Taylor Swift [4]

Taylor Swift is a cunt. She charges astronomical amounts of money to see her perform live all that shit she writes about ex boyfriends and clitty lickers.

Who the fuck pays for these tickets ? It ain’t the prepubescent or adolescent females that insist on going to see this cunt it is fucking mug parents like me.

What also cunts me off about this pop princess cunt is the fact that she will strategically omit playing certain venues…a right cunting trick which results in said offspring having faces like slapped arses when their fave pop princess doesn’t come to town.

Nominated by Jonty Jodphurs

39 thoughts on “Taylor Swift [4]

  1. As well as being a tuneless pre-packaged trollop, this bonebag is also a humourless cunt… Olive Oyl Swift was recently on a chat show with John Cleese… And Cleese made a lighthearted joke about wimmin… Olive didn’t even smirk, she just said (in the most obnoxious ‘I’m a Yank celebricunt’ voice) ‘Don’t even go there!’ Like a seasoned veteran (and Python) like Cleese is going to take orders from a wet behind the errr… ears daddy’s girl who churns out production line crap for tone deaf cunts…

    And we won’t ‘even go there’ where her dragging through the courts of a DJ who allegedly touched her arse is concerned… But talk about abusing one’s ‘power’, and how come someone so ‘independent’ and ‘grown up’ got mommykins to tell all those nasty people in court off?…. File under another spoilt celebricunt…

    • Wasn’t it said about Cleese that with the right amount of teaching any talentless fucker can be funny?

  2. Titless Swift probably said to Cleese (if she bothered to acknowledge him at all) ‘What’s a ‘Montee Pie–thon? Is it sumsorta snake thing? Talk to the hand etc”…. Like a female version of Eoin McLove off Father Ted…

    • Cleese has been antagonising the snowflake brigade quite a lot recently.
      Good on him but bet the poor sod never works again…

      • Cleese: “Whats a Monte Python?! Oh You mean you don’t know? why the Montee Python is a rare exotic trouser snake dear girl and I can show you it in my dressing room after the show…”

  3. Like a certain leftie cunt (Frankie Boyle) once said of Victoria Beckham: shagging that would be like separating deck chairs with your dick. You could probably get better music from her using her ribs as a xylophone…

    • Too true… Kunty Perry may also be a talentless cunt (and a libflake cunt too), but at least she’s doable and has got a good (well, cracking) pair…

      • I’m most of us would still have a go on her though…but, much like shagging Gwyneth Paltrow, there’d be a certain amount of spite about it…

  4. Shake It Off is fuckin brilliant.

    There, I said it.
    I was gutted when I heard she sang it. I then listened to the lyrics and it’s all about how she cares not a jot what people say or do to her, which is quite ironic as all she does is whinge about what people say and do to her and charges high prices for her fans to hear that whinge.

    Catchy as fuck tune tho.

    “shake it off, shake it off “……

      • Yer all singing it now…
        All day yer gonna be “shake it off, shake it off”……. Hahaha

      • What was it with the synthetic, farting horns in Shake It?

        Sounded like the farting Pinky Ponk from Cbeebies had been given guest vocals.

      • Its even worse she didn’t even write that song. Her “Songs”

        Shake It Off
        We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together
        Blank Space
        Bad Blood

        were all written by a 44yo Swedish cunt called max martin .

        Him and another cunt called Dr Luke have basically written most of the top pop songs since 1999. Now you no why most music sounds the same shite all the time .
        Shes a talentless cunt and only is were she is because of daddy and his money and influence, bit like that other cunt Jack Whitehall ….

      • As much of a cunt she is, I would shake it off all over her face. I think she would love A to M

      • Heard one of its songs in 2012 on the radio at 5am one morning. Went out the next day and bought its CD.

