Andy Murray [13, 14 and 15]

An emergency triple nomination here:
1) Andy Murray – announcing his retirement at a press conference. Firstly walking out of the conference because he was so upset. Then coming back in and droning on about all his problems, looking down at the table and sniffing loudly with his fake tears to show everyone how upset he is, stupid little snowflake twat. Well, I am delighted by this news, as we won’t have to look at his miserable face or hear his tiresome whingeing bullshit anymore.
2) SKY news for making this their headline news and going on about it for 10 minutes.
3) Tennis, for being a boring load of crap, and the cunts who watch it.

Nominated by Mystic Maven

Andy Murrays Retirement. Sorry, SIR Andy

If its not enough to see a man blubbering better than Steve Smith after the ball sanding scandal, what it is that this cunt is so upset about?

He has pranced around the world on a regular basis to knock a few balls around, and now his hips gone bad he needs to give it up.

No doubt the cunt is going to now make more money than all his career now on Endorsements and surprise appearances on the BBC on anything from The Olympics to A question of sport – why can’t this cunt just grin and fuck off.

And take his mother with him.

Cunts the lot of them.

Nominated by King Cunt

Just popped orn to cunt Andy Murray for being a blubbing cry baby cunt but many in there all ready so suffice it to say “Man Up you Snivelling Cunt”. Can stomach and even admire a cunt but not a snivelling cunt fingering his sponsored logo emblazoned baseball cap to camera while droning orn in his flat tear jerked jocko monotone packed full orf sports and street cliches………sniff……..yeah. Cunt. You have not lost a leg or an eye. Stop playing tennis for megabucks which you do not need and the pain will lessen and if you need an op so be it. Try stepping orn a land mine for comparison. Cunt.

Nominated by Sir Limply Stoke

Andy Murray [11]


Andy Murray is DEFINATELY a cunt of the highest order. Is there, or has there ever been a more boring cunt in the history of sport?

I personally would rather watch the grass in my back garden grow than listen to that monotone fucking shitcunt drone on.

Nominated by: Mike Hunt

Andy Murray [10]


Andy Murray is a cunt. Not only does he almost single handedly win the Davis cup for Great Britain for the first time since the 1930s but he then gets awarded the BBC personality of the year award during which he actually makes a joke about his ‘personality’. What an utter cunt.

Nominated by: Vermin Cunt Spotter

Andy Murray dour jock cunt has just won sports personality of the year,how can an individual devoid of personality be a champion of it, fucked if I know

Nominated by: Toryboy

Andy Murray [9]

Andy Murray of Britain reacts during his men's singles final tennis match against Roger Federer of Switzerland at the Wimbledon Tennis Championships in London

So, Andy Murray gets cunted for the ninth time. Co-incidentally, if Federer wins this Sunday that’s the same number as the number of Wimbledon titles he’ll have won.

Murray didn’t just lose – he was totally outclassed and outplayed. As usual, his temperament let him down. Federer made it look easy. And it was easy because Federer is a champion and Murray is just a good player.

There’s only one person in tennis I despise more than this little scrote, and that’s his bloody mother. She really gets on my tits.

7-6, 7-6, 6-4 says it all. You’re out of your depth, sonny boy.

It has been said on here that some people keep getting cunted again and again and that this is just too much repetition. However, in Murray’s case the megacunt just can’t be cunted often enough.

Now fuck off back to the Caledonia Peoples Republic, you loser!

Nominated by: Dioclese