Andy Murray [10]


Andy Murray is a cunt. Not only does he almost single handedly win the Davis cup for Great Britain for the first time since the 1930s but he then gets awarded the BBC personality of the year award during which he actually makes a joke about his ‘personality’. What an utter cunt.

Nominated by: Vermin Cunt Spotter

Andy Murray dour jock cunt has just won sports personality of the year,how can an individual devoid of personality be a champion of it, fucked if I know

Nominated by: Toryboy

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  1. This “competition” has always been a load of old bollocks. It’s doled out to whoever won the most high-profile game that year. We all seem to be in agreement that they should drop the ‘personality’ bit from the title. If only we could think of a suitable replacement word. “Sports Cunt Of The Year” anyone?

  2. All the charisma of D-abbott’s damp crotch’d g-strings.

    Go on. Close your eyes; I dare you.

  3. Theres never a wrong moment to give Abbot a cunting,Im sure she feels super sexy in her XXXL clay strainers and she tree trunk dances in front of Jeremy Corbyn,btw Murray is a jock cunt and so is his mam

    • Us Scottish are indeed cunts, but how fucking dare you group the Murray clan with all jocks!
      I hope your wife burns the turkey!

  4. I have to say andy murrays fucking tennis racket has more personality than the humourless,unfunny,wooden,awkward fucking muppet,at least that ginger pikey boxer twat said something interesting,but in all honesty british sport faces now seem to be lacking something in the personality full stop,lewis hamalton is another example of being a twat,i reckon they have all had a charisma bypass operation the cunts

    • I’m a highlander and this ugly spoilt masonic bastard makes me want to puke, today he’s rat mother gets awarded an Obe for being a fucking tennis coach. WTF is going on in this bollocks country?

  5. Ooooooo goody, I get to repeat my earlier post here with an edit……

    I would have thought to win anything that has ‘personality’ in the title you would of had to have one in the first place so it really doesn’t matter what he won, no one cares except other sports players and his mum who has an unlimited calls mobile package.

    That sort of game needs characters, not character, he will be about as well remembered as that welsh cunt who was boxing champion, done nothing but complain he wasn’t getting the recognition he deserved because he is welsh and has almost been forgotten already.

    • There are no characters now, pagliacci, I agree… There is no more McEnroe, Nastase, Best, Ali, or Botham… We even had them in the 90s with the likes of Cantona, Eubank, Keane , Naseem Hamed etc… Like them or not, they kept it lively and weren’t dull and boring cunts… Same goes for managers… When I was a lad there was The Doc, Cloughie, Revie, Shanks, Big Mal… Now they are all boring, characterless cunts… Mourinho may be a cunt, but at least he’s never a boring cunt… The game was full of characters years ago: Stan Bowles, Tony Currie, George Best, Rodney Marsh, Frank Worthington etc… Now it’s all play for money foreign cunts and Wayne fucking Rooney… Dreadful…

      • Frankly football completely turns me off – despite the fact that I used to live next door to George Cohen and Chopper Harris had a paper shop down our street.

        Can you imagine Beckham running a paper shop. Chip Shop Spice perhaps 😉

        You can stuff your Premier League. Full of overpaid, overhyped primadonna cunts. Give me Epsom & Ewell Eagles back in the 70’s any day…

      • I used to live next door to Norwich City FC player Peter Mendham, and he was a COLOSSAL cunt. Bought himself a lovely 1960s Lotus Elan +2 in red and promptly piled it up, the stupid, careless, overpaid even in those days, cunt…..

      • Yup I was going to mention McEnroe and Nastase…tennis at it’s finest, even McEnroe doing commentary is better than watching Murray’s vapid dullness which passes as performance, cunt should have been a rubber faced mime artist so people could still say how dull he was at that too!

        Ah the fireworks of Cantona, the Benn vs Eubanks verbal battles, Jocky Wilson and Bristow’s bad tempered bust ups, Clough’s drunkenness, Hurricane Higgins, characters like that now sadly missing from sport.

        Mourinho, don’t worry on that account, we will see more of his antics when Man U sack Hitler Van Gaal and he takes over there and his first decision is to get rid off Giggs, there is a Santa Norm 🙂

      • I think it would be hilarious if Giggs was sacked… And he can take that cunt Rooney with him… My dad knew Hurricane Higgins… A nice bloke, but a total nutcase…

      • It’d be interesting if Pep went to City and Mourinho to United… United need a boss who can be a cunt if required… Docherty, Ferguson, Big Ron could all be cunts… Even Sir Matt could be a cunt at times… Ask Wilf McGuinness and Frank O’ Farrell… The aforementioned McGuinness and O’ Farrell weren’t tough cunts, and neither were Sexton and Moyes… And all failed..

      • I don’t think the players respect Van Gaal, by the looks of things they think he’s a cunt, so do I, he seems like a my way or no way manager which only washes if you’re right like Fergie was, most of the time this cunt isn’t and it shows, it’s as simple as that.

      • I used to live near 70s United great, Sammy McIlroy, and he was a top bloke… My old man used to drink with Brian Kidd, John Fitzpatrick, and, occasionally, Bestie… He didn’t have a bad word to say about any of them… Willie Morgan was a fucking cunt though…

  6. Murray will be remembered as a good tennis player, who was as boring as fuck….
    Andy Murray is indeed a cunt, but Ryan Giggs is a an even bigger cunt… Van Gaal may not be getting it right (he never fucking moves from that dugout!), but I’d rather Van Gaal was given a five year extension than to have that self serving leech Giggs in charge…. He is a cunt (just ask his brother!) and all of the Class Of 92 are cunts… There once was a bunch of great youth team players who became legends at Old Trafford… But it wasn’t you lot, so fuck off!

    • Ryan Giggs is a sister-in-law shagging, hairy gorilla and according to a friend of a friend who allegedly fucked him in 1999 he is hung like pigeon with a small dick

  7. Any sportsman worth his salt would tell the BBC where to shove their fucking luvvies award. They never stop dishing out fucking awards. Just another excuse for all the greasy celebrity bottom feeders to grin like idiots and have a night pissing it up on the BBC gravy train.


  8. The biggest shame in the Dunblane massacre was that this cunt didnt get murdered…

    Too much?
    Well fuck off, it’s Christmas 🙂

  9. Looks like bagman dodgy haired murryminty is on course to win the french fries open, Do I care, like fuck, the cunt will be impossible to live with if he wins this too, a shit in a public toilet has more charm than this bushy haired primatelike wanker!

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