Taylor Swift [5]

Taylor Swift is a cunt…

‘Taylor Swift breaks political silence in favour of Democrats’…The talentless (and titless) one has now ‘spoken out’ in a longwinded whine about the Democrats and how evil Big Don is…It was actually in her favour that she didn’t do the condescending superior celebrity cunt act and jump on the ‘L love Kilary’ bandwagon… But I might have known she wouldn’t keep her mouth shut, because none of them do… It’ll either be ‘peer pressure’ from the virtue signaling celebrislag witches guild (Devil Streep, Skanklett-Johansscunt, Natalie Portmouth etc) or the daft cow just thinks she is another ‘political mind’ who is so great that she can tell people what to do… Why can’t there just be a singer or entertainer who does just that and keeps their gob shut on other occasions? Mind you ‘Tay Tay’ (as her saddo fancunts call her) can’t even sing anyway… The bony useless cunt….

Nominated by Norman

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  1. They’re all cunts, Norm, cut from the Bonio Goboff Gelding cloth. Just read about Stormzy (Cuntzy) in the same sentence as the word “groundbreaking.” Well that best ever, iconic, cutting edge CUNT ought to be on a chain gang breaking rocks with all the other uppity darkie niggle types. Dylan switched off from politics sharpish early on. Sensible man.Can’t stand posturing slebs. Tay Tay should have stuck to Cuntry Music. She’s been sheltered from an early age and knows fuck all about anything. It’s easy to posture about poverty and fairness when you’re loaded. I’d shit in her sound hole. Play that guitar you cunt.

  2. Slebs jumping on the libtard bandwagon is becoming a tired old cliche. In the old days they may have made charidee appeals to boost their popularity but telling people how to vote is a very different thing. There’s bound to be a backlash.
    Besides which, for every soppy cunt who thinks the sun shines out of a slebs arse there are a hundred more who want to kick their fucking heads in.

  3. I have little time for any “celebrities” who express their personal political preferences.

    Unless they are in total agreement with my own views obviously!

    Seriously, those that do risk alienating many of their fans/supporters, and on the fli side I for one have never been attracted to a “celebrity” because of their political beliefs. Logically, cannot see the point as the negatives easily outweigh the positives.

    • I thought he had recently been cleared of all charges?

      Or is this yet another attempt to smear democracy by the Remainers, by trying to overturn the referendum by making it null and void?

      What about the governments £9.5m?

      • Too right Mr Creampuff

        Goldman Sachs.

        A nasty horrible company, employing nasty horrible people.

        Self greed is their only motivation.


      • Precisely WS!!
        No investigation into Soros pouring money into remain
        No investigation of remain spending full stop…
        Just an endless fishing expedition into leave …..
        democratic it isn’t

      • Exactly what it is Willie. A fucking witch hunt. Aaron Banks should be knighted for services to England. Laura the wobbly gobbed cunt Kuntzburgh is almost wetting her knickers at the thought of strangling the will of the majority. Bussing voters in to a meeting in Londonistan all paid for, the relentless whining of the Ghanaian blambo who has funded a whole business designed to stop leave, Barry the cunt Soetoro threatening a back of the queue if we dare leave and cammacunt spending £9.5m of our money to persuade us that remain is the only option. Sopel the four by two cunt is whining like a premenstrual teenager that the Don is spending all his time on the road evangelising that he will make the US safe and great again whilst the dimocunts would allow every Pedro and his dog into the US with impunity. Cops being asked to spend time chasing tweeters and Fuckbuck cunts because a snowflake has been “offended”, googlecunts walking out on strike from extremely well paid piss easy jobs and the latest, demanding positions on the board to represent the poor oppressed snowflakes. Imagine these cunts watching your back in a firefight or protecting / defending the country? We need a war to sort out this mess although I doubt a decent spine could be made by a dozen snowflakes. And the swivel eyed lunatic would have us believe Venezuela is still a beacon of socialism. To add insult to injury I see O’shithead has had a piece done on him by Gideon free rag calling him a “radio star”. Least I can confidently call him a bastard , his father legged it and his mother got shut of him. I must go and kick the cat now, I just read Owen the man child brown hatter is proclaiming Liebour aren’t going far enough squeezing the pips out of the very people who buy his books and read his columns.

      • Oh yes; storm clouds on the horizon!! Never felt so strongly that change is coming. As the Chinese curse states “may you live in interesting times” well I have a notion I will be soon and I am looking forward to the times a changing.

