Andy Murray [13, 14 and 15]

An emergency triple nomination here:
1) Andy Murray – announcing his retirement at a press conference. Firstly walking out of the conference because he was so upset. Then coming back in and droning on about all his problems, looking down at the table and sniffing loudly with his fake tears to show everyone how upset he is, stupid little snowflake twat. Well, I am delighted by this news, as we won’t have to look at his miserable face or hear his tiresome whingeing bullshit anymore.
2) SKY news for making this their headline news and going on about it for 10 minutes.
3) Tennis, for being a boring load of crap, and the cunts who watch it.

Nominated by Mystic Maven

Andy Murrays Retirement. Sorry, SIR Andy

If its not enough to see a man blubbering better than Steve Smith after the ball sanding scandal, what it is that this cunt is so upset about?

He has pranced around the world on a regular basis to knock a few balls around, and now his hips gone bad he needs to give it up.

No doubt the cunt is going to now make more money than all his career now on Endorsements and surprise appearances on the BBC on anything from The Olympics to A question of sport – why can’t this cunt just grin and fuck off.

And take his mother with him.

Cunts the lot of them.

Nominated by King Cunt

Just popped orn to cunt Andy Murray for being a blubbing cry baby cunt but many in there all ready so suffice it to say “Man Up you Snivelling Cunt”. Can stomach and even admire a cunt but not a snivelling cunt fingering his sponsored logo emblazoned baseball cap to camera while droning orn in his flat tear jerked jocko monotone packed full orf sports and street cliches………sniff……..yeah. Cunt. You have not lost a leg or an eye. Stop playing tennis for megabucks which you do not need and the pain will lessen and if you need an op so be it. Try stepping orn a land mine for comparison. Cunt.

Nominated by Sir Limply Stoke

40 thoughts on “Andy Murray [13, 14 and 15]

  1. As far as I’m concerned that’s a great start to the year. Two reasons I’ve never liked him:
    1. He’s never wanted to be seen as British.
    2. Has there ever been a more boring cunt in the history of sport?

    Oh, and for the record Britain’s best player ever is Fred Perry – an ENGLISHMAN who won Wimbledon three times, the US Open three times, the Australian Open once and the French Open once, 8 GRAND SLAM titles in all – the best EVER British tennis player by a mile.

  2. Well said Sir Limply. What an utter wimp this soft cunt is. Mind you it’s a pansy snob’s game so what do you expect? He’s ideal material for the snowflake British Army. I can see him on a mountain top in Norway crying his eyes out because he’s cold whilst being consoled by a Ghanaian cunt wearing a snowflake jumper who is 30% colder than him. Fucking stroll on.

  3. Couldn’t give a fuck about tennis. Wimbledon seems to be about snobbery and being seen.
    Murray is a humourless, miserable cunt.

    • Some tennis girls are rather tasty, if you can find one that doesn’t look like the back end of a gravel lorry.

      It was fun to see McEnroe pissing over the Establishment goons when I was a kid…

  4. I know and am friends with a fair few Scots, I even have some Scottish heritage ( some think in the wallet dpt but that’s a cheap shot). However to Murray and the other rabidly Anti English Scots ( got far worse in recent years mainly down to Mel Cuntson IMHO) I say ….

    Fuck off and die you are taking up valuable space and oxygen. I apprecuiate that my comments might seem a little strong but they have it coming to them the utter arse wipes. Also I don’t in particular want my new friends Miles P and RTC thinking I cannot be gratuitous and disproportionate in my hatred of cunts if push comes to shove.

    Good day

  5. As far as I’m concerned, his cuntery was firmly established on mount Sinai when asked who will he be supporting in a World cup, he said ‘anyone but England’. Obviously his sponsors had a cow and he was forced to say it was a joke.


    • I agree. He wanted English fans to cheer him but didn’t have the grace to offer his support to England. Even if I watched this childish, painfully-dull sport I wouldn’t support this gripey, characterless borg.

      Also, he looks like he smells like he doesn’t wipe his arse properly, the dirty millionaire pikey.

  6. Andy Murray showed a great deal more dignity than many other sportsmen. I don’t like to kick a man when he is down so let’s kick a man while he is still standing up. May I offer the shit-stained areshole that goes by the name of DOMINIC GRIEVE.

