Andy Murray [8]


I know he has been cunted many times, and also recently – BUT – there cannot be enough times for this one and Its going in advance :-

Andy Murray Crying at Wimbledon

Now at this stage we don’t know if its because the cunt loses, or wins. To be honest it dosen’t matter he is going to regardless. The fact the cunt is on every screen and newspaper already is enough.

Its time to take this cunt, and his mum, girlfriend as well for hanging around the cunt always wanting to know when he will propose on camera – and pack the cunts to Syria for target practice. Take all the cunts from the BBC covering it as well.

Nominated by: King Cunt

Andy Murray [7]


This dour, ugly, sweaty Scottish cunt must rank as the most unlikeable sports person on the planet. The cunt gives off an aura of “Fuck you all” to such a degree, it boggles the mind why any tournament organiser would want the cunt there. If he doesn’t win it’s because some other cunt cheated or he has strained his sphincter when smashing up yet another racket. If he does win it’s because he is a living legend and no one else is fit to even look at him.

The worst thing surrounding the whole carry-on is that the English adopt the Scottish cunt once a year, when he turns up at Wimbledon and proceeds to swear and sweat his way through the entire tedious event.

Fuck off Murray. Stop asking the ball boys and girls to bring you your rancid sweaty towel in between every shot, and at least show some humility to acknowledge that you play a poncy fucking game for a living.

Nominated by: KiwiCunt

Plastic Brits


Andy Murray is a cunt. But at least he’s prepared to proclaim himself a Scottish cunt. Not British. Scottish

What about the cunts who pretend to be British? Zola Budd (South African), Greg Russedski (Canadian), Kevin Petersen (South African).

And 61 members of the 2012 Olympic Team GB : Mo Farrar (Somalia), Jessica Ennis (Jamaica), Yamile Aldama (Cuba), Michael Bingham (USA), Shana Cox (USA), Tiffany Porter (USA), Shara Proctor (Anguilla) and many others.

Bradley fucking Wiggins was born in Belgium. Laura Robson was born in Australia of Australian parents. How does make her British?

Could it be that they had a better chance of selection by crawling to the desperate British team? Medals at any price? Sad cunts.

Even Cliff fucking Richard was born in India. Winning Eurovision doesn’t make him British.

Murray may be a cunt – but at least he’s an honest cunt.

Nominated by: Seb Coe’s other half

Andy Murray

Andy Murray is a charisma bypassed, racket wielding useless cunt of a cunt. He should be shot in the head, live on television, by Sue Barker if he loses at Wimbledon this year, which he will. Sue, get your gun licence application in now.

Nominated by baldgingerbloke.