    • I saw that RTCP. Whadda loada slimy grease turds the butt fucked remoaners are. Project smear indeed. These cunts are the caked up toilet bowl of humanity. I’ve got more respect for a fly eating shit than virtue signalling remaining cunts.

    • From today’s Guardian;

      News of the investigation prompted anti-Brexit campaigners to call for a delay to the departure process. The Labour MP David Lammy said Brexit “must be put on hold until we know the extent of these crimes against our democracy”.

      Somehow all rather predictable.

      Desperate tactics from the desperate cunts otherwise known as Remoaners.

      You lost, get over it.

      • Just seen that on sly news, fucking desperate now, does that mean the 17.4 million ppl who voted leave are all criminals too aswell as uninformed racists, “fum fuckers” springs to mind

      • I would say without any doubt that Sly News are more anti Brexit ,Peaceful loving and left wing than the BBC and Channel 4 put together.

      • Agreed but it’s the ITN american corresponcunt who really takes hatred of Trump to hitherto unprecedentd levels.

      • Looks like Duh-vid Blammy’s got to the Christmas crackers early; can’t imagine he could have come up with such a complex sentence all by himself.

        Sod him.

      • Brexit’s been on hold for over two years already. Lammy is the only crime against democracy in that story.

        PS: he had a friend who died in Grenfell. Not a lot of people know that…

      • Crimes against democracy my fucking arse. I may be a simple cunt but I was sure more people voted to leave than stay. If Lammy cunt wants to investigate crimes against “our” democracy may I humbly suggest he turns his razor honed intellect on the complete and total goatfuck that was the mayoral election for Chittagong on Thames (Tower Hamlets) and various other democratic votes carried out in said borough. Little give aways like 160 living in a one room flat all having the same handwriting, just little things that the powers that be missed. There was an investigation into the fuckwittery but you had to really dig to find anything out. I think Lammy that is what an abuse of our democracy looks like. Would also like to point out to said Lammy that I hate the fucking eu with a vengeance and have for years. I did not need any propogander from either side to make my mark. So shut the fuck up and go back to doing fuck all as you usually do, cunt

  4. Just another untalented, gobby sleb who thinks we’re interested in her opinion.
    She should stick to wiggling that cute little ass about, and leave it at that.

    • Actually, she is so skinny, the arse doesn’t come in to it. Seriouslty in need of proper sustenance!

  5. The trouble is, her adoring fans – for which there are probably million in the US alone – will probably go with whatever she spouts politically, believing that whatever she says must be true and just.

    They just can’t think outside the box: instead they have to be spoon-fed political shit from slebs because they can’t handle that kind of responsibility themselves.

  6. sorry change of topic but thought this is worth a look. , it’s the James O’ Brien technique in action. enjoy!

    • He takes being a cunt to levels not even seen on our gracious site. He would sit well on channel 4. I watched a couple of minutes of C4 on the cuntbox tonight, right after listening to the James O’shithead link just to raise my ire for QT later on. True to form, Armistice day on the 11th and not a single one of the cunts had a poppy on. I would gladly see the lot of the leftie cunts suspended by their fanny lips / ballbags whilst listening to the complete works of Shakespeare. Utter, utter, utter cunts the fucking lot.

  7. not seen one comment under the video which defends him, they all think he’s a cunt. one says ‘ i hate him with a passion , it’s unhealthy but i tune in every day to top up my hatred’ lol.

    • I’m on an O’Shithead free diet at the moment so I can’t listen to your clip.
      However, I don’t have to because I know every fucking thing he will say about anything.
      Brexit-Trump-Brexit-Trump-Brexit-Brexit-Brexit. Hate Farage and Trump, love Blair and Suckdick.

      • Afternoon Freddie

        I have been on a meat, tobacco and James O’Shithead free diet for many, many years, and feel all the better for it.

        Apologies in advance to Mr Creampuff. Why any sane person would want to call in and or listen to this rude, bullying, ignorant, sadistic piss boiling prick for even 5 seconds is totally beyond me.

        “The first chapter of fools is to think themselves wise”.

      • I don’t think he’s ever mentioned Farage. Closest he gets is some cunt called Farrige, who he refers to as a racist liar every two minutes.

    • I played OBINGO when I used twatter for a bit, good fun. He’s such a colossal bellend for sure.. can’t go more than 10 seconds before mentioning Brexit or some irritating liberal gobshite.

      Good analysis though. I’ve had similar thoughts, people who get through to his show don’t understand his psychological game playing and end up caught in his web. Like the video said, the guy should have hung up and stung him. If everyone did that instead of feeding his game playing he would lose his mind and inevitably his job.

