Hilary Benn

"I borrowed this jacket from George Osborne! Would you like a cupcake?"

“I borrowed this jacket from George Osborne! Would you like a cupcake?”

Hilary Benn is a cunt.

We had to suffer his father for fifty dreary years and now he’s dead and gone, he has left his legacy in the shape of his equally annoying son. It’s like a family business….

Benn and Son, Cunts of the first order.

Nominated by: Gutstick Japseye

18 thoughts on “Hilary Benn

    • What sort of a cunt calls his son Hilary?
      Could only ever turn out to be a cunt.

    • His dad was a cunt, and he is like his dad, therefore he is a cunt. He popped on to my cunt radar when he was on the TV, campaigning for the remainers. I didn’t like the cut of his jib, so I called him a cunt. The cunt.

  1. Another Labour cunt is Owen Smith.

    Another regressive lefty cunt making pronouncements about women making up 50% of the shadow cabinet. Fuck off with this shit, pick people on their merits you cunt, not their genitalia. We don’t need politician cunts who have been chosen becuase they’re cunts with cunts.

    You cunt.

    • The cunt is a former spin doctor, so he is just spunking out soundbites that he thinks are going to look favourably on him. Nice try, but no cigar, you ex Pfizer lickspittle cunt, feminism is old hat. You need to be sucking up to trannies and non binaries.

  2. Mr Horner, what do you mean ANOTHER Labour cunt? They’re ALL cunts, along with the Tories, Lib Dems, Greens, the NI and Welsh arseholes but especially the SNP cretins. Politicians are all self serving bastards who need a good stringing up. We’ll likely have to import the rope and lamp posts from China though, as successive (but far from successful) Governments have fucked this country up since Harold McMillan’s time. I always thought Harold Wilson (another Labour cunt) was a right cunt and I never liked Denis Healey’s eyebrows.

    • I have to defend Gordon Brown tho’ because if he hadn’t put up my income tax so much then I wouldn’t have wound up my business and retired when I did…

  3. Tony Benn was a fucking cunt. Preaching socialism whilst living in a mansion on Holland Park Avenue. Renouncing his hereditary title which just by coincidence allowed his cunt of a son to continue as an MP, left £5 million to his kids, not social causes. Fucking cunt of the highest order.

    • His title was only renounced for the period his life time, not in perpetuity,after his death it was re-established his elder son Stephen is now the 3rd Viscount Stansgate. Ninety-two hereditaries are still allowed to sit in the Lords. Stephen Benn hopes he will able to represent Labour.

  4. You are of course referring to the late Viscunt Stansgate, who relinquished
    his title, but omitted to relinquish his money, or even donate it to the Labour
    In his latter days Wedgie took to carrying an enamel mug about with him…..the
    type used by real workers, & ‘mashed up’ his tea when posing as a son of toil at party conferences.
    What could be worse watching him mashing up, or listening to him reading
    from his boring diaries….what a phony socialist twat!

  5. If you want to see a train crash interview have a look at blithering Benn with Andrew Neil on you tube, it’s unbelievable stuff, a whole range of issues from immigration, employment etc eventually ending up on Benns big idea to renationalise the railways, blithering is utterly clueless on all subjects but it’s on the railways where he is buried and made to look foolish, under the EU law the railways are up for tender by any member countries operators Neil explains to blithering so we cannot renationalise them?? Benn is having none of it and says that’s what he wants to do, Neil then quotes the EU directive on railways!!, blithering just waffles on and on, it’s funny but also embarrassing that someone in Benns position can be so utterly fuckin clueless, also put under a little pressure from Neil Benn completely folds, imagine trusting a spineless ill informed cunt like him represent the UK,s best interest on any stage. Also blithering makes the astonishing claim that mass immigration hasn’t in anyway been responsible for Housing shortages?? Benn is a seriously deluded cunt……..

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