    This little motherfucker the “honourable”? member for Beaconsfield has twice embarrassed his own government with his bumbling self importance, first by demanding Plan B in 3 days rather than 21, now today the old fucker who looks like a naughty priest about to be defrocked has suggested the leaving date be put back. This would mean the expense of pointless EU elections in May (and vote UKIP would be my advice if there is). If Grieve had the balls to tell the truth what he means is he wants Brexit buried.

    Grieve is a meddling little shit stain, who thinks he is more important than he is. He ought to be taken on to a nice piece of derelict land and given a working over with knuckledusters before a mega kick in the bollocks (if he has any). He isn’t fit to scrub the bogs in the brothel his mother came from

    Compared to this quisling bastard, Andy Murray is a babe in arms.

    • Well said WC ……
      despicable self important cunt!

      Andy Murray has always been a fucking baby and even at 31 doesn’t appear to have truly cut the apron strings!!
      I distinctly remember this cunt wearing England’s opposition football shirts earlier in his career, Murray was also a keen supporter of Scottish independence and like most baby snowflake cunts didn’t accept the defeat with any grace…
      A previous poster asked if there’s ever been a more boring sportsman? Murray is definitely in the upper echelons of that category but for my money Lewis Hamilton takes some beating……

  7. Best tennis player these isles has ever cast and beat both Djokavic and Federer in their prime.

    Big boxing fan too.

    I’ll miss your matches Sir Andy if none of these cunts will.


    We should take pride in our home grown “winning” talent (as opposed to perennial losers like Henman and Bates before him) otherwise what’s left? Cheering on Somali pirate scum that turns up on these shores once in a blue moon for an £n million payday to run around Londonistab for a couple of hours before fucking back off to their US tax haven without a penny going into HM Govts tax coffers, so not even contributing to the foreign aid we’re forced to pay including a hefty wedge that goes said pirate scum country?

    I know who I’m cheering on and it ain’t Malteser heed!

    • And what has Murray “done as he liked”?

      He’s a dour, poe-faced, Jock from Dunblane – most of them are from that neck of the woods – single minded in his approach to what is an individual sport, however, he was the glue and guts which took our Davis Cup Team to the winners circle in 2015 – a feat not achieved in almost 80yrs.

      Similarly his own major title in the US Open in 2012 was another first in almost 80yrs.

      So when you’re coming to the end of your career and you have experienced the height of being world #1 then when you can see the end coming then it must be hard.

      You name one individual sportsman – Nicklaus, Palmer, Player, Ali, McCoy, McEnroe, Seve, Faldo, Frasier – who didn’t get emotional when their professional end was nigh.

      Retirement for us plebs is summat to aim for, hell strive for, and should such a day come for me then it will be with great joy, but for world class sportsmen it must be a bitter pill and desperately heartfelt.

      So – like them or not as people – you cannot deny their achievements. And yes I do rank home grown talent and their achievements over and above some cunt who merely holds a British Passport (when they can be fucked on to use it that is).

      Oh and Murray is an Olympic Gold Medal winner too! ☺️

  8. All I want to know is, did he crack a smile.. as his mother created/dominated success ego came collapsing down? I feel sympathy for him, he’s clearly not happy having been forced into this role by her.

    And he did better than the English lot, so fair play to him. Fucking hate tennis though, boring shite.

  9. So much news coverage on this miserable cunt, the way he was going on you would think he a terminal illness with a few days to live.
    I have no criticism of his tennis credentials but for fuck sake every sportsman/woman have to cope with injuries but don’t make such a fucking meal of it….
    He should be thankful for the success he has had and stop fucking crying …. soft cunt!

  10. When he’s not screaming at his coach/ mother/ trainers during matches he’s sending everyone to sleep in the press room. Billie Jean King thanked him for all he’s done for equality. So women are playing the five sets that men do are they Billie Jean?

  11. can’t agree with this cunting. while Murray may not be the most likeable person i can sympathise with his plight. when your whole life has been dedicated to one goal its very hard to have to admit you can’t do it anymore. as to his crying in public, i don’t think that makes him a wimp , the opposite in fact. of course his retirement will be somewhat eased by his millions.
    ps . i currently can’t play golf because of a dodgy hip, boy am a miserable cunt atm.

    • You said it better than me. His crying was very suppressed, he really tried not to, unlike the footballers who burst into tears at the drop of a ball.

