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taylor swift

Taylor Swift is a cunt. Apple (for once!) do something half decent for their customers and offer a free three month iTunes trial – but little Taylorkins isn’t happy about it. Oh dear me, no! The talent free bint has refused permisson for her latest piece of musical torture (her ‘1989’ album) to be downloaded or streamed during this free trial.

Her reason for this? ‘Three months is a long time to go without bring paid…’ It is a long time for people who do proper jobs and have families to support and homes to maintain. It is, however, fuck all to some spoilt tart who has millions in the bank and makes more in a week than some will earn in a lifetime. I wouldn’t mind if she was anything special musically. I know The Beatles Apple and the Jobs Apple have had some run-ins, but Taylor fucking Swift?!

Of course Apple have kissed Swift’s bony little arse, when they should have told her to fuck off… Taylor Swift is a talentess, tightarsed, titless, mercenary cunt. Dire Straits weren’t wrong when they sang of money for nothing…

Nominated by: Norman

Taylor Swift: “Oh poor me I can only afford 3 mansions and 1 private jet!” Do you hear the suffering in her voice? She needs more money. Fuck the recession, this cunt needs more cash.

Taylor Swift is not only a talentless cunt who 90 percent of the time writes about songs of her breaking up with her boyfriend for shite reasons – but her music is made for retards. It’s wallpaper music set to the tune of feel good propaganda. Also she isn’t struggling in the least she’s worth 261 million.

I don’t feel sorry for this talentless spoiled brat. In fact I just downloaded a shitty album in spite of that cunt tried to listen to 5 minutes of it then deleted it. I could name a thousand artists who are struggling more then her and they aren’t even complaining in the slightest.

Nominated by: Titslapper

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  1. Taylor Swift’s father is a greedy banker millionaire. Using his ill gotten gains he hired personal coaches and trainers for his pet daughter’s singing career. Never mind she was nothing musically talented special: He had $millions to market and promote her. He also had the connections to bribe the music critics to write up the false ‘sensational and fantastic’ Taylor Swift revues.

    ‘It ain’t about your song writing or singing performances my honey’, ‘It’s about investment to make the money. Take from the music promoters all you can my money honey’.

    • Exactly she’s just daddy’s little pet she has probably made him some money not that he needs any of it , as he works for Merrill Lynch which has had lots of corruption especially AIG ballout. http://wallstreetonparade.com/2015/03/warren-citigroup-morgan-stanley-merrill-lynch-received-6-trillion-backdoor-bailout-from-fed/
      Point is there’s alot better female musicans out there then Swift. Bridget st. John is pretty good , Patti Smith is alright especially the early years of her career Clara Bley has made some pretty great music but that being said i’m critical of female vocalist’s because they usually talk about their own inflated whore induced ego and men problems, women vocalist’s work best as backing vocalists or songwriters like Gail Collins Pappalardi and Gail’s a better shot hahaha.

      • Poor Felix, a great bass player and producer for Cream. Still listen to Mountain, a poor mans Cream but great anyway. Wonder what Gail is doing now? she must be out of the nick by now?

      • Poor Felix indeed, She died of cancer on December 6, 2013 waiting to undergo cancer treatments living in Ajijic, Jalisco. Don’t know why she was living in Mexico could be the cheap drugs or living under the lights of her murder conviction. I doubt she’s living there because of the huge arse bugs they have in mexico then again I’m a huge wuss when it comes to those creepy looking Cunts.

      • There is also the Leslie West solo album Mountain , they named the band after his album .You can tell Leslie is trying to copy Jack Bruce’s voice on a few songs especially “Dreams of milk and honey”. Its more of a Hard rock Cream

      • I think Leslie West was also, for a short time, an unofficial fifth member of The Who… He played some of their Young Vic shows, while they were trying out their ‘Lifehouse’ project…

      • Shed load of Mountain albums and the first Leslie West album on Pirate Bay – not that I would dream of downloading them, of course. That would be illegal!!!…

      • They did appear at Woodstock but are not featured on the initial film. Leslie West, due to Diabetes has had a leg amputated and now appears playing from a wheelchair. He has issued some good blues albums. He and Mountain drummer, Corky Laing, teamed up with Jack Bruce, West, Bruce and Laing, for 1 studio album and 1 live album, the live album featuring a blistering bass solo from Jack called Powerhouse Sod. We lost Jack earlier this year RIP. He is my main influence in my bass playing.