      • O’Shithead is the Derren Brown of the phone in – a semantic illusionist, highly skilled at misdirection, starts off saying “I want to keep it friendly today” then immediately launches abuse at anyone foolish enough to take the bait. The show is a fucking con – O’Shithead is not interested in truth or getting to the heart of the matter or understanding anyone with an alternate point of view.

        Typically he invites calls from “just ONE person” who could suggest “just ONE positive thing about Brexit”. Surprisingly, one unfortunate yet very articulate woman (who presumably hadn’t heard the programme before) took the bait recently and was predictably bullied remorselessly by O’Brian for her pains.

        “They say they’re going to take back control!” he bawls hysterically on a seemingly hourly basis, “but what does that even possibly mean?!” squeals the bearded twat like a stuck pig. If some poor cunt calls in to enlighten him, he immediately shouts them down or takes exception to to their grammar or uses some other ‘clever’ diversionary device like changing the subject or demanding to know why the NHS hasn’t received the £350million a week promised by that “racist liar” Nigel Farrige, etc, etc, patronising callers for their “ignorance” before cutting them off abruptly, barely a word allowed in edgeways.

        He uses rudeness as a weapon and is condescending by default, deliberately confuses issues, patronising to the Nth degree, there’s literally no end to this cunt’s cuntishness.

        The Remoaner’s answer to Nazi Germany’s Lord Haw Haw…

      • In other words, a stereotype Remoaner.

        Rude, ignorant and unwilling to converse without being abusive.

      • He already had it Jack, Newsnight fucked him off but the overblown egotistical cunt will have it that he left. A pox on him and his.

      • O’Cunt has a much larger and wider audience with his 15 hour a week one man show on LBC than he could ever dream of having at Newsnight. And he enjoys full editorial control.

        Being sacked by the ABBC was the making of this mega Cunt. Fuck knows how he manages to get his enormous head through the studio door of a morning.

  8. Celebrities don’t elect Presidents, people do. If nothing else Trumps proved if you can get your message out it’s possible to leave slebs in a pool of melted snowflake.

    Nothing better than watching Uber cunt slebs broken or throwing a tantrum as they realise Twitter is an empty echo chamber of zombie followers and they have fuck all input into the real world.

    Never mind Taylor……..

  9. She means “thought crime” and suppression of free speech. How come the constant ridiculing and abusing of leave voters isn’t a hate crime. At the moment I can be arrested for telling a joke implying the Irish are thick but I can tell the same joke about leave voters, ON THE FUCKING TELLY , and I get a round of applause. How the fuck does that work?
    There are dangerous times just around the corner waiting to mug us off.

    • Speaking of thick irish……. I’m doing some work in brighton at the moment, the shit hole london road part. I was complaining about the price of a pint (£5) when a bloke from the west coast of Ireland with two pints of Guinness in his hands told me that there is a pub round the corner all pints £2.50!!!!!!

      • You were in a gay bar. They don’t mind paying top dollar for the chance of getting some cock and bum. Get your arse out of there !……….literally.

    • The “dangerous times” cuts both ways though Freddie. Never underestimate the power of the silent majority. The yoof and the cuntish snowflakes gathering outside Google on strike is a kind of the chickens coming home to roost moment. When you fuck with very rich and influential powerful people like the Googles, Amazons and Facebooks of this world you can find yourselves getting burned. That being me with my old Mill owners hat on I would have sacked the fucking lot of the pasty faced millennial Gen X cunts. I sense the world going to hell in a handcart. We need a virus resistant to any form of treatment or some form of localised nuclear war. I don’t remember, even being a cunt in my youth, a time when the next generation thought me a cunt that needed topping.
      The “Destruction Boyz” with their Gom sound from South Africa who are being lauded as the new direction of music needs a good coat of looking at by Norman and RTC. I am sure their appraisal will be worthy of a read.
      ALBBC always warn that “the following report contains flash photography” – fuck that – I would rather be warned of blambos in the following report – give me time to switch off the cuntbox.

  10. Taylor Swift is a titless,flat-arsed Cunt. She has the body of an adolescent boy. Anyone who wanks over her,or “goes out” with her if probably an aficionado of boy-buggery.
    The fact that she is blond doesn’t help either. It’s a proven fact that all blond women are avaricious,untrustworthy slatterns. If you happen to be married to one,ditch her before she attempts to rob you. If you are a blond woman, Fuck Off afore I set the hounds on ye.

    Fuck them.

