Being on holiday


Being on Holiday is a cunt,

Fucking hot weather, loads of sexy women, cheap Rum and Vodka, no traffic, no everyday life, no Tesco, and I can still get on Is a Cunt.

The reason it’s a cunt is that I have spotted a few potential cunts!

Nominated by: Black and White Cunt

11 thoughts on “Being on holiday

  1. The trouble with summer is that it encourages fat women to sunbathe. My fit, raven-haired neighbour was joined by her 18 stone walrus of a friend basking topless yesterday,and however I positioned myself I couldn’t help but be put off my stroke by the swamp-monster sweating away next to the object of my desires. When will these selfish bloaters learn to have some respect for us wankers? Cunts.

    • Some of these huge women clearly don’t have a mirror in the hallway or any true friends to mark their card regarding their appearance.

      Every cunt has the right to be ugly and/or fat but there is a thing around the corner from me who abuses the privilege.

      I’m sure deep inside she’s probably a lovely girl but you wouldn’t want to see it sunbathing on a beach.
      Watching the tireless effort of volunteers ferrying buckets of water back and forth to ensure her skin doesn’t dry out before the next high tide would be too distressing for most.

  2. It’s not just the women who are fat and ugly. Men are just as bad.

    Especially when you see their beer guts hanging over the top of low slung belted shorts. FFS!

    • We can’t have it both ways though can we. If we are going to object to Muslim women walking around covered from head to toe we can’t complain when westerners expose way to much of the flesh they have way to much of.

      It’s a real paradox

      • Difference is we wouldn’t want to ban them from exposing their overly-generous bodies.

  3. Adults who wear their teams football top on holiday, especially abroad, are cunts.

    • This is why I deliberately holiday in places where I am unlikely to see a football shirt and union jack shorts combo.

      You know the kind of places, the ones that have pubs with a permanent happy hour and ‘all day English breakfast’ signs outside, parked next to a pavement pizza.

      Booking five star hotels usually guarantees avoidance of all of the above too.

      • Brits on the piss. Don’t you just love them? Whether it be big Dan and his stag weekend gang or mummy and daddy getting blotto while the little bundles of cunt are running riot, I try to avoid my fellow cuntrymen (and women, slag hen parties are as bad as anything men do, there’s equality right there!) when on holiday.

  4. I lived in Spain for a while and the previous comments are spot on. During the summer, unshaven, smelly, foul mouthed, beer bellied, tattooed, football shirt wearing cunts were everywhere and their husbands were even worse.

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