        Not bad, but can’t say I’ve played it much recently…

      • Taylor swift basically stole the concept of the song Blank Space from a anime called Deathnote. So technically she never wrote that one and is a plagarist

  5. The BBC recently licked Swift’s bony arse.. The clueless cunts gushed that the titless one was ‘ the genius of the one note melody’… How can it be a melody if it only has one fucking note?!?! Just how thick are these cunts?! And, if that’s the case, then the old Testcard/closedown ‘beeeep’ tone should be classed as a masterpiece… Mind you, even that is easier to listen to than Titless Tay Tay….

    • A one note melody!?!?!?!
      FFS ! I nearly fell off my chair laughing !!!!!!!

      Not even Mozart Verdi and Puccini together could achieve that and they really were fucking geniuses.

      • @Chas C

        That is because Mozart Verdi and Puccini (of whom I have never previously heard) were second rate Europeans. Top English composer Henry Purcell however wrote a Fantasia Upon One Note; it can be done and being Purcell you know it will be amazing. Oddly I have never heard it.

  6. Debbie was as doable as fuck in that ‘Rapture’ video though…. Only rap record I ever bought was the Beastie Boys’ ‘Paul’s Boutique’… A masterclass in sampling…

    • Hit Em Up by Tupac is great to et you in the mood for dishing out a bit of torture.

      “rappers are today’s poets ”

      ” slippin on a banana
      In the copa, copa cabana
      Get down and dirty
      Wid ya nana in a bandana

      What, what… Ah, yeah”

      • “rappers are today’s poets ”
        Possibly the most obscene thought I have come across this week. Mind you, today’s actual poets are mostly pretty crap too. Making poetry – and any claim to have written some – illegal, would concentrate minds wonderfully, as well as forcing Radio 4 to make some original late-night programming.

      • I can safely say this is down to edward leer
        There once was hermit called dave
        who lived with a whore in a cave
        she was ugly as shit
        with only one tit
        but imagine the money he´d saved

  7. “Rap is the new rock & roll and we are the new rock gods” (Kanye West).

    What a deluded cunt…

  8. Taylor Swift. Never heard of her before this posting. Having read my fellow esteemed cunter’s posts, I conclude, state and attest, that Taylor Swift IS a CUNT!

    • I’d heard of her. Might have been on the Mail Online’s Sidebar of Shame. Didn’t know what she did though. Wikipedia tells me, with an entry written by her agent which is nearly as long as, and contains far more trivial detail than, Wikipedia’s entry for the United States.
      Partially redeemed by:

      ‘But In terms of imagery, repetition is evident in Swift’s songwriting. In The Guardian’s words, “she spends so much time kissin’ in the rain that it seems a miracle she hasn’t developed trenchfoot”‘

  9. I can honestly say I haven’t heard anything she has done. That’s one of the benefits of having grown up kids I guess. I do think she looks kind of odd. Sometimes I think I would, other times no way.

    I think it’s widely acknowledged I have the best musical taste on ISAC and will be asking everyone to sign my petition to get Noel a knighthood. Have to say BRMC new album Wrong Creatures is really good. Really really good

  10. Couldn’t name one of songs. Lanky streak of piss, typical of the pop tart genre.
    Someone tell this cunt you can’t have fame under your own terms or only when it suits…
    A cunt to the power of shit loads.


  11. On the matter of female singers ( and I mean REAL singers ) May I nominate the following as REAL VOICES. 1 Karen Carpenter. 2 Judith Durham 3 petula Clark. There are many more who deserve the accolade of ” female talent”.

    Taylor Swift? Nah….fuck off !

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  13. I can’t stand the way she does that mouth-opened ‘surprised’ look, shut your cunt mouth, cunt.

  14. Although I have heard the name, I have never knowingly heard anything she may have warbled. I am a smug cunt.

  15. This Swift tart is a prime example of the problem with today’s ‘popular’ music. A text book example of style over substance. Need evidence to back up such a claim? I present to you, the right honourable and his lordship, Sir Paul Joseph Watson. Take it away Sir Paul:


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