Water fighters


Water fighters are cunts…

I mean, we all did it as kids (in that glorious summer of 76) but fucking older kids and adults having water fights is as childish as fuck … I dare say the same thing that happens in kids water fights happens to adults who do it too… There was always one kid who liked to throw his/her weight (and water) about, but told the others that they ‘weren’t allowed to get wet…’ Needless to say the smug little cunt got a drenching and then kicked off Viz Spoilt Bastard style and ruined all the fun…

Now that is going to be worse if it’s pissed up ‘youths’ or adults in a park acting like three year olds with water guns (spoiled cunts… We just had empty Fairy Liquid bottles)… Some soft twat is going to get soaked, go into a ‘rage’ and it all kicks off…..

This happened in London and it begs the question: what the fuck were bottles and knives doing at a seemingly innocent water fight? The cozzers should have water cannoned the lot of them…

Pathetic cunts…

Nominated by: Norman

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  1. My old granddad fought against the Japs with his rifle and bayonet in the Burmese Jungle, and we get these softarsed cunts with ‘water guns’ throwing a major strop over a ‘water fight…’ If Great Britain gets any more cunts and mardarses the place will fucking sink…

    • I think many of these cunts are from what used to be called “the colonies”.

  2. Ah, the glorious summer of 76. Water fights, Mr Whippy vans and Radio One pumping out –

    Young Hearts Run Free – CANDI STATON
    Don’t Go Breaking My Heart – ELTON CUNT & KIKI DEE
    You To Me Are Everything – THE REAL THING
    You’re My Best Friend – QUEEN
    Heaven Must Be Missing An Angel – TAVARES
    Harvest For The World – ISLEY BROTHERS
    Jeans On – DAVID DUNDAS
    A Little Bit More – DR HOOK
    Let ‘Em In – WINGS
    You Should Be Dancing – THE BEE GEES
    Blinded By The Light – MANFRED MANN’S EARTH BAND
    You’ll Never Find Another Love Like Mine – LOU RAWLS
    Dancing Queen – ABBA

    • Blinded By The Light is an absolute stormer. It has been removed from cars ipod as I tend to ejaculate when it gets to the guitar solo. Very awkward on the journey to work.
      Wasn’t around in 76, which appears to be a right cunting shame.

    • The musicians listed and their crimes against are responsible for the emergence of punk and hence responsible for Geldof and to a lesser degree Bono.


    • Others from 76:

      John Miles -Music
      Pussycat – Mississippi
      Rolling Stones – Fool To Cry and Hot Stuff
      Chicago -If You Leave Me Now
      The Bellamy Brothers -Let Your Love Flow
      10cc -I’m Mandy Fly Me

      Some were a bit after the summer, but I remember it still being warm in September in Manchester…

      Another memory of the summer of 76 was when United got to the Cup Final… That Bobby Stoked cunt is still offside… Anyway, here’s Merlin in the 1976 semis vs Derby County.. Fuck Rooney and Co… These were the days and this was the shit:


      • I was three years old in September of ’76. I do remember some awesome music from the late ’70’s though. For me though the decade for awesome music was the one in which I did most of my growing up; the 1980’s. Went into the decade a snot nosed 6 year old. Came out of it a 16 year old soldier. Happy days.

      • I remember July 76: The Isley Brothers ‘Summer Breeze’ was on in my old man’s car, and I nearly burned my hand on the dashboard it was that hot… Another great and hot summers was 1983 .. Tunes being The Style Council’s ‘Long Hot Summer’ Herbie Hancock’s ‘Rockit’ and New Order’s ‘Confusion’… But if one song sums up summer 83 for me it’s this one… Not a great tune by any means, but the first time I went abroad with my first girlfriend this was all over the place… Let them eat nostalgia…


      • I don’t mind chicago they are actually not bad especially the 1st two albums Chicago Transit Authority & Chicago 2.

        I also think the 1st 10cc album Sheet Music is a great one definitely a fav highly recommended its even more satisfying then the white album. Unfortunately 10cc went south after Lol Creme left and drifted through bad album after bad album a few dingers along the way though but mostly shite.

        As for the rolling stones they were drifting into shite tier territory with black and blue. Fool to cry and memory hotel were decent hands of fate were ok ballads but the rest of album sounded tired and boring Thanks for that link norm I’ll never forget about that tragic day

      • I liked the first Chicago album but not the rest of them.
        As for 1976, there was some real shite in the charts that year too. Take a look at the best selling singles here :

        That fucking Paul McCartney had a lot to answer for! Let ‘Em in? FFS! Nearly as bad as Mull of Kintyre and the Frog Song. How come we never cunted him? Surprised he never wrote “No Leg to Stand On’ after Heather divorced him. That’s about the level of his musical genius!

        And remember Rock Follies? I’m guessing many a pubescent teenager wanked off watching that…

  3. Sir Phillip Green

    Circle faced pensioner robbing cunt. The so called captain of industry is now captain of a new 300ft super yacht Lionheart. The chain smoking overweight bag of pus can now fly down to Monaco in his Gulfstream jet complete with his entourage of hangers-on to party on board.

    They seem to give out knighthoods with “lucky bags” these days and do not mean very much to normal people. They are however highly prized by social climbing dumb fuckers like Green. The public humiliation by stripping him of this badge needs to take place. Then like Captain Bob Maxwell before him, he needs to do the honourable thing.