    • Got a good point about blondes, Dickie… The ones I’ve been with have been the most trouble and quick tempered…. Mrs Norman is dark haired with grey eyes… And in great nick considering she’s now past the four oh mark… And – truth be told – she’s probably worth all my exes put together…

      • Good for you Norman. Personally I’ve never got on with dark haired birds, always been blonde, bottled or otherwise. Always fancied a ginger though. One of the Irish type birds, all ringlets and proper copperhead. I am told they fuck like its their last.

      • “She has the body of an adolescent boy. Anyone who wanks over her,or “goes out” with her if probably an aficionado of boy-buggery”

        I said the same about Emma Twatson dick also the same about the arya stark boygirl from GoT

  11. Off topic
    Only joking.
    In my day Taylor was a surname and a swift was a 🐦 bird

    • I must be much posher than you. In my day Taylor was a bloke who made gentlemen’s suits and Swift was an 18th century essayist and satirist.

      • I’m very common . Working class boy through a through Mr Frog.
        Or should I call you sir Frog or lord frog, your grace.

      • I’ve certainly learnt more on ISAC than I ever did at school…….😎
        ISAC should definitely branch out into education, originally I was thinking a university but I think like the competition ( leftie libertard Cunts) the indoctrination needs to start earlier so playschool it is “ Johnny you don’t have to let Mohammed into the sandpit “
        Imagine shielding the children from the tsunami of liberal bollocks , allowing them to grow up and actually think for themselves instead of ending up brainwashed snowflake Cunts!!
        I’m seeing The institute of ISAC!
        Something along the lines of hogwarts , but instead of wanky liberals pouncing about on broomsticks our students learn to instantly spot snowflake liberal cuntery and dispatch it not with the wave of a wand but the swing of the sledgehammer!! 😎

    • Evening, Krav. It would appear that you are no longer The Only Gay in the Village. Mince Pie Guy has stolen your crown,can we expect to read of a savage fight involving scratching,hair-pulling,broken high-heels,wigs akimbo,ripped dresses and much squealing of “Ooohh, you cat”?….. I expect the headline will read “Two 6 foot,obese,moustached, exotically dressed Gentleman of a peculiar persuasion arrested after brawl at The Blue Oyster”.


      • No way that I’m getting bashed around the ring when two inflammed,drunk on Babysham, Ray Winstone look-a-likes decide to turn their glittery handbags on the ref.

      • How very dare you,Herr Fiddler. Just because a man lives with another man and has a Barbara Streisand CD in his car…….

  12. I married a blonde, she’s just this moment told me to fuck off . Situation normal, nothing to see here.
    Good evening

      • Good evening Ron.She’d already provided it. She’s just naturally foul mouthed and abusive.

    • Good evening Jack

      I married a Japanese girl. Jet black hair, and black eyes.

      Very quiet, shy and sweet.

      Now she has turned into the most aggressive woman I have ever met. Strangely the bossiness and aggression only started ice we were married.

      Funny that.

      • Good evening Willie. We’ve all been suckered, yet we were all warned. What silly cunts we are.

      • If anyone else here is considering marriage, thinks they’ve found the one and wants to change their life.. go watch the 3min educational skit ‘Sam Kinison on marriage’.

        “Remember this face…”

      • Every morning I click on is a cunt Mrs Plastic says the same thing:’You’re just a bunch of old white men whose day is done. The world’s moved on’. Maybe she is right.

      • As one highly esteemed colleague put it a few months ago:

        “Get with it, Cunters, take your pill, lie back and accept the Brave New World… you’ve had your day, the future belongs to the vibrant, multi-cultural, metropolitan yoof…”

      • I’m sure some cunters will not lie down too easily, a jerking, twitching Mr Fiddler on his deathbed like a Bernard Manning with tourettes, with random outbursts of “the gays”, “darkies” and “fuck them”.

      • Any bloke considering marriage should remember that half of all marriages go on for fucking decades….

  13. Have just written to Sports Minister Tracey Crouch after she resigned over ‘delay’ to betting crackdown.

    Said she should be proud to have the courage of her convictions, and words to the effect that I also think Phil Hammond is an out of touch lying cunt.

  14. Kravdarth mentioned this earlier. Apparently silly Lily has cancelled some shows on her US tour due to ‘illness’. (Poor tickets sales).

    I do get a bit of an impression that the great unwashed are starting to get the right fucking hump with these bleating, virtue signalling cunts.

