Taylor Swift [5]

Taylor Swift is a cunt…

‘Taylor Swift breaks political silence in favour of Democrats’…The talentless (and titless) one has now ‘spoken out’ in a longwinded whine about the Democrats and how evil Big Don is…It was actually in her favour that she didn’t do the condescending superior celebrity cunt act and jump on the ‘L love Kilary’ bandwagon… But I might have known she wouldn’t keep her mouth shut, because none of them do… It’ll either be ‘peer pressure’ from the virtue signaling celebrislag witches guild (Devil Streep, Skanklett-Johansscunt, Natalie Portmouth etc) or the daft cow just thinks she is another ‘political mind’ who is so great that she can tell people what to do… Why can’t there just be a singer or entertainer who does just that and keeps their gob shut on other occasions? Mind you ‘Tay Tay’ (as her saddo fancunts call her) can’t even sing anyway… The bony useless cunt….

Nominated by Norman

Taylor Swift [4]

Taylor Swift is a cunt. She charges astronomical amounts of money to see her perform live all that shit she writes about ex boyfriends and clitty lickers.

Who the fuck pays for these tickets ? It ain’t the prepubescent or adolescent females that insist on going to see this cunt it is fucking mug parents like me.

What also cunts me off about this pop princess cunt is the fact that she will strategically omit playing certain venues…a right cunting trick which results in said offspring having faces like slapped arses when their fave pop princess doesn’t come to town.

Nominated by Jonty Jodphurs

Taylor Swift [3]

Taylor Swift Private Topless Photo Leaked Or Just Another Fake Nude www.GutterUncensored.com 019

Taylor Swift gets right on my tits.

Irritating goody two shoes who had her career bought and paid for by her millionaire parents. Everything she does is staged for the media.

A bit like that other talentless, overhyped fucktard Cara Delevingne.

Much like a bad case of herpes, just when you think they have fucked off, they reappear. Even more irritating than before.

Nominated by: Odin’s Balls

Taylor Swift [2]

"Give it to me in my hiddle stone...oooohhh!"

“Give it to me in my hiddle stone…oooohhh!”

Taylor Swift is a cunt…

I am sick to death of putting on the telly or picking up a newspaper and hearing about this little slag and her latest sucker/squeeze, Tom Igglepiggle or whatever his name is….

I really don’t see what the fuss is about where Swift is concerned…. Cringeworthy ‘apple pie’ image bullshit (when she’s had more pricks than a serial blood donor), bandy legs, more meat on a pepperami, no tits, teeth like a derby winner, and as for her music: even Cilla Black made better records than Swift…

And I fucking hate Cilla Black…

Nominated by: Norman

Taylor Swift

taylor swift

Taylor Swift is a cunt. Apple (for once!) do something half decent for their customers and offer a free three month iTunes trial – but little Taylorkins isn’t happy about it. Oh dear me, no! The talent free bint has refused permisson for her latest piece of musical torture (her ‘1989’ album) to be downloaded or streamed during this free trial.

Her reason for this? ‘Three months is a long time to go without bring paid…’ It is a long time for people who do proper jobs and have families to support and homes to maintain. It is, however, fuck all to some spoilt tart who has millions in the bank and makes more in a week than some will earn in a lifetime. I wouldn’t mind if she was anything special musically. I know The Beatles Apple and the Jobs Apple have had some run-ins, but Taylor fucking Swift?!

Of course Apple have kissed Swift’s bony little arse, when they should have told her to fuck off… Taylor Swift is a talentess, tightarsed, titless, mercenary cunt. Dire Straits weren’t wrong when they sang of money for nothing…

Nominated by: Norman

Taylor Swift: “Oh poor me I can only afford 3 mansions and 1 private jet!” Do you hear the suffering in her voice? She needs more money. Fuck the recession, this cunt needs more cash.

Taylor Swift is not only a talentless cunt who 90 percent of the time writes about songs of her breaking up with her boyfriend for shite reasons – but her music is made for retards. It’s wallpaper music set to the tune of feel good propaganda. Also she isn’t struggling in the least she’s worth 261 million.

I don’t feel sorry for this talentless spoiled brat. In fact I just downloaded a shitty album in spite of that cunt tried to listen to 5 minutes of it then deleted it. I could name a thousand artists who are struggling more then her and they aren’t even complaining in the slightest.

Nominated by: Titslapper