Theresa May (31)

“Approve my deal and I promise to buy a new coat…”

Theresa May the groveler.

I know she is now beyond cunting but for fucks sake how low can she go?
She has dragged this country down by grovelling to every tin pot twat in Europe, including that puffed Irish half breed teashop.
She has been humiliated by Drunker.
She has been humiliated by MPs on all sides.
She has been humiliated by her own cabinet.
She is now grovelling to comrade Steptoe, a pathetic wretch in his own right.

She must be leaving a trail behind her wherever she goes.

Nominated by Cuntstable Cuntbubble

As I’ve said before, Theresa May is a shitty gift that won’t stop giving. After forcing her ministers endure more than seven hours of being locked in a room with her, on the pretence of trying a way to resolve the shit show that SHE caused, she ignored the advice of the majority of ministers, which was to leave the EU with no deal (which is also what the majority of the British people want), and instead went with the advice of the minority of ministers, which was to go back to the EU, YET AGAIN, and ask for ANOTHER extension to our already delayed leaving date.

The word, “Traitor” isn’t strong to describe this filthy, lying, ignorant, duplicitous, deluded fucking whore. “Brexit means Brexit”, she said after being elected leader of the Conservative party. Although in private, I’m quite sure she added, “like fuck it does”. The ONLY truthful thing she has said during her tenure as leader of the Conservative party (I refuse to call her the Prime Minister, since she long ago lost the right to be considered such), was “I will be a bloody difficult woman”. And even then, she was being disingenuous, because she was talking about being a difficult woman with the EU, when what actually meant was, “I will be a bloody difficult woman with everyone who voted to leave the EU, because I have no intention of delivering Brexit in any form”.

There is no humiliation this piece of shit is not prepared to endure to achieve her goal of destroying Brexit. Personally, I think that if she wants to be publicly humiliated on a daily basis, that’s her business. But this wretched creature is intent on humiliating the entire country as well. And that, is intolerable. Look at shit that was thrown at her over her mong dancing when visited Africa last year. Most politicians would simply have ignored it, not this dick though. She decided to try to take the piss out of those taking the piss out her by mong dancing onto the stage, grinning like a coked up twat.

She is, without doubt, the WORST occupant of 10 Downing Street the UK has ever had to suffer. And considering her three immediate predecessors were Tony Blair, Gordon Brown and David fucking Cameron, that takes some doing. She makes Neville Chamberlain look like the world’s greatest ever statesman. At least he was acting out of naivety. May is an out and out traitor. From day one, she has deliberately gone out of her way to sabotage the democratic will of the British electorate. This lying witch shouldn’t just burn in hell, she should be dragged to Traitor’s Gate, be stoned, flogged, kneecapped, burnt at the stake and then hanged, drawn and quartered.

She hasn’t just killed Brexit, she has killed British democracy. And damn this cunt to hell for it.

Nominated by Quick Draw McGraw

There’s been a lot of strong things said lately about the Prime Minister and her woeful capitulation agreement.

Some think she is a traitor and should be dealt with accordingly.

In the words of the greatest Prime Minster that this country never had “They may very well think that but I couldn’t possibly comment…”

Nominated by Dioclese

63 thoughts on “Theresa May (31)

  1. It is so bloody awful that you couldn’t make it up…

    I call openly and unreservedly for the judicial execution of this treasonous old hag.

    She cares for nothing other than herself, and the deluded, crackpot theories of Coudenhove-Kalergi, Common Purpose and the Frankfurt School.
    She couldn’t give a tinker’s if the Tory Party went tits up, as the above-named organisations are the only ones that she has any bloody allegiance to whatsofeckinever.
    Fuck off to Berlaymont, and have a double Belgian Delight – get fucked up the chocolate starfish (hers must be at least honorary Belgian by now, so often has it been reamed) by Druncker, and nibble Verminhofstadt’s foreskin.

    Out with her bowels, off with her head, and, as per the caption above, most definitely off with that coat; it has become as tragically emblematic as Hannibal Lecter’s mask.

    An excellent, vital and much-needed cunting, lest we forget.

