Jamie Oliver [7]

Jamie Oliver

There are far too many of these tv cooks producing a lot of poncified shite using ingredients from their “store cupboard” or from a “delightful artisan” supplier who at least is bright enough to rip the pretentious shits off.

Led by King of the Cooking Cunts, Jamie Oliver, they should all be halal butchered before being turned into organic dog food, although save me Oliver’s tongue! It should feed a family of starving Ethiopians for a month, if they can scrape the slavver off it.

Nominated by: Dick Fiddler

32 thoughts on “Jamie Oliver [7]

  1. Fat tongued mockney twat who rips off old recipes from Victorian cookbooks.

    His restaurants are overpriced cack too.

  2. A cunt who’s worth over £200m…. showing poor cunts how to make “money saving meals.”
    Patronising fat tongued rubber lipped dribbler cunt….

  3. Get your elbows off the table Jamie you fat bastard, or do you need them to help hold you ego up

    ps. I’m going to feed my kids turkey twizzlers until they can’t walk you cunt!

  4. I once bumped into Jamie Oliver as he was leaving one of his book signings…made a hell of a mess of my car getting over the raised pavement and through the concrete bollards to actually hit the fat retard,but I like to think of it as a public service.

  5. The thing about so-called Celebrity Chef cunts is how many of them actually cook in a restaurant any more? Most of them have just become a brand name, a franchise that others can buy for a small fortune and trade under with no involvement at all from the cunt in question. I believe the only one of them who can still be seen in his own restaurant almost every night is Michel Roux Jnr, so kudos to him for actually rolling up his sleeves and doing the job.

    • I think you’ll find that kleptomaniac chef Antony Worrall Thompson is still cooking in a retaurant. The only problem is it’s got Golden Arches and he hasn’t got any stars yet.

  6. Things I hate about Jamie Oliver:

    He employed a known nonce in his restaurant…

    The way he says ‘Pakkah!’ like some sad mockney twat…

    Preaching that sugar should be banned, when I bet the cunt ate loads of Mars Bars and sweeties as a kid and he now drinks expensive wine and champagne…

    His face…

    He’s a cunt…

    • I think the main reason he is obsessed with fucking school meals is because he seems intent on filling a small school with his fucking offspring, the overbreeding flabby bastard.

    • He pretends that the white powder he uses is flour. I think we all know better than that.

    • Totally agree. A totally pretencious Cunt, hate his mockney play acting & scarred his kids for life by giving then stupid Fucking names and being made to watch their mother giving birth, oh and did I mention he’s a Cunt?

    • He’s got a personality that you really wanna kick fuc out of,, it’s refreshing to know, it’s not only me that thinks he’s a total cunt

  7. I’d like to cunt Boris Johnson for not becoming PM. Cow tongued cunt Oliver promised to leave the country if that happened.

    If only you could do one thing in your life Boris. But no, we’re stuck with this cunt and his overpriced restaurants ( I think I’ll start a campaign to boycott them),

    If you can be arsed, have a look at the special pie he made with “I’m in” on it.

    Fuck knows what was inside it though. Probably bits that had fallen off Bob Geldof.

  8. Mark Goldbridge is a cunt…
    This narcissistic twatbag whores himself as the representative for Manchester United fans on social media… This cunt has never been to Old Trafford, never been to Manchester, and he is a clueless ‘look at me’ wankstain… If one asked Goldbridge who Lou Macari or Steve Coppell were, he’d just give you a puzzled mong faced look… It also turns out that this cunt was/is a Nottingham Forest fan, yet he has his own ‘channel’ for MUFC fans… He is a noxious little lying turd who is racking up more enemies than Hitler… To quote a fellow Red and Manc called Lee, ‘Watched 10 mins of it other night… Spent entire time moaning about his quarrels online… Absolute spastic….’