      To be in constant pain at 31 must be terrible and frustrating – as it is when you are more than twice that age. Trouble is, at 31, there is the added pain of *what if* I actually feel quite sorry for him to be honest, and compared to fuckers in Westminster I can’t get worked up about him. What a shame Mangledbum & co don’t get fractured mouths so they would shut the fuck up

  12. Apparently Murrays worth around £83 million! He’s only 31 and as previous poster said isn’t terminally ill, he’s married with 2 young girls …..
    I’m sure most would swap ….

  13. And a bonus cunting for the BBC, who led every news story on Radio 6, so presumably all of their radio and TV channels with the story that a professional tennis player was planning to retire. It’s not as if there’s nothing else going on, is it?

  14. Nobody can help who their mother was. I only wish the mothers of remoaner MPs had insisted on their husbands or boyfriends using Durex or having a vasectomy.

    I agree Mrs Murray is a ghastly old hag though. Anna Soubry in a tennis skirt.

  15. In two minds about this one. Can relate to giving up something you’re passionate about and dedicated to. Also i admire the fact he’s got a face like a bag of spanners. Why should being a sportsman get in the way of being a miserable cunt? Not everyone should have to be a role model.
    But can’t get on board with grown men crying on TV, or any other large scale platform. Crying is only acceptable in the event of a terminal illness, death of a close relative, natural disaster and other similarly serious events. Seeing ‘men’ (term used very loosely) blubbering on TV makes me want to put my foot through the telly. Represents exactly the sort of snowflakery bullshit that drives most of the cuntings on here. Man up you cunts!!

  16. Excellent nomination. What a snowflake this cunt is. He looked and sounded as if he’d been diagnosed with terminal cancer. Middle-class tennis twats will be crying into their quinoa.

  17. Saw him sobbing on the news. Fucking tragic. You would have to have a heart of stone not too laugh your bollocks off.

  18. Look forward to blanket coverage of Heather Watson until round 2 when she gets knocked out, from our friends at the Al-BBC, followed by blanket coverage of the black ape in the skirt. What else will they have to talk about at Wimbledon?

  19. Andy Murray’s wife has released a statement regarding Andy’s upcoming retirement and had said how nice it will be for Andy to spend more time with his mum….

  20. I’ve never liked him.

    Miserable as sin, constantly reminding us all how he isn’t ‘British’ with his William Wallace stance and Scottish militancy and how anything remotely English is an anathema to him. The only reason anyone English has got behind this fucker with a face like a smacked arse is because there is nobody else in these Isles that could the Tennis mustard as well as he did. FULL STOP.

    It is hypocrisy at its finest.

    So he is in constant pain? Well me too, sad balls. I have Fibromyalgia and also had to leave my career for health reasons, but don’t sit up on a public forum and cry like a big fucking baby, especially after having made the fucking shitloads of cash you have.

    Bye Andy. One other plus is we don’t have to put up with your fucking annoying mother anymore either.


  21. Sports Personality of the Year 3 times.

    Whilst I fully respect his sporting achievements, I think it is pushing the envelope a bit to describe his personality as anything other than classic stroppy Jock, with a disturbing amount of Mummy’s Boy about him.

    Not a patch on the 2 x winner Nigel Mansell – what a crazy cat he was.

  22. I feel sorry for him. Imagine getting your first sight of life through Judy Murray’s pissflaps…still, I suppose you’d be upright and biting your way through that umbilical cord just as quickly as you could.

    Fuck Off.

  23. Murray is a cunt, a stroppy humourless cunt, though a cunt with a big bank balance and fortunate to be able to have a career that paid handsome dividends.
    The news this morning was well over the top……boo fucking boo retire in his thirties but will obviously make good money out of a media career.
    Fuck off you English hating cunt


  24. If a doctor told me that I couldn’t play tennis any more I’d be over the fuckin moon. It’s a game for pansies, can’t stand it.
    I don’t believe those tears were for real, I understand he’s been injured for about a year, so surely he knew this day was coming.
    He’s a fuckin fraud

  25. Fuckin crybaby, never mind the BBC will keep your fortune topped up.! Ugly Scottish wanker.

  26. His cunt of a mother fucked me off more than he ever did. The template for a gargoyle just would not fuck off, photo bombing at every opportunity. His retirement to me is a double good thing, one we no longer have to listen to the moaning scottish twat, and two, no longer have to see he cunt of a mother

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