Taylor Swift [3]

Taylor Swift Private Topless Photo Leaked Or Just Another Fake Nude www.GutterUncensored.com 019

Taylor Swift gets right on my tits.

Irritating goody two shoes who had her career bought and paid for by her millionaire parents. Everything she does is staged for the media.

A bit like that other talentless, overhyped fucktard Cara Delevingne.

Much like a bad case of herpes, just when you think they have fucked off, they reappear. Even more irritating than before.

Nominated by: Odin’s Balls

12 thoughts on “Taylor Swift [3]

  1. well Angela Merkel is up again, seems one of her pet refugees spontaniously combusted at a venue last night (explosion is the fastest form of combustion) any way its not as if we didnt expect it to happen, but after the munich touch up fiasco she sugested that people should stay at arms length from them, a defensive hand grenade (far less exsplosive than Ali G used) has a radius of 30 meters so I am wondering what the new directive will be?
    I very much doubt that it will not be the obvious one (GO HOME)

  2. sorry it was cologne not munich, but geographicaly on the larger scale at least I got the right country (froggy bastards!)

  3. She’s flattened more grass than Flymo and seen more fucking ceiling than Michelangelo, and STILL tries to pass herself off as a wholesome good-girl. The mind truly boggles.

  4. I would not touch her with a pole. She has been banged more times than a taxi door. is there a shitty celebrity she has yet to fuck. Bet she lies there like a sack of fuckin tatties. I reckon she has STDs not yet known to science. She is a fucking jizz rag with a fanny like a exploded hot pocket. Bitch. I think she is cut from the same cloth as that slag Jennifer Aniston. Every dude they have ever been with binned them. To my mind this screams a warning that she is also fucking boring and proper hard work. All things considered, I would rather have a wank.

  5. Paul Pogba is a cunt…
    Cryptic tweets? All that ‘Has he or hasn’t he?’ bollocks?
    He is taking the absolute piss, the tedious cunt…

  6. I never knew her parents were wealthy. It accounts for a lot about her, very little that is good unfortunately.

  7. I wouldn,t be interested in this attention whore even if she outdid Anabelle Chong the gangbanger and let’s 500 guys poke her.

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