Lisa Nandy

A red rosette “for the many not the few” cunting please for turncoat Labour MP, yet another remainer-for-a-Brexit constituency MP who has decided she would be prepared to revoke Article 50:

I am sick of this party of harridans, feminists, windbags, Dark keys, Parking Stanleys, poofs and mincers, and this bitch now joins Lady Starmer, Sugartits Cooper, Tom Watson, fuckwit extraordinare , not to mention the Blairite pansies Bradshaw and Kyle who have done so much to frustrate Brexit.

The whole fucking thing is a pantomime, and looking at the flat chested trollop Yvette Cooper, she has to be first choice for the Principal Boy and of course Mangledbum has to be dame.

Nominated by W. C. Boggs

Theresa May (31)

“Approve my deal and I promise to buy a new coat…”

Theresa May the groveler.

I know she is now beyond cunting but for fucks sake how low can she go?
She has dragged this country down by grovelling to every tin pot twat in Europe, including that puffed Irish half breed teashop.
She has been humiliated by Drunker.
She has been humiliated by MPs on all sides.
She has been humiliated by her own cabinet.
She is now grovelling to comrade Steptoe, a pathetic wretch in his own right.

She must be leaving a trail behind her wherever she goes.

Nominated by Cuntstable Cuntbubble

As I’ve said before, Theresa May is a shitty gift that won’t stop giving. After forcing her ministers endure more than seven hours of being locked in a room with her, on the pretence of trying a way to resolve the shit show that SHE caused, she ignored the advice of the majority of ministers, which was to leave the EU with no deal (which is also what the majority of the British people want), and instead went with the advice of the minority of ministers, which was to go back to the EU, YET AGAIN, and ask for ANOTHER extension to our already delayed leaving date.

The word, “Traitor” isn’t strong to describe this filthy, lying, ignorant, duplicitous, deluded fucking whore. “Brexit means Brexit”, she said after being elected leader of the Conservative party. Although in private, I’m quite sure she added, “like fuck it does”. The ONLY truthful thing she has said during her tenure as leader of the Conservative party (I refuse to call her the Prime Minister, since she long ago lost the right to be considered such), was “I will be a bloody difficult woman”. And even then, she was being disingenuous, because she was talking about being a difficult woman with the EU, when what actually meant was, “I will be a bloody difficult woman with everyone who voted to leave the EU, because I have no intention of delivering Brexit in any form”.

There is no humiliation this piece of shit is not prepared to endure to achieve her goal of destroying Brexit. Personally, I think that if she wants to be publicly humiliated on a daily basis, that’s her business. But this wretched creature is intent on humiliating the entire country as well. And that, is intolerable. Look at shit that was thrown at her over her mong dancing when visited Africa last year. Most politicians would simply have ignored it, not this dick though. She decided to try to take the piss out of those taking the piss out her by mong dancing onto the stage, grinning like a coked up twat.

She is, without doubt, the WORST occupant of 10 Downing Street the UK has ever had to suffer. And considering her three immediate predecessors were Tony Blair, Gordon Brown and David fucking Cameron, that takes some doing. She makes Neville Chamberlain look like the world’s greatest ever statesman. At least he was acting out of naivety. May is an out and out traitor. From day one, she has deliberately gone out of her way to sabotage the democratic will of the British electorate. This lying witch shouldn’t just burn in hell, she should be dragged to Traitor’s Gate, be stoned, flogged, kneecapped, burnt at the stake and then hanged, drawn and quartered.

She hasn’t just killed Brexit, she has killed British democracy. And damn this cunt to hell for it.

Nominated by Quick Draw McGraw

There’s been a lot of strong things said lately about the Prime Minister and her woeful capitulation agreement.

Some think she is a traitor and should be dealt with accordingly.

In the words of the greatest Prime Minster that this country never had “They may very well think that but I couldn’t possibly comment…”

Nominated by Dioclese


Is it just me?

I just watched our illustrious Prime Minister say on camera : “We will be asking for a further extension to article 50 because this situation cannot go on

So if it cannot carry on, why do we need an extension?

Nominated by Dioclese
Brexit means Brexit…
No deal is better than a bad deal…
Freedom is slavery..

Theresa “Treason” May [30]

I know this is getting repetitive but fuck me Theresa May is really upping her game for Cunt of the century isn`t she?Her latest shitshow has been snuggling up to the EU begging for an extension to Article 50 despite saying on 108 occasions in the commons that we would leave on the 29th March.Now to really top it off she has approved indicative votes in the commons that include a second referendum or revoking article 50 altogether.

I have come to the conclusion that Theresa May is not stupid she is doing a Columbo pretending to be clueless when really being incredibly sharp.She never wanted us to leave in the first place so she sabotaged the negotiations to the point that Olly Robbins overruled Davis and Raab and capitulated this country to the EU.May and Robbins could not get their tongues deeper up Juncker Verhofstadt and Tusk`s saggy arsehole s if they tried.Theresa May is a fucking trainwreck.The damage she has done to the countries reputation is immense and she has alienated Remainers Leavers the DUP and probably near enough all of her supporters.I mean whether you are a traitor who wants to keep us in the EU or not.I cannot fathom why the traitorous remainers or the Brexiteers in her party are still in her cabinet.She is beyond terrible.At this point I would say she is possibly worse than Anna Soubry.Soubry although a monumental cunt at least has the courtesy to let us know what her intentions are however objectionable.The Maybot though pretends to be on the Leavers side when she is euthanising Brexit .It is like Harold Shipman consoling a dead relatives family.She is the cause of Brexiteers anger.Not the sole cause but a big cause.Yet she keeps up this pretence.Who is she fooling at this point?She had no intention of even attempting to honour the referendum result and I think everyone can see that now.

Nominated by Shaun of the Dead 69

The “Cancel Brexit” petition

*EMERGENCY CUNTING* – The “Cancel Brexit” petition.

No. 1 “Most read” article on the BBC news website (which, given the shameless promotion of their own programmes in this list should be taken with a pinch of salt. Yes Victoria Derbyshite, I’m looking at you).

“‘Cancel Brexit’ petition passes 1m signatures on Parliament site”, thunders the headline.

Wow! 1 million!!


To coin a phrase of a distinguished member of this parish:

Fuck off.

Nominated by Thirkleby Spunktrumpet

Loadsa fucking publicity about the e-petition to cancel Brexit. Not a fucking word about the one I signed back in January to leave with no deal.

Balanced coverage isn’t it? What else did you expect?

Fuck ’em and the ship they sail in…

Nominated by Dioclese