  9. Dido is a cunt…
    Forgot that this tuneless cunt existed, until some bastard played her on the radio just now… The dreary cow has a voice like the tone used on television testcards… Just a bland and irritating noise… Remember those Greatful Dead ‘I’m A Deadhead’ car stickers? Well, there should be a car sticker that says ‘Only cunts listen to Dido…’ She really was fucking crap…

    • Worse then adele or lily allen? I remember that horrible song she did with eminem. Any respectable singer who associates or works with a hip hop artist or rapper is a cunt in my book

      • Aerosmith and Run DMC was OK, but I agree that most hip-hop collaborations are by cunts… Adele is OTT shite for dumped tarts who watch that Brigit Jones crap… Lily Allen sounds like someone on the Sunshine Bus singing along to the radio…

      • Lily Allen is a cunt of epic proportions. She was always going to be a cunt having been sired by Keith Allen, but she’s really excelled in the cunt stakes on her own.

    • I always thought there was an ‘L’ missing from her name.

      She did try to explain how she came by that moniker on some shite chat show like Richard & Judy but by the time she started with: “Well…” I realised I needed to keep a medical appointment to have pins surgically inserted into my eyeballs.

  10. i can’t believe this, i just checked, the last time Phillip Green was cunted was it seems 2011! wtf? a lot has happened since then, including the purchase of a £100 million yacht, no doubt purchased with all the money he Squeezed out of BHS. as an employer he should been paying into the company pension fund , he failed to do so. now thousands of BHS employees are facing a worrying retirement. now obviously he may be a cunt but he’s not an idiot, i very much doubt he has broken any laws, so he’ll probably get away with it. i know he’s probably not that arsed but theres a petition on 38 Degrees calling for his knighthood to be rescinded.
    incidentally theres an app which tracks big yachts. his is currently off the coast of Malta. nice.

    • Good call. How has this cunt flown below the cuntdar for so long? He’s a banker for fuck sake!

      • What Philp cunthead has gotten away with is staggering, a beheading is in order. Just to be show what a evil cunt he is, He has a solid gold monoply board with silver player pieces CUNT!

  11. I would like to nominate Hugh Christopher Edmund Fearnley-Whittingstall for a much deserved and long overdue cunting.

    Not satisfied with inflicting on us his self-righteous, “Modern Parents”-esque take on The Good Life in his “River Cottage” shows, he is now taking up the lead in the “War on Waste” – thus proving the lefty-liberal mantra of: “It’s easy to be green when you’re minted!” (see Bono, Sting and a rake of other millionaire faux tree-huggers) is still in full effect.

    Hugh, ordinary folk could care less you cunt! We do our bit (to avoid the Marxist fines imposed by fuckwit councils – who are all cunts) but beyond that it’s only the lefty-liberal cunts who drive their V8 Range Rover’s 20miles – pissing out more pollution than a Chinese chemical factory – to the recycling centre to drop off their skinny half-latte macchiato Starbucks cup, before driving back just to feel good about themselves. I.e. cunts like you!

    As with Jamie Oliver (another self-righteous gastronomic cunt who feels he can lord it over everyone else’s culinary decisions/life choices), Hugh is also “tongally” challenged. In fact if you got Hugh and Jamie in a kitchen together the main ingredient for that day’s special would be saliva!

    Not to mention the fact that if you shaved Hugh’s head he would look like Harry Hill’s long lost twin brother, then for that alone, he is a cunt!

  12. I was unfortunate enough (joke) to have been born and raised in Essex and mockney Cunts like him are two a penny, ” gaw blimey guvnor Charlie o’reilly” olivers a twat!! He has just announced the closing of 6 of his overpriced overated Italian restaurants and has blamed it on Brexit?? What a cunt!!, apparently they source all their produce from Italy and with the £,s depreciation it’s become a problem, nothing to do with the restaurants being expensive?? Or distinctly average?? No?? , so the old mockney boy pipes up about Brexit, sorry fuck face that sounds like an excuse…. Well if that is true let’s hope for a reasonable hard Brexit and this sniping little fake cockney weasel can shut the rest of them down and actually do what he has threatened before and disappear abroad for good!! Or as a cockney would say ” have it on his bromleys” 😂😂😂

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