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I have just watched this where the lead was British fashion. A procession of heroin chic men dressed in women’s clothes. Cutting fucking edge of course. Then we get to the nub. Brexit will kill the industry. Brexit this. Brexit fucking that. No counter view of course.

If nothing else, if Brexit gets rid of these preening, mincing, London (natch) freaks it will be worthwhile.

Cunts one and all.

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23 thoughts on “Channel 4 News

  1. I watched channel 4 news the other day it was all Asians presenting. So fuck that and switched over the cuntzzz

    • Parking Stanley’s presenting Channel Lahore News with bad Pakistani 70’s haircuts . They all look like extras from On The Buses.

  2. The sooner Jon Snowflake retires to his Guardianista lifestyle, selling socks from his artisan Islington pop up shop in partnership with Paul Mason, the better.

    I’m hoping Brexit will prove to be the catalyst.

    Preening cunt.

    • Snow has a real linguistic problem with the word “penal”; he always seems to say penile instead. I remember a reference to The Howard League For Penile Reform. Frankie Howard, maybe ?

  3. I can’t decide which is worse, Curly Sue assuming everybody is unclean, the token Asian pretending to do journalism with his GCSE in Media Studies, or the waxy, vain, ever self-masturbatory Snow.

    A soupçon of cunts.

  4. All terrestrial TV these days is shit, left wing bollocks.
    Sports channels and Netflix is all that’s worth watching in my domain.

  5. I thought this would have been tagged on to the excellent London Fashion week cunting but I suppose C4 News is well deserving of it’s own slot.

  6. I don’t get fashion at all, especially women’s dresses that cost more than a fucking hospital wing. Why would anyone want to dress a certain way just because some faggoty designer tells you too?
    The only item of fashion I have ever given credence to is the much missed mini skirt.

  7. No criticism too harsh for Channel 4. Scum.

    I once had Krishnan Guru Cunt and his family in front of me in a security line at Heathrow. Kids seemed cute but what a walking ego — ok I don’t know him personally and I can only Judge him by his cuntishness on TV but just observing him at close quarters and his ‘up my own arse’ act with his wife and kids —— what a complete mutter futter……!

    Hope I never have to meet Jon Snow — I think the bout of involuntary projectile vomit I will suffer just from being in close proximity will be rather unwelcome.

    • But Cuntry Walker this Krishnsn Guru Cunt is not Canadian at all. Was he flying to Canada? Maybe that put it in you mind. Come to think of he does bring up Canada + a lot in Brexit debates. And maybe I once did see him in a plaid flannel shirt. But he doesn’t look the sort to be into lumberjacking. Maple syrup. He doesn’t advertise it or anything but maybe he is secretly partial. Could he be secretly Canadian? I don’t know. They do try to hide it.

      • Miles It never occurred to me that he could have been taking his family to Canada to see ……. relatives!!! Genius! That’s really got me thinking. I am going to check my diary and I might then be able to look at Heathrow records – which terminal , timings , so on and so forth! Leave it with me … I am going to get to the bottom of this one.. Anyway top thinking Sir …… Laterz. CW.

      • It is true about them hiding it; they have those dinky lapel badges – only really detectable if you are looking for it. Like some bizarre medical symptom …

  8. Well it has that brainless bint posho victim Cathy Newman doesn’t it? Mind you, saw video of that Krishnan hacking off catweazle pretty good, so maybe not all bad.

    • So, what you’re saying is Catweazle is a great leader in waiting and not the reincarnation of Albert Steptoe?

  9. Jon Snow is an arrogant loud mouthed hectoring bully-boy cunt. Cathy Newman is an idiot who got well and truly owned by Jordan Peterson. Channel 4 news is shite, so is channel 4, period (especially those geordie and scottish continuity announcers).

    • Fucking hate that twat John Snow He arrogantly won’t wear the Poppy on Remembrance Day.Another flag waver for remain Sooner the White Walkers get him the better and feed him to the Snow Dragon lol

  10. All of terrestrial tv is shite. Avoid radio 4 now. Caught Gollum the other night for 5 minutes on PM. Crashing out blah blah…Burcow….Grieve….Sourbry. Not much balance and impartiality there. Ended up switching it off.

    29th March will be fucking epic listening to these wailing cunts.

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