Robin William’s death


Awoke to an outpouring of simpering eulogies; greatest man that ever lived; a light has gone out in the world ect etc. Fuck me, Mother Teresa must have been born again, had the change and died again. But not so, turns out the airwaves have turned the colour of liquid shite on account orf that hairy little cunt Robin Williams. The alleged actor/comedian jasper has topped himself and not had the grace to post the video on YouTube therebye depriving the world of seeing the cunt actually do something funny for the first time in his life.

Bugger me it goes on and on. Obama is at it now showering brain dead drool and cuddly toys all over Robin Williams:
“Robin Williams was an airman, a doctor, a genie, a nanny, a president, a professor, a bangarang Peter Pan, a hairy paedo, a cunt and everything in between. But he was one of a kind. He arrived in our lives as an alien – but he ended up touching every element of the human spirit,”

Obama should be cunted for that PR release puke speak alone. Reaching out to touch the sicko soul of the American people with fake empathy. He does have form but it takes a strong stomach to retain one’s whiskey and devilled kidneys in the reading of the cunts numerous other examples – Michael Jackson, Shirley Temple, Lena Horne, Pete Seeger and so on.

Nominated by: Sir Limply Stoke

All Americans should be cunted again for the tsunami of sentimental bullshit in response to RW’s suicide. It’s like they only get emotional about Hollywood fictions – no mention of the man, just endless fucking banalities about the characters he played and what they meant to the American people. Surely I can’t be the only person who thought Robin Williams was one of the unfunniest men on the planet, along with Steve Martin and Billy Connolly?

Nominated by: Fred West

I quite liked Robin Williams’ films, but for fuck’s sake let’s get it in perspective. The man could not walk on water, could not call lightning down from the sky, could not part the ocean, and could not bring peace to the middle east. Obama thinks he can do all these things, but Williams couldn’t.

I think he was highly entertaining but the sun definitely did not shine out of his arsehole even if Stephen Fry would have liked it to.

And no cunt had him in the dead pool either…

Nominated by: Dioclese

8 thoughts on “Robin William’s death

  1. Fuck I didn’t see this coming. Okay, so the cunt was a manic depressive with a history of substance abusive. Must try harder. Not going to win the ‘dead pool’ accolade from that cunt Dioclese at this rate. Now I’ve got that Miley ‘cunting’ Cyrus- not a bad bet considering her antics. Old Richard O’Sullivan is apparently dead from the nose down, after his last stroke. I also nominated one of the Nolan sisters. I’m hoping it is the one that ‘Big Jim’ touched up live on ‘Top of the Pops’ circa 1972. In truth, I really couldn’t which one. Although the perfect result would be all of them dying in a plane crash. Perhaps the pilot could arrange to crash on Richard O’Sullivan’s rest home whilst Miley is walking past with her pet pig. I’m an optimist.

  2. So the media waddle bloated and gorged from Robin Williams and on to the next actor/celeb, tough Jewish broad Lauren Bacal now enjoying Olam Ha-Ba (look it up yourselves cunts). Had her in a pool ages past when there were rumours of a stroke but she failed to oblige then and has kinda sneaked orf now. Damn bad show. Much featuring orf slap head film gurus simpering on about her iconic oral sex line “You just put your lips together and blow”.
    Here’s looking up you kid.

  3. What about cunting the cunts handing out fucking pro ISIS leaflets, the cunts. Instant deportation to some Allah forsaken shithole like Somalia should be the correct punishment

  4. I remember when Ian Curtis (actually a pretty nice,,and funny, lad) hung himself in 1980… All he got was a couple of lines in The Manchester Evening News…

    Those fucking Yanks have to Hollywoodize and glitz up everything… Even death… Cunts!

  5. I’m so sad that he’s dead.

    It means that this tosser that I haven’t had to be annoyed with in a very long time, will be memorialized and more of his annoyingly shitty “comedy” will be dredged up. No one gave two shits about him at the beginning of the week, now everyone’s concerned? Eff me sideways.

    Now I’m suffering from depression.

  6. Fuck me Robin Williams dead ! That’s come as such a fucking shock ! I thought that cunt died years ago !

  7. He was a funny man but the funny died long ago, his last few films were shit, so fuck the rich yank cunt and his rich yank cunt kids. $50m the Yiddish little pricks inherited, makes ya wish hitler wasn’t so FUCKING LAZY.

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