    • I hate this fucking mole. Talentless fucking bitch. Music is going down the shitter at a rate of knots and this fuckbag who is worth $300m is half the fucking problem.

  2. Agreed, TitSlapper…There were so many in the 60s and 70s who were better than Swift: Not just the likes of Aretha, but singers like PP Arnold, Judy Collins, the aforementioned Bridget St John, Julie Driscoll, Margo Guryan, and little konwn Briitish soul singer, Barry St John (see youtube links)…. And although the Carpenters were incredbily cheesy at times, at least Karen could sing…..

    I also agree on modern female singers: it’s either ‘Im a slag’ crap form the likes of Perry, Cyrus, Rihanna and Minaj… Or it’s ‘I’ve been dumped’ bollocks from Adele or Alanis ….
    And Tayor Swift is just shite…


  3. The only act I am arsed about seeing at Glstonbury is Motorhead… Not the vintage of Lemmy, Fast Eddie, and Philthy…. But they’ll still blow every other cunt off the stage…

    Could be a rare, nonce free, Glastonbury this year… No Rolf or Gadd… Mind you,Cliff might show up…

    One can only imagine the servile crawling, arselicking and the red carpet treatment Eavis will dish out to West and that disgusting Kardashian woman….

  4. Most of today’s female pop stars are just whores masquerading as singers. As for Swift she is another cunt who uses ‘co writers’ for ‘her’ songs ie they actually write the material and she does next to fuck all ,cept chosing one of her 43 outfits she changes into during her ‘shows’. Fucking fake shite.

    • Robbie Williams pulled this ‘co-writing’ stunt with Guy Chambers… Chambers was in a band in the early 90s called The Lemon Trees… They were basically Beatlesque powerpop (sort of like a less talented Badfinger of Big Star)… Chambers did write some catchy tunes for them though… And when one hears ‘Angels’ or any other Williams track from that era, they have Chambers’ fingerprints all over them… It’s also no conicdence that sinee Williams dispensed with Chambers’ services his songs have been less memorable (and crap!)… Co-written by Robbie Williams, my arse…

      Swift couldn’t write a half decent shopping list… It’s like when The Spice Girls (utter cunts!) used to get credited as co-writers on their awful singles… Anyone who saw them speak knew they didn’t have a brain cell between them (and still don’t)… I don’t think anyone (except that thick Judas cunt who married Posh Spice) beleived that they had any hand in songwriting…

  5. Blur’s Alex James is a cunt… Alex James has discussed the dominance of solo artists in the current musical climate, claiming that Taylor Swift is “bigger than The Beatles”… So Swift records and releases two great albums a year, plus singles, B Sides, tours and makes game changing works like ‘Rubber Soul’, ‘Revolver’ and ‘Sgt Pepper’? Swift couldn’t even match The Beatles at their worst or weakest… Never mind their best…

    Blur were/are a bad Ray Davies/Syd Barrett comedy tribute act… James is a cunt because he thinks there is a current musical climate… There isn’t… People like Cowell, One Direction, Kanye West, Katy Perry and Taylor Swift are strangling popular music and soon it will be stone dead…

    • I fucking hate that Alex James vunt, always turning up on some TV show to talk about his cheese (no, not his music, he now produces cheese)
      I am reliably informed he simply plays Blur’s Park Life to a vat of milk and by morning it has curdled in to cheese

      Damon Albarn is a cunt too, no reason, just a cunt

      • I remember Alex James in a Manchester bar in the 90s… Blur were at the height of their Parklife fame, and James was acting the big star… The little cunt was probably coked up to the gills and (for no reason at all) he decided to start on a member of The Buzzcocks, who were also in the bar at the time… maybe James thought he would win because he was younger, but the said Buzzcock knocked shit out of him…. I thought that was pretty funny…

        And you’re right: Albarn is a cunt… Anyone who does pretentious crap like The Good , The Bad and The Queen and Gorrliaz has to be a prize cunt… The only man in Blur with any sort of talent is Graham Coxon..

