like this.
Let us never Forget and never Forgive.

Nominated by Sir Limply Stoke