28 thoughts on “Andy Murray [12]

  1. Andy Murray is a make no secret of the fact, English hating, sporran sucking cunt.

    • Not English hating. He’s like me, – A Scot who has FA against the English people, just the WM Gov. He’s Pro-Independent Scotland, like me. Thats it.
      Some of you English cunts are far too paranoid. You feel too threatened by us wee Jocks.

      You have Brexit as you wanted, so stop slagging off us Jocks.

      Cunt or no cunt, – He’s a Fuckin good Tennis player eh?

      • Nothing against the Scots. Have some good friends up there. Yeah he’s a good tennis player.

        He’s still a whiney, dour miserable little cunt tho’

      • @fanny teaser
        As Dio says, its not the Jocks or Scotland we having a pop at, it’s miserable Murray.

        The cunt has shit loads of cash, half decent missus, turns left when he gets on a plane ( I’ve yet to,) the cunt doesn’t have my car, my bank balance, my leaky roof….I could go on….

        Good tennis player yes….miserable cunt…..definitely. …

      • “Anyone but England” – no, he’s definitely not English hating. Fuck off you deep-fried shortbread tartan twat.

  2. Not to mention his fucking fans. Watching the cunt win at 4pm with tears in their eyes as if they were watching their own child perform on an operating table, listening to the Harry Potter audio book in their Volvos whilst contemplating their next M & S shopping trip at 5. Bandwagon cunts.

  3. Murray is a sour-faced, softarsed, mummy’s boy, deep fried mars bar eating, anti-English, Sturgeon licking cunt… Hates the English, but will hoover up the adulation and money at the All England Club, the hypocritical mardarse…

    And all those spakkers on ‘Murray Mount (previously known as ‘Henman Hill’) can fuck off and and all… Twats…

  4. Candace Payne is a cunt….

    This is the cunt who has gained worldwide fame and pots of money for wearing a Chewbacca mask… This ugly fat attention seeking bitch is modern celebrity and ‘online stardom’ personified… A total cunt with no talent, looks or any qualities whatsoever and hordes of retards lap it up… This mong magnet is now known to her ‘fans’ as ‘Chewbacca Mom’ and now she has YouTubed herself singing Paedo Jacko’s ‘Heal The World’ the cunts who infest the internet now think she has messianic qualities… Gassing is too good for this cunt…

    • She’s even turning up at red carpet events now. 15 minutes of fame comes cheaper than ever.

      • What messianic qualities would those be? maybe being a cunt of biblical proportions,

        I don’t want to watch the video cause it will probably give me cancer the thumb image is bad enough

  5. Do you know who else are a bunch of cunts?

    People who moan about Murray. If you think someone hates the English despite having an English wife makes you a cunt. The anti-Murray are the fucking miserable cunts. Boring cunts too.

    A bit like the cunts who moan about football. Fuck off cunts, it doesn’t make you some superior genius. I don’t like synchronised swimming but I don’t constantly bitch about the sport. Not liking football is NOT the same as having a doctorate you complete ‘too high a fucking opinion of yourself’ cunt.

    • To be fair I don’t think he married her because she is English, he married her because she’s absolutely fucking mint condition. She’d look good in a burka.
      Cunt should count himself very lucky. As I’ve said before, he looks like someone had all the pieces to make a wax-work Charlton Heston but took the physical measurements from a llama.

      • Hot or not I would like to nominate the wife for a special case cunting.

        Any human that is prepared to suck his cock and spawn his child is a cunt possibly at the higher order of him.

        She is a cunt to society and should be trialled for crimes against humanity.

      • Murray probably only married his wife because she’s the only one his mummy approved of…

      • I’m Welsh and I hate that Andy Murray cunt!!! I’ve actually nominated him before because I think he’s got the personality of a fucking wet dish cloth. Anyone that thinks I’m a cunt for thinking he’s a cunt is a cunt. End of chat you cunt.

      • Very True. Perhaps they should have sterlised that mother of his a birth to avoid further breeding.

  6. Can I nominate The Guardian (again!) please? Main headline today: “Huge rise in Britons trying to change gender”.

    This headline sums up what is wrong with this pathetic excuse for a newspaper. War in Syria, British politics all fucked up, Putin in Ukraine, anti Semites in the Labour Party, etc., etc.

    But not this rag. Even the Daily Express is more grounded than this shite. No wonder Corbyn is staying where he is. Cuntish bollocks of the worst sort.

    I don’t give two fucks if someone wants their cock cut off and reshaped into a vag. Go and do it if you want but please don’t bleat about it. Just do it and fuck off. And Guardian- no one gives a shit apart from your stupid fucking “inclusive” journalists. Fuck off. Start reporting about what really matters and you might sell more newspapers Then you could probably stop begging for money and from your readers.

    Alternatively, keep it up because your bullshit keeps us all going. Still cunts though.

  7. Murray is a rat faced porridge eating cunt with about as much personality as a nougat of tramps cock cheese,he should be locked in a broken down lift for all time with Candace Payne wearing a Lenny Henry mask….

  8. I’d like to nominate “Londoners” for a thorough cunting. Having spent the day traipsing around our nations capital, it was blatantly obvious to see why the majority of these cunts voted to remain in the EU. Now don’t get me wrong by “Londoners” I don’t actually mean the decent hard working folk that run the buses, trains etc. I mean the limp dicked fuck biscuit types that ponce around in their expensive suits yapping to one another about the rise and fall of the FTSE 100 over an afternoon glass of vino in some trendy wine bar. They live in a little bubble and are completely oblivious to the rest of the nation. It was that bad that I could actually smell the arrogance in the air. CUNTS the lot of them !!!!!! They clearly think they are a cut above the rest of the country, which became apparent when I overheard two of them whinging about the UKs democratic decision to leave the EU and blame it on the (and I quote) thick as pig shit northern monkeys!!! And then sneer at the fact that the uneducated peasants will never get their way anyway because the powers that be will never let it happen. I’d just like to say to any of these type of CUNTS reading this, in the words of the great Nigel Farage ….. Your not laughing now are you ……CUNTS!!!

    • In truth actual Londoners are hard to find, and I don’t mean cunts like Sadiq Khan. I mean cunts who were born in London, whos parents were born in London and who’s grandparents were born in London. As of 2012 only 45% of those living in London are actually ethnic British let alone native Londoners. You are doomed to failure if you want to meet any Londoners in poncey west end wine bars ( do they still have those? So 1980’s ) . Best try The Den on a Saturday afternoon.

      Don’t get me wrong, Londoners are still a set of cunts, just not the same set of cunts that you are cunting. They are just cunts who happen to live in London.

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