Taylor Swift [2]

"Give it to me in my hiddle stone...oooohhh!"

“Give it to me in my hiddle stone…oooohhh!”

Taylor Swift is a cunt…

I am sick to death of putting on the telly or picking up a newspaper and hearing about this little slag and her latest sucker/squeeze, Tom Igglepiggle or whatever his name is….

I really don’t see what the fuss is about where Swift is concerned…. Cringeworthy ‘apple pie’ image bullshit (when she’s had more pricks than a serial blood donor), bandy legs, more meat on a pepperami, no tits, teeth like a derby winner, and as for her music: even Cilla Black made better records than Swift…

And I fucking hate Cilla Black…

Nominated by: Norman

10 thoughts on “Taylor Swift [2]

  1. She is a symptom not the problem. The media is the problem, ever more desperate for content to fill space with they report the most facile shit and present it to the sheep like it is big news.

    Some sections of the public seem to lap it up. Kim” Kardashian takes a shit and it’s on the news, what anyone of her or her family ever actually do who knows?

    We are being fed shit and they don’t seem to be able to make the connection between feeding shit to people and society falling to bits and educational standards falling or perhaps they know full well.

    • All her songs suck and are basically about the same fucking thing crappy break up songs.

      In fact most of her songs are about what a slut she is or slut shaming other sluts for being sluts. That recent fake relationship with hiddleston proves what a phony cunt she is

  2. Did anyone see the photo of the ham sandwiches posted by that woman in America, compering Taylor Swift vagina to that of her daughters.
    Don’t get me wrong I’ve got no time for swift, but I know which sandwich I’d eat.
    Please note I’ve no idea of the age of the the daughter.

  3. The boyfriends are just cover for the fact that she is a clit-bothering rugmuncher. I often like to imagine her and her “crew” Cara Delevigne,Selena Gomez, Gigi Hadid etc.,getting down to some fist pumping scat action. It inspires me while I write Sundays sermon.

    • Could be right, Dick… When her career is washed up and she’s past it, maybe Swift will come out as a tuppence flicking melon farmer…. Sam Fox did the same thing when her ‘career’ went down the crapper…

  4. If that in itself is a nomination Fred, then seconded. A self confessed “Nanny State” enthusiast (according to her Wikipedia page, so could be bollocks though).
    She looks like a cunt anyway…

  5. Taylor Swift gets right on my tits.

    Irritating goody two shoes who had her career bought and paid for by her millionaire parents. Everything she does is staged for the media.

    A bit like that other talentless, overhyped fucktard Cara Delevingne.

    Much like a bad case of herpes, just when you think they have fucked off, they reappear. Even more irritating than before.

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