    Bono, the very short (and that does need stating at all times, unless he forgets) has been making the usual cunt of himself on the latest U2 tour with his pretentious, witless pro EU bollocks. Apparently he considers cheerleading for the most undemocratic movement since the fucking Nazi party ‘subversive’. Would love to know how many tickets U2 have sold this time around. Sadly I think I’d be disappointed. U2 fans never fail to disappoint me in their mediocrity. How can you be a fan of music and be into a band that wholesale steal their ideas from Joy Division, New Order, Depeche Mode, Nine Inch Nails, Chemical brothers…etc.

  15. I think the mid-term elections will be a real shock to the Democrats and their snowflake supporters. Trump may be a buffoon but he is overseeing the economic revival of the US. This is of benefit to blue collar workers rather than the middle class elite and cunts like Swift. The whole world (the sane part of it) is utterly sick of libtards, transgenders, feminazis and grievance mongering kneegroes. That’s why right wingers are getting the votes. In other words, we want back to the 1950s.

  16. How much longer is farce otherwise know as the Grenfell inquiry going to take, how much more taxpayers money will be wasted, and what is the fucking point if no one will be prosecuted at the end of it?

    • I think the money-grubbing lawyers, counsellors, interpreters, virtue signalling politicians, retired judges, charidees, the MSM and phoney victims are probably best placed to answer that question Willie.

      • “Lessons will be learned”, that will be the sum of it. Those who should face justice allowed to quietly retire on a fat pension or moved to a different department.

      • Every cunt that says condolences at this very difficult time, as if you give a flying fuck, or as you say, lessons will be learned. Yeah right, NHS, been going for 80 yrs, how long before you learn your lesson? If you’re lucky they fucking murdered you and you’ll be AOB at meeting 2 months later before the tea and biscuits. Every man and woman for themselves sadly. Fuck em

    • More money spent on the fuckers who said they lived their n got hotel accomo. Cheeting import cunters

  17. There’ll be a couple of poor fuckers, at the bottom of the food chain, who will carry the can.
    There always is.

  18. As I will keep on saying – about all glitterati types – it’s easy to be socialist when you’re minted!

    The sad thing is that the Dumocrats and Liebore cunts over here still portray themselves as “The People’s Party” when virtually every one of the cunts are privately minted and truly could not give one fuck about the great unwashed.

    Neither do the Republicans or the Connies but at least they make no bones about not caring a fuck about the great unwashed in lieu of tax cuts (less in the pot for Kyle scum benefits cheats and Mo’s 8 kids – so will always get my vote over the McNationalise nightmare, but I’m ready for a change).

    They’re all the same which is why Trump is such a breath of fresh air. Couldn’t give a fuck about his tenure or administration so long as it keeps on pissing on the same old, same old Bush/Clinton elite stitch-up.

    Here’s a video which explains it far more eloquently than I ever could…


    The problem is that we won’t be able to do a fucking thing about Brexit, the Islamification of the UK, or any other common sense objective until we make the elites know that their positions of power are very fucking transient at the polling station.

    Alas most sheeple will still vote according to the Red or Blue mantra on both sides of the pond.

    Shame really.

  19. Mr Bastard. You don’t know the bullshit I have to endure. ‘Big Brother Day 42!’ I heard earlier. So for the past 41 days I have had to listen to a resume of what has happened. And she goes into great detail…oh it is chronic.

    • Yes but Miles, don’t you feel culturally enriched by having a Geordie accent tell you the skinny every 5 fucking minutes?

      “Day ate-eeeen in tha’ Big Brutha househerld. Shaniah is takin’ a piss on Olivah’s f’yace, while Milos wanks off teh-rah Morrissey dirge and Pippah diz felatio tah Aubrey’s strap-on – which hez been up Saffron’s cunt and Rajesh’s arse!”

      Pure multicultural gold – like!

  20. Titless Swift is just one of many cheap as chips unremarkable gobshite slags who now infest the music industry… I almost feel sorry for today’s young lads… They’ve got bang average to bog ugly looking trollops like Titless taylor, Todger Gaga, Knickerless Mix, Fatarse Minaj, Miley Shagbag… Or horse faced snowflake libfuck tarts like Paloma Cunt, Lana Del Cunt, and Florence (looks like a machine)… And then there’s the identikit lezza twats like Halsey (cunt) and St Vincent (for fuck’s sake!)… I and my generation was spoiled, with the likes of Olivia Newton John, Kate Bush, Kiki Dee, Annie Haslam, Linda Rondstadt, Frida and Agentha etc…Whatever happened to all the fit birds in popular music?….

  21. Gormless snowflakery cunt that she is, I wouldn’t mind taking her up the Queensway tunnel!

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