    Oh Christ, I really wish I COULD forget the old saggytits, but she is a monument of negativity…

    • Dont you think and in your case it might not be all that unreasonable to assume(as we are still living in the fourth reich)to now have a glorious opportunity to do one of the following A)cause a mass riot and throw the country into utter fucking chaos .B)throw the country into a mass fucking chaos but where upon the people re take control of their country and all billions meant for the eu s departure are put to better use like our hospitals and overworked under paid staff more bobbys on the beat etc or c) some sort of boys from brazil type plot where we make a clone of hitler and have him assume power after all this country couldnt possibly get any worse so never fear mr hubbard for you see i have a cunning plan

  2. Nothing left to say. Traitor from day 1. Never,never had any intention of delivering on the will of the people whom she loathes and despises. Assassin’s bullet is too good for her. Chain her naked to the gates of Downing Street wearing a cangue. Let her die slowly and miserably. Never have I had such hatred for another human being (Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot and Mao excepted)

    • At least Hitler kept to his promises, in 1924 he stated if I come to power Im gonna kill as many Jews as I can and 20 years later he did just that.

    • Excellent.

      I hadn’t heard of the cangue before. Seems like the kitchen sinks loved using it.

      • Traditional Chinese punishment for criminals. Unable to feed, clean yourself. Unable to perform toilet. Unable to sleep lying prone.Defenceless against assault. Lubberly Jubberly. Slow agonising death unless others take pity on you. Ideal for cunt ex-Prime ministers

  3. If I was in charge of the Labour Party, or at least their PR, I would already have my election winning Party Political Broadcast ready to go.
    It would consist of Mavis telling one fucking lie after another, going right back to her Home Sec days, interspersed with her grovelling to various obnoxious EU fascists and a bit of dancing and coughing.
    It would destroy the Tory party if the bitch hadn’t made such a good job of it already.

  4. Anybody else have the opinion that, within weeks, any option other than remain will be made illegal?

  5. In the words of a certain pigfucker, ‘for the love of God woman – just go!’

  6. Hmmm. There’s 1% of me thinking:
    After fucking up the bargaining from Day 1, she is now in a position where she has no option but to take it to the wire. The EU would just love a second referendum, or indeed as many as it takes to cancel Brexit. Brexit is extremely bad for the EU in several ways. May’s resisted that. The EU has always played this game – making the situation look so hopeless that the offending country decides it wasn’t such a good idea after all. It’s done it again and again. If May had wanted to scrap Brexit, she could have done it by now. She’d have had the SNP and Lie Dems on her side, and the DUP could have been aced out with the threat of a hard border otherwise. 1% of me says that her inadequate deal is, here and now, the only viable option to reflect even a part of the will of the referendum majority; and if only getting part of that past our venal, lying MP’s is possible, well, so be it.

    May’s just one of the problems. The negotiations which led to her ‘deal’ were pathetic and incompetent. Her fault probably. What’s going on at the moment is everyone’s fault, though.

    And I have to say, I do like a stubborn old cow digging her hooves in until the ground sinks under her. I would not be able to endure the stress this must be causing her. She’s not nearly nasty enough to succeed, though.

    • The EU also loves May’s deal… I mean the EU dictated deal.

      £39 billion for starters is worth about 4 years Net membership fees, plus they can keep us trapped in the Customs Union with the backstop in perpetuity, preventing us from striking independent trade deals with the rest of the world and competing with the remaining failing 27.

      Plus we get no say in how things are run, a “vassal state” as the turncoats used to refer to our position, before they got a sniff of becoming next PM, or brown-nosing such, as in the case of JR-M.

      And when the transition period inevitably extends into 2022 we’ll be liable for a further £18 billion, and on and on and on it will go.

      The European Union is on the verge of collapse. Why would we choose to prop it up for another 5 fucking years?

      • I do’t think it’s even viable, without some (nonexistent) strong and decisive personality using it as a foot in the door for a complete exit later. I’m just playing devil’s advocate. The 99% says this has gone on long enough and we should go WTO rules next week.

      • Interestingly, I note in today’s Daily Mail, a survey which states that a massive majority of the YUK want “Hard ( No Deal ) Brexit ) The DM of course, realising that the woman they have been backing ( and helping with their scare stories ) is almost certainly toast and are now trying to lick the ringpiece of the “New Majority “.
        Terry the Traitor may well be a cunt, but so too are the DM !

      • I can’t even read the Daily Mail online because my 1Mb/s internet won’t work with all those cunttish ads they have. Fuck the Daily Mail and the fuck my internet provider – and fuck the lot of you! And while I’m at it, fuck myself, too.

      • You’re not missing anything Mr Tibbs, since that cunt became editor, its like reading the morning star.
        I stopped buying week after, fucking remoaner shoot the cunt.

