25 thoughts on “Ed Sheeran

    • Listen to the song at the end of the second hobbit movie. I think it’s called ‘I see fire’. It’s sung by Ed Sheeran. That’ll give you an idea of the sheer shiteness of sheeran.

  1. Ginger cunt…………..oh and in case you missed it he isn’t just ginger he is also a CUNT!

  2. A piss poor Ralph Malph from Happy Days (except Ralph was funnier!). How this twat Sheeran ended up nuts deep in Taylor Swift, I will never know…

    Oh, and his music is a steaming turd as wel….

  3. Nomination: Tony Pulis erstwhile manager of Crystal Palace FC is a weasly little Welsh cunt. What sort of arsehole walks out on a team two days before the start of their most important season? It’s just not cricket. Cunt.

  4. He has stolen my Brothers music!
    He recently Copied my brother Gregory Cusick (an unsigned struggling artist) song called ‘Wrong’….He changed the lyrics and called it ‘Thinking out loud’
    Even came up with a bullshit cover story of how it was written with Amy Wadge, and he managed to come up with the same timing, production, melody, phrasing, structure, lick ideas and everything down to where the drums come in and their sound and structure! We need to make this known as it is disgusting and has left us with nothing! Impossible for each of these values to be the same without copying!
    Heres my brothers track released last year.
    Heres Sheerans:
    Hear it for yourselves and now you know how this guy works, spread the word and help us out!

  5. Fuck off you cretinous dozy cunt.
    His music’s alright, talented than most of the dim witted bling whores releasing music nowadays and there is fuck all wrong with copper nobs you bland cunt nugget

  6. I don’t have a problem with him being Ginger, that’s his cross to bear. His music is absolutely fucking awful though. I wouldn’t be too disappointed to find out he has AIDS.

  7. Fucking load of shite talkin about gingers like that u all need to b castrated slowly u brain dead cunts.

  8. I must say it leaves me with a warm feeling in my cunt to know that i’m not the only cunt to see the outright cuntishness of this cunt. I only found this site from typing “Ed Sheeran is a cunt” in Google. Couldn’t believe my cunting luck to find i am far from alone in my outlook.


    • Me too! This guy is an arse licking, pretentious cunt! I absolutely despise his bollocks music. He is only popular because we live in a world populated by cunts and they like typical cunts flock together! I was looking at some metal cds ( real guitar playing music) in hmv when one of his songs came on, it made me mad; I had to leave the shop before I fuckin trashed the place along with any smarmy Ed butt hole fan. His music is an insult to insight, music and everything I stand for. FUCK YOU SHEERAN YOU CUNT!!

  9. with toss music for little pussys! good look to him cos hes done well for being shite!
    and ginger and ugly to boot!

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