      • I hate blur every fibre in my body is anti Blur , there isn’t a song that I’ve heard that is even remotely good, Oasis are genuises compared to Blur and thats not saying much because they have done some pretty shite stuff. I also have convinced myself that their brother vs. brother fued is somewhat of a scam,can’t tell anymore. Gorrilaz are really shite too I can’t believe they have made millions over it ,who buys this shit? This form of corruption in the music industry encourages bad/no talent and bravado. Also they have upped prices on Cd’s and vinyl as a way combat piracy what a load of shite.

      • I would have loved to have seen that!
        He must be much like Noel Gallagher, thinks he is a wide boy but only ever gives it the mouth when he has 4 security around him.
        He deserves a good cunting too for even mentioning that Oasis were bigger than the Beatles.
        It still makes me laugh today

        Adopting a mank accent
        “I’d like to be somebody else, and not know where I’ve been…I’d like to build myself a house, out of plasticineeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee”


      • Bigger then the beatles? ha what a laugh everything oasis has done owes itself to the beatles copyed their music structure and rhythms, copyed their look , copyed their stupid little fueds and reunion teases (like anybody wants to see them reunite just yobs and wankers do) btw how many times has Liam trashed a show ranting and raving like a retard I can’t believe people paid to see those concerts . Liam and Noel should go to Sir Paul’s door and suck him off already if they love him so much. Also comparing themselves to the beatles is a cunt move seeing how the beatles helped destroy music talent and invented the rockstar god with huge ego bullshite. Millionaires preaching peace and happiness how enlightening.

  6. Emaciated, talentless, vacuous whore.
    I am going to download ALL her songs of the Internet, burn them to CD’s and sell them at a Car Boot sale!
    You might be thinking that’s illegal as I will be making money, but the truth is I will have to pay people to take the CD’s, her music is audible diarrhea of the highest order.

  7. Ian Hurst aka Martin Ingram and Peter Keeley aka Kevin Fulton now stand exposed as the fakes, charlatans and Securocrat lickspittles they truly are
    One of the many gems coming from the forensic research carried out by the Smithwick team shows that Peter Keeley is still linked to MI5 which has “taken control” of his case. Keeley’s close relationship with the Star Chamber throws light in turn on Ian Hurst’s charmed life as a practiced liar and deceiver. In 2006, this spook duo issued a book together (“Unsung Hero” – with Keeley as author and Hurst writing the introduction), where Keeley is the eponymous Unsung Hero. To speak bluntly, this book is disgusting and is the final nail in the coffin for these two British establishment lackeys.

    For in January this year the Belfast High Court ordered that Peter Keeley must pay damages to the family of Eoin Morley. “Unsung Hero” gives a ghoulish description of Keeley’s supposed role in the murder of Eoin Morley. In the foreword to the book Ian Hurst acknowledges that Keeley is a “murderer”. Is there any barrel that these two have not scraped? Now rumour has it that Hurst will not only face an inquiry as to exactly what he knew about Keeley’s murderous role as an agent but also on what basis the two of them fed stories to News International’s Dublin and Belfast offices.

    Anyone who cares to look, even casually, at the narrative of false security stories that were fed to journalists and media, that were either so gullible or so blinded by anti Sinn Féin animus that they failed to scrutinise what was on offer from these two, will quickly see the symbiotic relationship between Hurst and Keeley in the Stakeknife, Martin McGuinness and “Rogue Garda” black ops manoeuvres unwittingly revealed by the Smithwick report.

  8. Some people from the press & Media say that I am a one trick pony, I worked for the BBC and things went well for me, but after a few years, I couldn’t get any more jobs as a reporter, I am proud of my republican background, I am proud to be associated with republicans, and Yes I am a very good friend of Danny Morrison.
    I also like to expose the British on their black ops.

  9. I agree Taylor Swift is a wailing cunt and if I never ever ever ever hear any of hear whining it will be to fucking soon, sniper worthy spoilt fuckwit of the highest order set the dogs on her the count and after that the ginger Muslim wanker they love dogs….. that would make my day, now back to killing flies

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