  4. I remember ’76… when tank tops were all the rage.

    I know now… that I looked a right cunt…

    • We all looked like cunts back then. Brown corduroy trousers with white trainers, or daps as we called them. The difference is that there was no one like fucking Gok Wan k around to tell us we looked like cunts. And we were a lot happier for it. I remember in the eighties when my kid brother ‘needed’ expensive trainers. That was the start of it. 76 was the bollocks. I was ten, and I loved every minute of it.

  5. Not wanting hijack a perfectly good cunting of ‘waterfighters’ that get out of hand, and I did see a brief thread earlier somewhere, but can’t find it, on the new Cunts I’d like to Cunt …. on the outdoor theme of ‘fun and games’ … Pokemon Go Cunts. What the Fuck …. I don’t get out from the homestead much to go into town, but today I did need to get some shopping done. Driving into the city, I’d a few ‘near misses’ with utter Cunts, mobile phone two fucking inches from their faces, stepping off the kerb and onto the road.
    Ok, …. normally you get the youth of the day, headphones on, gazing into the mobile, stepping off the kerb at a junction … you can see it coming as you drive so pre-empt it …. . Cunts, but acceptable Cunts.
    These Pokemon Go fuckers … Ho-lee-fuck … adults, geeks and saddo’s, stepping right out on to the road like they were on a different fucking planet. I can only hope that on the theory of the ‘Darwin Awards’ …. you get what’s coming to you.
    I was eventually able to spot them …. ashen faced, as they’ve never been outside for years, cross eyed focussing 100% on the phone screen, daft fucking grin …. PoCuntsmon Go …..

    • This sad fucking app is basically a sat nav for pricks. Anyone who has passed puberty and has this on their phone should take a long hard look at their sad empty existence, and wonder if it would be better for the planet if they jumped under a bus. If they need a second opinion, I will gladly give it…

      • Hopefully if enough men play this shitty app and get flattened by oncoming traffic it might thin the herd a little so I can actually get laid.

        Too much competition around at the moment I think, haven’t got laid since December. If I don’t bust a nut in something soon I am going to go full-on Muslim Migrant!

      • That means either Cologne style sex pesting or a Paris style massacre (both can be excused by religious beliefs and the West interfering in the Middle East. Not Wahabbist Saudis and the silence of the enemy within of course).

        What a conundrum. Either way, Allahu Akhbar, as they say in downtown Bradford.

    • Very true. Another sadcase app for sadcases. No doubt this will account for a lot of accidental appointments with the Grim Reaper when these specoided cunters step out in front of a train. I’ve been a reader of the Darwin Awards for a few years. They got it right when they said “Those who honour the gene-pool by accidentally removing themselves from it”.

    • Excellent cunting. I was only reading tonight that volunteers at a War Memorial have been having to remove kids, because the site has been designated a ‘gym’. Fucking google.

  6. Syrian refugee goes mental in Germany and chops up a pregnant woman. The news is saying that they worked at the same snack bar. Would that be Alan’s Snackbar? I hear it’s quite popular with those cunts….

  7. What was the Syrian cunt doing with a machete? I went to the Munich beer fest a few years ago and, although I don’t remember much, I remember that there are absolutely no fucking jungles in Southern Germany. Completely uncivilised cunts these asylum seekers.

  8. Put all the cunts in a cage and give them water guns filled with acid, see how much they enjoy themselves. It’ll least filter some more retards out of the gene pool.

  9. Fuck me, every day now! Here’s another one:


    How many more attacks have to happen before something radical gets done? Fucking take them all back to the desert shitholes they came from, build a big fucking wall around them and let them all get down to the business of killing each other, cos they’ll need someone to kill, if it ain’t an European, it’s what they love doing.

    • No! we have to tolerate their terrorist attacks ISIS wants us to become racists we have to just stand and take it, like a arse rape. They are only doing this because of the crusades and brexit.

      Just joking send the fuckers back to bongo ficki ficki land I got literally fucking raged after reading about the oxford case especially the incompetence of Police, SS and government https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Oxford_sex_gang . Sick Sick Shite oh and fuck Sara Thorton she is pure evil she deserves a massive Massive cunting!

      Moslems in manchester are demanding dogs be indoors at all times or “else” and yes or else does mean they will kill or get rid of them in some brutal way.

      • Another happening just happened For those keeping track:

        Train axe rampage – Afghani asylum seeker
        McDonald’s mass shooting –
        legal Iranian immigrant
        Kebab shop pregnant Polish girl slicing – Syrian asylum seeker
        The mother and daughter stabbing in france all this in the last week

      • And another , suicide bomber cunt. Didn’t agree with Hitler gassing the Jews, but for these cunts it ought to be mandatory.

      • I was going to go to Germany on my holidays, I don’t think I’ll bother now though….

  10. Apparently all the agro at the water fight was caused by BLM who hijacked what should have been a bit of fun and turned it into a fucking riot.


    In other news a man gets shot dead at a pool party in Surrey. The victim has yet to be named but I’d I’d bet my left nut he was black. I wonder if BLM will kick off about that one, doubt it somehow.

    BLM remain the cuntiest cunts never to be officially cunted.

    • Saw a photo of the cunts at the party. No honkies allowed by the look of it. Every time you hear of a shooting or a stabbing in this country, you just know it ain’t no pale faces, unless it’s in Scotland.

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