  7. One thing is for sure – the next election will be very, very interesting indeed

    • I doubt we will have the opportunity. There is a proposal by the Lib Dems, ( and supported by a number of remainers ) to opt for a proportional representation that effectively is designed to sustain the “status Quo “

      • That would work for us. It would allow our vote for UKIP to count Nationally, even if we’re in sTory/Libour dominated consituencies.
        Brexit is lost to the remaining CUNTS, bring on the next GE.
        Farage – Keep your head Sir and don’t split our vote with the Brexit Party. Leave us with 1 choice and lets get the fuck out of the shitfest charity that is the eu.

  8. I still believe that it was planned this way from the start. Each and every one, has played their part to the script, and with only a few minor exceptions, which actually lends to the credibility of the plot. There have been numerous opportunities for “Brexiteers” to stop the progress of “surrender” to the EU, but for some reason they have chosen not to. Finally, if they wanted to bring down May, and force a hard Brexit, then all they have to do is realign to the Brexit Party, defect, and bring the House of Clowns to an end. Brexit would then occur by default.

    They have not.

    Gentlemen, the House of Clowns is exactly that, a House of self serving egotistical performing Clowns. And, as for the Chief of Clowns ( Terry the Turd ) yes, she is a duplicitous bitch, bought and paid for, fed from the hand of Barnier.
    She is therefore, an enormous Cunt !

  9. I can’t imagine what Mrs May was thinking of inviting Steptoe along. She might have guessed Steptoe would nvite Dame Keir along and we all know he would like to stop Brexit, and Lady Nugee also finds it necessary to shoother mouth off. She needs a kick in the pissflaps.

    Even if Labour were in a sane mood, Both May and Corbyn know that half of his backbenchers ignores everything he says. Across parliament, but especially in Labour there are too many q ueers and c oons and both groups seem to have a psychological fear of Brexit.

    Sack Mrs May today get in a hardline Bfrexiteer and tell Steptoe, Sugartits and co to shut the fuck up

    • Agree WC. Two rabid useless twats in the same room, and with the future of the country in their hands ? Fuck me baldy !

  10. I don’t think anyone would have come out of this smelling of roses. Call me naive but I actually think May does respect the referendum result, the problem is her ‘deal’ isn’t actually Brexit and is in fact worse than our current situation, why she can’t see this is the puzzle. Oh fuck maybe I am naive and and she can see this. Basically I haven’t a clue what the fucks going on.

    • I used to think she was genuine, but the last straw was bringing in Corbyn – as despised as much by the pansy brigade of Labour as much as the Tories.

      • If you judged her purely on her fine words, you could be forgiven for thinking she’s genuine.

        But judged by her actions, she’s about as far from being genuine as it’s possible to get!

        Compared to Treasoner May, Tony B. Liar was indeed a “pretty straight sort of guy.”

        Too much importance is attached to the fact she’s a vicar’s daughter. That doesn’t preclude her from being a lying sociopath. Provides a useful disguise though.

      • All vicars are liars. Religion is another form of politics invented by cunts with an agenda. It’s designed to enslave your mind. It’s all fucking bollocks.

  11. 10,000 “public order trained officers” (riot police) put on 24hour standby.
    That’s a fucking challenge if ever I heard one . We’re up for a fight if you plebs want one.
    These cunts might come to regret getting rid of all those coppers and treating the remaining ones like shit.
    If there’s someone you’ve always wanted to stab now is the time to do it.
    It could be a long hot summer. I hope Mavis hasn’t booked one of her famous walking holidays yet.

    • Am not entirely convinced that the cops would obey orders… some, maybe, but NOT all

      • If it kicks off we will need some dead martyrs,killed in the front line by “public order trained officers”.Id be more than willing to volunteer but Im in the middle of a gout attack.Perhaps some fellow cunters could carry me and throw me at the Riot Police.Id expect a Hero’s Funeral though,all expenses paid.

    • It’s a good thing for the establishment they outlawed firearms.. this is exactly the sort of situation that calls for an armed march on the seat of power.

      Only option left is violence to be honest. A million people marched for the Iraq nonsense and they gave precisely zero fucks about it.

  12. The Cooper bill and May inviting Steptoe to talk bollocks means we are now fucked, we may as well just go over to the Bundestag and hand over the keys to the country and apologise for being 80 years late!

    May… Dear EU , please can we have an extension?

    EU…. yes but its gonna cost you everything!

    May…. Dear EU , OK and thank you,sorry for causing all this trouble.


    • A lot of people want Gove, but personally I can’t take him seriously he reminds me of Ronnie Corbett.

      I would like the person who would most kick arse amongst both the EU and his jessies in parliament.

      • Then it’s not Gove that you want. That slimy little backstabbing bastard’s more likely to lick arses than kick them. He’ll certainly betray the electorate & stab THEM in the back. The cunt.

      • Correct RTC, we must remember there are still a small number of Tories who have not lost their principles.
        Andrew Bridgen MP and Peter Bone MP are 2 more who deserve respect.

  13. My Dear Fellow Cunters-In-Arms,
    I would like your expert opinions on The Treason Act 1351 ,which lists offences considered Treasonous,specifically I would be interested on how you interpret section 3:

    “if a man do levy war against our lord the King in his realm, or be adherent to the King’s enemies in his realm, giving to them aid and comfort in the realm, or elsewhere”

    Surely such an accusation may be levelled against Theresa May and certain other Parliamentarians? For the past 3 years they have done everything in their power to prevent the implementation of the result of the 2016 so called Brexit Referendum. By procrastinating and seeking to amend the result they are actively assisting the enemies of this country ,many of whom do not wish to see the UK as a sovereign independent Nation, governing its own affairs as it sees fit. Surely May and the rest must be impeached for treason?

  14. Have a look at this shit from the BBC News website:

    ‘British civil servants were offered specialised support to deal with the strain of preparing for a no-deal Brexit, the BBC has learned.

    The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) spent £40,000 on counselling services in London, York and Bristol.

    The surgeries were primarily for those working on “emergency preparedness in case of a no deal scenario”.’

    These pathetic paper shuffling no-marks are being counselled for doing their job. I have no doubt some of the fuckers will be off work with PTSD.
    Preparations only started a couple of months ago so imagine the stress the poor dears would be under if it had been implemented when it should have been and if it was actually serious.

    • Not une chance,theyre all play acting,theyll give Mavis a 10 year extension if she asks for it,nothing must be allowed to derail the Rothschild funded Kalergi plan of replacing the White Indigenous Peoples of Europe.

      “The man of the future will be of mixed race. The races and classes of today will gradually disappear due to the elimination of space, time, and prejudice. The Eurasian-negroid race of the future, similar in appearance to the Ancient Egyptians, will replace the current diversity of peoples and the diversity of individuals.”
      Extract from Kalergis book Praktischer idealismus (1925)

      • Forgot to mention theres even a Coudenhove-Kalergi Prize,awarded annually to the person who has done the most to advance European Union.Among the winners of the award, the Federal Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel ,for her sterling work of flooding Germany with over 1,500,000 racial aliens in just 15,months.

  15. It’s amazing how quickly they can pass laws when they need to, when it’s in their interests to do so. We’ve had people getting diced up for more than a year and they still have done fuck all about it.

    Then theres Osana Wingunhhnwhatever the feck she’s called, the MP who got jailed recently.. her vote counted and tipped the balance by precisely 1 vote. Fucking sham.

      • She’s a Remoaner.

        That’s why the judge only gave her 3 months and then let her out after 28 days… so she wouldn’t miss any crucial “Stop No Deal” votes in the House of Common Cunts.

        Had she been a Leaver it would have been a different story: 12 month sentence and never darken the doors of Parliament again.

  16. I can’t add anything to that Quick Draw, as every day passes she plumbs new depths.
    Anybody who believed in Brexit,, or who voted for this filthy creature ( I do, and I did ) should feel angry about all this.

  17. I am ashamed that Treason May is the leader of the Conservative Party.

    I am ashamed that Treason May is the UK’s PM.

    I am ashamed that Treason May is British.

    She should be made to move next-door to that other traitor, Shameless Beggar.

  18. I almost vomited all over the fucking telly when she said (with a straight fucking face) “I have decided to expedite our leaving the EU… asking for another extension”.

  19. I’m sitting here at my desk, having a really smooth cup of coffee, and I’m thinking to myself, you know what I want more than Brexit, I wanna, I wanna, I wanna, I wanna, I wanna really really really wanna zig-a-zig ah.

    Now fuck off the lot of you!

  20. Commons suspended following a leak…

    Is it finally time to take Hesslecunt away, and shove him in a high-sided cot ?

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